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  1. I vote no he is washed up.
  2. Too much I'm not saying that because he isn't a good player I'm not he is an awesome player but He cant stay out of trouble and cant stay healthy and the getting suspended and getting hurt all the tijme is why I'm saying too much.
  3. They need to adopt that style cause it worked a lot of his INT's were when he had to force it deep.
  4. The guy will make a mistake at some point and get caught.
  5. Agreed I thought he sucked.
  6. With the lack of depth at tackle I think he makes it.
  7. The media is foolish.
  8. If we can beat the steelers in the regular season matchup this season I will say we are headed back in the right direction.
  9. I'm not sold on Pagano anyway we either make the playoffs or he needs to go.
  10. I agree let him rest we need him for the stretch run.
  11. Every good QB has those not just him doesn't mean he wont be a contender for the offense as a whole has to be better from week to week.
  12. I expect a lot of mistakes his rookie year its how he learns from them that I care about.
  13. Vontae well get 2-4 picks if healthy.
  14. Its all nonsense.
  15. Complete head case pass.

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