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  1. I like the new uniforms but I think I will always prefer the flojo jerseys.
  2. This makes me laugh after Grady completely ripped DC on 1070 this morning. DC is probably the best (point guard) option for the Pacers on the free agent market at this point. I don't mind the signing (based on what I know) but am glad it is only for 2 years.
  3. Before the OKC trade I read the Pacers were interested in Rondo. I'm not sure they still are now because Rondo is not a good fit (skill wise) next to Lance or Victor. I think Collison could be a good fit though. I like the idea of bringing in guys who are defensive minded. Prichard hinted that he wants to get tougher. I think Thabo and Moute would be nice additions for a year or two. Shabazz Muhammad might be worth a look too. He will probably want to go somewhere he can show what he can do and that is not going to happen with Wiggins and now Butler in Minnesota.
  4. I do agree with this part. Last time the Pacers did that for a five year stretch we get Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, and Paul George. Then we start to trade them away and PG and Myles Turner were the only first round picks on the roster this past season. I don't think that they need to be drafting in the top 5, though. That seems to be a popular belief among fans. Sure, if you get lucky and that particular draft has a Tim Duncan or Lebron James then it completely changes your franchise but a lot of drafts have a Michael Olowokandi or Anthony Bennett. The Warriors built their championship team picking in the 5-10 range for a few years.
  5. I think that is likely part of Prichard's thinking. In his book he specifically mentions that about Juwan Howard regarding the young Blazer teams. The Pacers badly need some shooting now. Lance/Victor is not a good fit skill wise. Hill is probably ideal in terms of the current free agents. Pacers are not going to rebuild like the 76ers have tried to do. Simon will never allow that to happen.
  6. Plus, since the Nuggets just received Trey Lyles in a trade don't they have to wait before trading him with other players? I might be totally wrong on this (or the rule was changed) but I thought the NBA had a rule where players you receive in a trade cannot be traded again for a certain amount of time. The only exception to that is if they are the only player being dealt. Does anyone know if that is true?
  7. And yet guys who are not All-Stars are getting signed in the same range as Oladipo. They make high teens/low 20s now. Look at how many millions per year guys got last summer.....Evan Turner = 17, Evan Fournier = 17, Chandler Parsons = 23+, Ryan Anderson = 20, Allen Crabbe = 18+, Kent Bazemore = 17+. So far this summer has Jrue Holiday getting 25 and Jeff Teague 19. Is 21 million a year for a 25 year old guard who is athletic, can defend, and score 18 points per game really so far out of line? Look at what guys who made the all-star team this year signed for last summer.....DeMar Derozen = 29, Lebron = 33, Durant = 27+, Westbrook 28+, James Harden = 29+. Steph Curry just agreed to 200 over 5 years. Westbrook can get 200+ for 5 years if he wants. I believe Durant took less to sign with the Warriors last summer but he is about to get a big raise too. 30-40+ will likely become the new normal for an all-star.
  8. Most NBA deals are fully guaranteed. How much money do you think he is worth based on the salary cap raises and what other players are signing for? I have not seen one person complaining about Oladipo's salary answer that question. Everyone just throws it out there that he is overpaid without comparing his production and salary to other players signing a deal with a salary cap over $90 million.
  9. I see lots of people complaining about Oladipo's contract. How much do you think he is worth per year? When Oladipo came into the league in 2013 the cap was around $58 million that season. Since then it has gone up every year to 63, 70, 94, and now almost 100 million for the upcoming season. Look at what players have been signing for since last summer. Compare that to Oladipo. I'm waiting on someone to use actual data to show that Oladipo's salary is as bad as they claim when they take the salary cap raises into consideration.
  10. The Pacers now need to balance out the roster. Hopefully they can get rid of Jefferson and Ellis. I wonder if they can get much for Thad Young. I like him but the direction is youth. Plus, there needs to be more shooting on the perimeter. If they plan to start Lance at point they need to upgrade the backup spot.
  11. Sadly you rarely get decent return when you trade a star player let alone a star player who is in the last year of his contract and the team he prefers signing with next summer is known by all. I had some hope that the Celtics would step up and make a decent offer but they obviously didn't. This trade just shows what the market is for a rental. Victor's contract might be the new normal for a starting 2 guard. If a bench guy like Solomon Hill gets signed for $12 million a year and superstars can get $30+ million then $20 million might be right for Oladipo. I don't know much about Sabonis outside of his stats and what you can read on Maybe he turns out to be a nice starter. We can only hope. I'm hoping Oladipo can draw some interest from the IU fanbase. Simon might too.
  12. I think you are right. Maybe a third team could get involved for Bradley and/or Crowder? Ideally the Pacers get younger players and picks for PG. Bradley and Crowder are both good and have value but they are likely in the deal for salary purposes. I'm guessing KP would prefer younger players/picks if he had the choice.
  13. I'm just not a fan of the Leaf pick. I don't think he is dynamic enough offensively to make up for his defensive issues. I think he has had some injury problems though maybe not as bad as OG. I just can't find myself getting excited about guys who are liabilities on defense. Certainly not first round picks.
  14. Me. I realize the Pacers want to get as much value as they can for PG but is the trade market likely to improve on a guy with one year left on his contract who has made it known there is only one team he wants to play for? I just have a hard time imagining trade offers improving after tonight.
  15. I agree. While I obviously don't catch many Laker games I think Randle is about as good of a young talent as the Pacers can expect to get back in this situation. Two late first round picks in the same draft is not really desirable but maybe they can trade one for a future first with another team.

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