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  1. colt18

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    We led the league in sacks allowed, Brissett got sacked 52 times. I don't want whatever he's smoking.
  2. colt18

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    eh, I'd place more blame on Irsay/Grigson/Pagano for that. Ballard has pretty much been on damage control since he got the job.
  3. colt18

    Simple question. How do you not take Courtland Sutton?

    ummmm......pretty much everyone on that list besides Alex Collins isn't middling talent....
  4. colt18

    After TY.

    Makes you wonder how the heck Moncrief didn't reach his potential in Indy. He seemed like a good fit next to Hilton, just to inconsistent and injury prone. I'm not too worried about it because Chester Rogers has shown some potential. I don't know about Ryan Grant but I'm confident in Luck making his WRs better. It would be sick if we got St. Brown tho.
  5. colt18

    Where is the help at CB, RB, and WR?

    While I agree with strengthening the trenches, we definitely could use someone to step up along with TY. I like the two TE sets with Doyle/Ebron but someone else other than those three are going to have to step up. I'm not so sure Rogers or Grant will be that guy. I'm going to trust Ballard and withhold judgement until I see results, but I will say that I hope they address the skill positions in these rounds.
  6. I'll never understand anyone that could defend the previous coaching regime after this playcall, lol. Not only do we call a horrible fake punt against a stout defense with plenty of time left on the clock, we do this with a fake center who never practiced the play....SMH
  7. we beat the Patriots how long has it been since we beat them?
  8. colt18

    CJ Anderson To Be Released

    We should definitely sign this guy. He comes up big in clutch moments and he's a very competent, reliable back. The Bears would be dumb to let Howard walk and he would probably be too expensive for us anyways.
  9. Idk man, Peyton is one of the GOATs. He routinely made the OL look better with his quick release and made low talent WRs produce. You have a point with the lack of an RB and weak defense, though.
  10. Gotcha. God I miss Peyton Manning...
  11. He's 46-14 against the division during his entire career and went 6-0 in 2005.
  12. Peyton would run through the division 6-0 in his prime. Anyways, I agree with the possibility of us winning the division. However, we are ways to go. The stars would have to align; Luck would have to full recover and bounce back into 2014 form, we would need to hit home runs in the draft, our FAs would have to pan out and our coaching would have to be better than recent years. I think those are too many "if"s to bank on right now.
  13. colt18

    Frank Reich Rejects the Notion of a Rebuild

    Cool, being petty is always the answer to certain posters on this site, rather than actually contributing to any discussion. Have a nice day.
  14. colt18

    Frank Reich Rejects the Notion of a Rebuild

    if you say so, guy Your post ignored any possibility of the team being bad. Posting on this site is literally like talking to a brick wall sometimes lol....what does Pagano have to do with reasons for the team being bad? oh boy.... and clearly I'd like this team to actually be good, not overachieve and get blown out like they did in 2014.