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  1. I'd be excited as heck if the Colts were able to hire Jon Gruden, Jim Harbaugh, or Sean Payton. None of us truly know what interest, if any, Gruden or Harbaugh would have. They very well might not have any interest. I'm throwing Sean Payton out there too because I think there is a chance the Saints could part ways with him after this season though it is not likely. Dave Toub is an interesting candidate. I think the notion that you need to be an offensive or defensive coordinator before a head coach is overblown. It's not like special team coaches don't know football. There are more important traits to look for, imo. How would they manage? Organize? With that said I obviously have no idea of Toub has the desired traits for a head coach. I also would be a bit surprised to see Jim hire someone with no head coaching experience. He might not have much of a choice if he can't land Harbaugh or Gruden. It will be interesting to see how January plays out. Jim better get the next head coaching hire right.
  2. Sucks to hear about the injury to GR3. I'm still excited for the season to start. I'm looking forward to watching the Pacers this season. I'm honestly mostly relieved Paul is no longer here. That isn't meant to be a knock on him I just didn't believe there was a good chance he would sign a new contract with the Pacers so i'd rather move forward sooner without him. Still wish the Pacers had drafted Swanigan over Leaf. I'm looking forward to watching the NBA in general. All this player movement will make things a lot more interesting. I still think Golden State and Cleveland are the best teams but OKC and Boston can give them a legit series. I'm looking forward to October 17.
  3. I'd love to see Harbaugh become the Colts head coach after this season. While I think he will come back to the NFL at some point i'm not sure it will be for next season. I haven't read anything to make me believe that Harbaugh will look to leave Michigan after this season. Michigan certainly isn't going to look to fire him either. I do think Jim Irsay will want a head coach with a proven track record. I still think Jon Gruden or Sean Payton (he might get fired after this season) are more likely than Jim Harbaugh.
  4. We need Rex Ryan as DC!!!!!!!

    I would pass on Rex Ryan. While he is a better DC than TM I think the Colts biggest issue is lack of difference makers on defense. I also prefer the Colts change their defensive philosophy. You can't consistently have a great offense and defense. Teams have to be intentional with how they build their rosters and the type of players they bring in. Assuming Luck comes back to normal at some point I think you can count on one of the most productive offenses in the league. You can win with a defense that is average if that is the case. I think it would be easier to build an average defense if the Colts moved to more of a Seattle/Atlanta type of defense. Seattle's defense is loaded and they have several key veterans but (generally speaking) I think that type of defense is easier for young players to be productive than it is the 3-4/hybrid scheme the Colts run.
  5. I think the roster is more talented especially on the defensive side. Drafting Hooker, Wilson, Bashman and signing Hankins, Sheard, Simon are some talent upgrades. The offensive side didn't need nearly as much attention except on the offensive line. I feel like the Colts were betting on the young guys on the line improving and based on what we have seen so far that is a bet that doesn't look like it will pay off.
  6. I don't expect Dorsett to play up to the level you hope from a first round pick but I do believe he has a lot more to give than what he showed with the Colts. I think New England is likely to do a better job of utilizing him. Even with Edelman injured i'm not sure where Dorsett fits on their depth chart as they have other receivers that will get their share of reps. I don't know much about Brissett except he played well know to win a game or so as a rookie. Hopefully he is a clear upgrade over Tolzein and Morris. The Colts don't make this trade if they don't feel that way. I think Dorsett is a free agent next spring. The chances of the Colts resigning him were not likely good. This trade (hopefully) gives them a capable backup quarterback for a few years.
  7. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    Here are a couple of names that I think are worth watching. Jim Bob Cooter - Has done a nice job as the Lions OC. He is young but I can easily see him getting some serious consideration. Mike Vrabel - This will be his first year as the Texans DC. They should do well. He has a great reputation. I think he will quickly rises to the top of head coach candidate lists next winter.
  8. Julian Edelman may have tore ACL

    I agree. I'm sure Pats have guys who will step up and be productive but Edelman is a darn good receiver and not as easy to replace as some might think.
  9. Are the Colts tanking this year?

    When I think of tanking I think of a team acquiring picks and young players with the intention of having a top pick in the upcoming draft. Being content with a bad present for a great future. I don't think that is what the Colts did. They would not have signed Hankins, Sheard, and Simon. I still say that Pagano was only kept because the Colts couldn't get a proven upgrade. Irsay does not want to roll the dice on a rookie head coach. He wants a Harbaugh, Peyton, Gruden, etc. That is just how I read that situation. I could be wrong. A lot of NFL contracts are 1-2 year deals. Depends on how they are structured but the type of deals the Colts gave free agents are pretty common. They have been doing that in the past. It's smart regardless if you are in the process of building a good team or already a contender. Talent can come early in the draft but the important thing is for the team to identify and stay committed to how the team will be built/play. From there you find guys who can be difference makers in your system. I'm not saying that drafting early doesn't help that and there are not benefits to it but I don't think it is nearly as important in the NFL as it is say in the NBA.
  10. There are three things I would say are important to have in a coach. I think you will find these things in each type of (successful) coach regardless if they are like Carroll, Dungy, or Belichick. - Be authentic - Clear vision - Focus on the small People have to be who they are. They can't fake it for long because the mask eventually comes off. Pete couldn't win if he tried to act like Belichick and vice versa. I also think the great coaches have a clear vision and focus on the small stuff. Saban = the process, Belichick = do your job, Dungy = do what we do, Carroll = always compete, etc. Also, their message is delivered consistency. I think they all focus on doing the little things each day but deliver the message in an authentic way.
  11. This is the ideal trade for the Cavs, imo. Lebron is likely gone after this season. They get a pick and a young player along with a couple of veterans to keep them in the hunt. I don't think they were likely to put together a team better than the Warriors but one injury/suspension can change a series. They made the Celtics better but I would still have a hard time betting against Lebron. (Warriors being the exception)
  12. Pretty sure he has some injury issues right now although i'm not sure of the specifics.
  13. Run Defense

    Watching the run defense tonight has me more worried about the Titans. Their line isn't as good as the Cowboys but it should still be one of the better ones in the league. Murray and Henry are likely to hammer the Colts this year.
  14. I think the Cardinals might be a good fit for Dorsett. No idea what value he has but they might be interested in adding a receiver. Bruce would be a great coach for Dorsett, imo.
  15. I like the new uniforms but I think I will always prefer the flojo jerseys.