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  1. It would have been nice to see the Pacers win a game or two but I never felt they had a shot to win a 7 game series vs the Cavs. (unlike last year vs the Raptors) It was a very disappointing season, imo. It always sucks when the season ends but some seasons, like the 2011-2012 season, gave you hope for the future. I don't have that hope for this current roster. My fear is next season will be much like this season and PG leaves.
  2. I hope Lance comes in with his head on straight. The last couple of years have not went how he expected. Hopefully he has grown and learned. It seems silly to sign him to a 3 year deal for $12 million. However, in the new CBA that is nothing. I do believe that Lance can bring what this team has been missing at shooting guard since.....well he left. I'm not excited in terms of thinking that he is going to turn into a major difference maker. I am hopeful that Lance will play well and will be rooting for him to succeed.
  3. I'd be happy if the Colts add one of the best offensive lineman in the draft. Lamp is supposed to be a plug and player similar to how Kelly was last year. I don't think the Colts are likely to take Lamp, though. There is likely to be multiple very good defensive prospects to choose from at 15. I don't think that Lamp is likely to be seen as that much better of a prospect where the Colts will take him over someone on defense. I will not be upset if they do but I don't think it is likely to happen.
  4. He might have been cut because he doesn't fit what they are looking to do on defense though. I think they added him when they brought in Rob Ryan and were moving to a 3-4 scheme. They brought in Dennis Allen and switched back to 4-3 in 2015. I don't know for sure if he was cut due to scheme fit or performance or both but thought the scheme fit was worth mentioning. He might not be a bad signing for the Colts.
  5. I think the Titans were interested in signing Hightower. I'm glad he decided not to go there even if that means going back to New England. No surprise that he decided to stay there.
  6. I'm all for Cook but, as I said before, he needs to be someone that you feel is going to be a stud and one of the players you build around on offense...more Ezikeil Elliot than Melvin Gordon. I'm not sure that Cook is that type of player, though. Above all else, I just want to see an impactful player taken. I don't care too much what position he plays. However, I know that opinion isn't shared by most fans. I do think that the Colts might be in a position where they have to choose between a top tier offensive prospect and less desirable defensive players. I think Forrest Lamp is more likely to create that dilemma than Dalvin Cook is, though. He seems to be a cleaner prospect than Cook. He is at the top of his position but without the off field issues that Cook has. I still think the Colts are more likely to take a defensive player in round 1. It will be interesting to see which prospects rise and fall over the next several weeks. The first round should become clearer as the draft gets closer.
  7. I have some reservations about Poe. The reported back issue is concerning. So is his production drop off in 15/16 compared to 13/14. However, I do believe he can improve the defense as much as any free agent this year. I also don't think that giving Poe a 3 year deal (as an example) will handcuff the team too much. There are not a ton of players due for a major extension soon. They can take a gamble on Poe and not lose much roster/cap flexibility over the next couple of years.
  8. shows $2,500 in cap savings and $2,000 in dead money.
  9. I like this signing. Simon isn't a difference maker but can certainly help the team. He seems like he has the mindset that Ballard is looking for. Every team needs guys like Simon. He is one of many additions that need to be made. The real difference makers are likely to come from the drafts.
  10. I think Gerald Hodges would be a solid signing. He is just 26 and would bring needed athleticism to ILB.
  11. The biggest concern I would have with Jeffery is his injury history. He has missed 11-12 games over the last two years. I don't know what his injury/injuries have been but that is the first thing that came to mind when I read this. I don't think that signing a highly paid WR is ideal. I think the Colts have enough there right now. Jeffery would certainly be an upgrade but I would prefer the Colts not to tie up so much cap space in a receiver at this point. I suspect we would end up repeating history in attempting to have really good skill position players while sacrificing the defense. However, Jeffery wouldn't likely to turn into a bust signing, assuming he stays healthy, like some of the other free agents the Colts have signed over the last few years. Also, some of the top players are agreeing to deals elsewhere. Jeffery might be the best option for the Colts in terms of landing a top talent. Above all else the Colts need good players no matter what position they play.
  12. I will not be surprised if Zeitler gets $12 million or close to it. I think he will end up being the second highest paid guard (if not the first) this year which I believe puts him above $10 million per season. I'm not sure if Zeitler is worth signing or not. The question is if he is the type who is likely to check out after he signs a big contract. I will say that I would rather see the Colts sign a guy who is at the top of his position and younger like Zeitler instead of signing older, more average players like they have the last few years. Also, the Colts can likely sign Zeitler and not be limited by his huge salary. They don't have many guys on their rookie deals who are likely to command a huge payday soon.
  13. I think this trade is a win for both teams. Allen is not a guy who the Colts were going to build around. Locking up Doyle made Allen expendable. Swoope showed some flashes last season too. They get a 4th round pick in what appears to be a good draft. This team needs younger players and Ballard wants to build through the draft. It makes sense. It also makes sense for the Pats. I'm not as down on Allen as others even though I didn't view Allen as being worth his contract this past season. The Pats do a great job of utilizing players so I'm sure they will get the most out of Allen. I wish DA well.
  14. I don't view Doyle as an essential part of the offense. From that standpoint, I didn't view Doyle as a must to bring back though someone you would like to. I do wonder in the grand scheme of things if it is worth giving as much money to Allen/Doyle as the Colts are but not sure how that compares to TE spending by other teams. On the other hand, I don't think this is an over the top contract for Doyle. It's not a bargain for the Colts but it is not going to prevent them from making other signings this offseason or in the future. Not a move to be upset about.
  15. I'd like to see Doyle back but I certainly wouldn't break the bank for him. He is certainly someone you want back but only at the right price.

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