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  1. I don't disagree that the lack of talent will get exposed at some point. Coaching will not address all of the issues. I just think that the Colts can use free agency to improve the offensive line. Plus, i'd rather have a top defensive prospect than a top guard.
  2. The more time has gone by the more I agree with this. Although, i'll be happy with any of the top defensive prospects in round 1 even if it is not Chubb. I think most would agree that a big part of the current offensive line problems revolve around the scheme/play calling. There is not enough short passing. Also, the QB scrambling (whether Brissett or Luck) does not help the offensive line either. An offense based on quick passes will make even our current line look better. I certainly will not be mad if the Colts draft Nelson in round 1. I just think the line can be improved in free agency and with coaching. Assuming the Colts end up with a top pick in the draft I would rather use it on a top defensive player.
  3. What the Colts need on defense are a couple difference makers . They need a couple of guys who they can build the defense around...guys who opposing offensive coordinators fear. Once you have them, they will make everyone else on the defense better. This was really the downfall of Grigson...he didn't bring in difference makers on defense. Not that you are going to have a roster full of them but you have to have a couple of them.
  4. I think the Browns are lucky to get Dorsey. Time will tell how he does but i'd be extremely happy with this hire if I were a Browns fan.
  5. I think you bring up some good points. Personally, I have mixed feelings on Nelson. Being a guard and so many holes throughout this roster it is hard to get on board taking a guard within the top 10. (assuming that is where the Colts end up picking) Some might view this like the Ryan Kelly debate a couple years ago but I don't. Although I was all about taking Kelly then I feel there is a big difference in taking a top interior lineman at 18 than within the top 10. Free agency is something else worth considering in all of this too. The Colts are going to have a lot of cap space. I think they are actually projected to have the MOST cap space. There are not a lot of great free agents this offseason but two that I hope the Colts make a run at are both guards. Andrew Norwell of the Panthers and Justin Pugh of the Giants. I think Pugh is actually playing right tackle at the moment but believe he is more of a guard. The Colts can sign one or both of those guys. This would allow them to take a tackle or a defensive player in round 1 while still addressing the interior offensive line.
  6. Good Read on Desir

    Amazing story. It's always easy to root for the underdog but especially after reading that story. Hopefully he can continue to take advantage of the opportunity here and the Colts re-sign him.
  7. AmI the only one

    I don't think people should doubt the Xs and Os part of McDaniels. One of the players (DJ Williams I think) even said that he has never been more prepared for a game than he was when McDaniels was the coach. The downfall of McDaniels was everything outside of the Xs and Os. He didn't want to deal with it. (from what I read) I also don't think he gained a great reputation by the way he treated others. I find McDaniels intriguing as a possible head coach. I would not have any concerns about the football stuff. His handling of things outside of football would need vetted. That is a legit concern, imo.
  8. Harbaugh

    I didn't want to start a new thread for this but consider..... A lot of speculation around Harbaugh returning to the NFL but there is another current Big Ten coach that is worth watching. He also coached in the NFL for many years including the Super Bowl. He has ties to Chris Ballard and Jim Irsay. Lovie Smith. - Successful NFL head coach. - Coached the Bears to a Super Bowl. - Chris Ballard worked for the Bears for all or most of the time Lovie was the head coach. - Lovie worked with Tony Dungy in Tampa. I think Jim is likely to ask Tony what he thinks of possible head coaches. Tony vouching for Lovie would mean something. A couple other thoughts... - No way to know how Ballard views Lovie. Just because they worked together in Chicago does not mean that Ballard thinks highly of Lovie. - Obviously I have no way to know for certain but I believe Jim Irsay has a desire to hire a head coach who is proven over a current coordinator. - I don't know if Lovie has a desire to leave Illinois but I would be surprised if he turned down a chance to return to the NFL. My point is that Lovie is a name to watch out for. All of the speculation is around Jon Gruden and Jim Harbaugh but I think there is just a good of a chance that Lovie is hired by the Colts as there is of Gruden or Harbaugh. It could also be none of them...time will tell.
  9. Assuming the Colts fire Chud next year...

    There was an article last week that Gary Kubiak is open to returning to coaching as an offensive coordinator. I would be interested if I were the Colts.
  10. Coincidence?? Regarding TY

    That would make a lot more sense for the Pats. They already gave up like a 1st and a 3rd for Cooks. Giving up another high draft pick for a receiver does not seem like something Belichick is likely to do.
  11. The Colts are a Circus

    That Luck played in 70 of those games.
  12. The Colts are a Circus

    Luck playing last year doesn't put an asterisk next to the record. Luck not playing this season does mean we should consider that when making a performance analysis. He is the most important player on the team in terms of the number of wins this team gets. How can you not make the connection between Luck playing/not playing and the number of wins this team has? The top of this roster has been bad for awhile and that takes time to improve. He made some good moves in his first offseason as GM so let's see what he can do going forward. Have a little patience before putting the guy on the hot seat.
  13. The Colts are a Circus

    Big difference is that Andrew Luck played in 15 of 16 games last year.
  14. I haven't been able to watch a lot of the Pacers so far but it has been fun to watch from what I have seen. I wasn't upset like some about trading PG for Victor and Sabonis but I still didn't imagine both to play this well. Hopefully they can keep it up.
  15. Nagy(KC OC) high on Ballard's list.

    I would say no. I like Bruce but not his offense. He wants long passes similar to what Chud likes to do. (not saying they run the exact same system) I'd like to see the Colts next head coach install an offense that emphasizes more quick passing.