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  1. Wow,  too many changes,  can't even navigate or find what I want.  Took 10 minutes to find this access.   Gone and out of here


  2. Imagine it woud be a first in the NFL history, every coach in a particular division all fired in the same year. AFC South????

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Coltman51


      I don't think so as I don't expect Houston would at this time, just the state and performance of this whole division raises the possibility.

    3. southwest1


      True fellas. It's strange to see every team under performing in the AFC South to be kind. Very bizarre indeed!

    4. Coltsman1788


      It appears we have sunk to the level of the rest of our division instead of having them rise up to meet us.

  3. Also watched it last night, little confusing at first with all the back and forth in time and switching from black and white to color. Lot going on and happening. Good start to the new season though
  4. I have been watching it so far. It is rather slow paced and moving. Takes time to develop the characters, and story line taking different course with the outbreak just beginning and not in full swing yet. Hopefully it picks up as the characters develop. Definitely not on Walking Dead level at this point.
  5. October 11th. Probably the week the new Fear the Dead ends for season break.
  6. Thank you both for joining us and good luck on the season. Don't forget that the games start tonight so don't miss doing your pick for the Patriots-Steelers game.
  7. Yes, finally here after a long off season.
  8. Looking forward to seeing the new guys on the field today. TY didn't go to Philly for personal reasons, probably still trying to get all his new money to the bank. Glad they got him signed

    1. BrentMc11


      I agree. It is time for the youngsters to show their stuff...and Adongo finally hits the field.

    2. Coltman51


      Have to pull out my scorecard, figure out all the names/numbers

  9. Looking forward to seeing the new guys on the field today. TY didn't go to Philly for personal reasons, probably still trying to get all his new money to the bank. Glad they got him signed

  10. The honor is mine, glad to have you back.
  11. The new year is set up and ready to roll, let the games begin. Hope that all who participated last year will join in again, and would love for anyone else interested to join us. Have 2 leagues set up, one is for Survival Football, same set up as last year with 1 lowest score being dropped. Could change this number but I like the 1 only, allows for one really bad week or a week when you forget to log in and pick your game. Other is the Pro Pickem where you try to pick the winner of every game for that week. Reminder that the week always begins with the Thursday game . Info needed: Need to have a yahoo account to be able to log into these and play. Survival game: ID #752 Password challenge Pick "em game ID #1279 Password smart Hope to see one and all, any questions or problems give me buzz. Bob
  12. not a true Fantasy Football my friend as in picking teams and such. More picking the winners of all the NFL games on weekly basis. Welcome to join, but understand if not interested as well. Haven't really had anything to post or say that would have been important. do log in daily and check through some of the posts.
  13. Way too early for this as hasn't been opened or set up by Yahoo yet for the upcoming year, but bored and have to post something. I will set these two competitions up again this year for all that want to join and participate. As soon as the league is set up, I will post the information for logging in and signing up. Hope to see all from last year and many more. Thanks and keep watching for details. If interested just click on "follow post" so you don't miss the sign up info. Coltman51
  14. This is just awesome, thanks a bunch, can't wait to get it hung up.
  15. Common people, show a little "Beth Love", lol

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