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  1. ya but WR isn't the problem on this team defense however is.
  2. Well I guess we will find out in the coming weeks whether he did or didn't for sure he will slip out of the draft with that one Shawn Oakman last year did something like this right before the draft last year he went undrafted and nobody picked him up and nobody has heard of him since. so it is possible I guess that Conley did it too.
  3. Mewhort is our best lineman and vontae I believe is still the best corner on this team.
  4. Sometime yes most of the time no.
  5. Could just be the site messing up.
  6. I bet he did nothing wrong these girls these days just want some of that money.
  7. Id be fine with the pick if it was a defensive pick or solidifying our o-line aside from that no.
  8. Doesn't change the fact that Bostic sucks.
  9. The only team I think that could have the best chance at pulling that off is the titans but I just don't see it happening this season.
  10. To consider this upcoming season a success AFC South champs and back to the playoffs must happen for me to consider this season a success.
  11. I don't know what he is seeing with Bostic he is terrible.
  12. That takes him off my wish list give me Reddick if he is there.
  13. All the experts say we have an easy schedule this year I don't see anything easy about that schedule.

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