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  1. I have watched last season, unfortunately. Yes, Swoope is a playmaker but Thomas would be better right now if Luck plays. Sign Thomas to a 1 year deal then let Swoope take over next season.
  2. Doyle is good, who's the other good TE? He'd be a lot better than Swoope. Peyton made him great in Denver, I will concede that. Neither the Jags nor the Dolphins has good enough QBs, although he was also injury prone. I think it would be a good gamble and Luck would benefit from more two TE plays.
  3. There's absolutely no way we didn't at least give guys like Malcolm Butler, Andrew Norwell, and Carlos Hyde a look. I don't believe it. Not with as many holes as we have on this team. Ballard must be very very strict as far as what he will and what he wont pay for these guys. I do think we should have signed at least one of these big name guys tho. We have too many needs.
  4. 07 Divisional round
  5. I'm 23 and I remember the late 00's of Harrison's career. He was awesome. He was also pretty injury prone his last few years in the league, and had got his butt handed to him when we played the Chargers in '07. I love Marv and while he was insanely productive in scoring TDs during the regular season, he's only scored two TDs in the playoffs ever. You knew Hilton was a star when he stole KC's heart in the wild card a few years ago. As of now it's Harrison >>>> Wayne > Hilton I just wish Harrison would've balled in the playoffs more.
  6. "The T.J. Green Project"

  7. Lots of former Colts want Barkley to be drafted

    We really shouldn't take Barkley, although I'd be happy with him.
  8. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    Boy, the previous regime really ruined Luck's recovery, smh
  9. Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    I hope we either take Chubb or trade down and take Nelson. Also, I'm wishing we somehow take Guice...
  10. this although I don't want to say my expectations until we know for sure if Luck is playing.
  11. Please don't hire Campbell. Just cancel next season, FFS
  12. ah....that darn saltiness is setting in now I wont be hype about next season until after the damn draft
  13. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    We just got Frank Gore'd