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  1. That’s no reason to settle for Pagano. As long as Luck is playing, Indy will be an attractive destination for potential head coaches.
  2. Jags This Sunday Will Say Alot

    yep. jags last Sunday says that we suck.....alot
  3. There was a big mystery around Luck, prior to the team announcing he won't play this season. Do I think there should be more info released about Luck? Not until they are 100% sure they have accurate information.
  4. I never said that you did. My point is that no matter how much they are paid, they can still make the wrong decision, which keeping Pagano would be.
  5. ...okay? there are more knowledgeable men that are paid to run the Browns. that doesn't mean they are incapable of making the wrong decisions.
  6. If Ballard keeps Pags in 2018...jfc I already had little interest in watching us blow games this season. Luck will make me watch no matter what but Pags will really temper my excitement. The whole coaching staff has to go.
  7. Hooker was the bpa, that doesn’t change just because he got hurt. I wanted us to take McCaffrey, thank god we didn’t.
  8. Does Moncrief return next season?

    If we got DT, we prolly aren’t getting Landry too. Personally, while Landry is good, I don’t think we would really need him with Hilton already out there.
  9. You can't be a Colts fan and root for the Chargers. Darren Sproles and Antonio Cromartie shut that down years ago.
  10. Does Moncrief return next season?

    The thing about Moncrief is that he’s always been relatively injury prone. I don’t doubt that he can be productive, and yes we have more pressing needs than Moncrief. We don’t necessarily have to splurge on another WR, TP would come on the cheap and I’m sure there are other cheap options. It comes down to banking on him staying healthy. I think we will go with that and resign him, especially since Luck has been hurt. I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to upgrade tho
  11. Does Moncrief return next season?

    Pryor isn’t trash. He’s a huge athletic target. He’d be a great fit next to Hilton, pretty much what Moncrief was supposed to be. He also wouldn’t cost much. He signed a 1 year 8m deal with the Skins and is on IR. It might just be cheaper to sign him than resign Moncrief.
  12. I think Moncrief is a good receiver with a ton of potential, but he's been hindered by injuries and lack of Luck. He's awesome with Luck in the game, and while he does get open with Brissett, he's been flat out disappointing with drops. I wouldn't mind replacing him with Terrelle Pryor, who's also going to be a free agent next year.
  13. Celebrations

    I'm a huge fan of touchdown celebrations. It makes the game even better to watch. The Eagles taking a squad pic after a TD was awesome! However, you shouldn't be celebrating when your team is struggling. I don't mind TY doing his little dance because he's arguably the best player on the team right now. I do mind Moncrief celebrating first downs and touchdowns because he's been dropping passes and disappearing all season. Nobody on the team should be overly celebrating, leave that % to the successful teams.