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  1. For most of last season I would say for sure worst o-line in the league but the last month or so of the season I clearly saw improvement out of that bunch. I think the offense if we get a true RG we will be good to go in 2017 Defense needs completely rebuilt from the ground up and I think Ballard has done a solid job of that so far.
  2. We will see what happens I guess.
  3. Woods is just a DT even though he is listed as NT he isn't big enough for NT Hankins would be awesome.
  4. I think he could be very good if he just gets stronger.
  5. Glennon is pretty good if he has time to throw with the bears he will do very good there and I think he is the best in that draft class the rest are terrible.
  6. I think he drops from the first round with that injury.
  7. Well lets just have a good draft and I will say it has been a pretty good offseason.
  8. Trade Dorsett.
  9. Cause he is looking good he could only get better from here.
  10. Rather than give up our first witch we need I would just use the pick on a CB in this secondary deep draft.
  11. Robey from the bills is actually pretty good id take him and just keep Butler at safety.
  12. Not his fault if we just put a half decent line in front of him and a top 10 defense on the field then we will be a contender. But that wont be this year maybe not next year but if Ballard drafts good we will be on the rise very soon.
  13. He is ok but he's not a full time starter he is a good backup plan that's it.
  14. Look at what he did in Pittsburgh that Monday night game he got all mad when the steelers didn't give him any carries and walked off the field before the game was over is that the kind of whiny little cancer you want on this team as I said last night cancer no thank you.
  15. No thanks he is a cancer.

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