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  1. jameszeigler834

    The Colts running game

    He had shoulder surgery in the offseason not cleared yet i'm betting.
  2. jameszeigler834

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    Harrison is a * nobody gives a crap what he says anymore I remember him saying pats were gonna win super bowl easily too.
  3. jameszeigler834

    Post OTAs 53 man roster

    It sucks Swoope got hurt last year he showed promise during 2016 season before injury in TC last year ended his season before it started I hope if he don't make it here he gets another shot somewhere else.
  4. jameszeigler834

    Eric Swoope

    Neither him or Ebron are blockers they are receiving threats only Doyle is a blocker and very good receiver.
  5. jameszeigler834

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    For as long as we had Angerer he wasn't that bad this team has had worst LB like Morrison Muamba both terrible.
  6. jameszeigler834

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    Tryon we got from Jets I think and he had a good year starting then traded him to the Giants where he didn't do much.
  7. jameszeigler834

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    Austin Collie don't count because that guy was a beast before all of those Concussion's. Gonzolez definitely fits this list he was a bust. Those two sucked.
  8. jameszeigler834

    Chris McCain Charged with Misdemeanor Battery

    When the accuser is found out to be lying they should go to prison.
  9. jameszeigler834

    What's your take on the Ravens QB situation?

    Flacco's time is past I think he is done hasn't been good since winning that super bowl.
  10. jameszeigler834

    Rakeem Nunez Roches article

    Woods is still 330.
  11. jameszeigler834

    #2 receiver

    Ya maybe but every time I saw him play he couldn't catch a cold.
  12. jameszeigler834

    #2 receiver

    Decker sucked with the titans last year.
  13. jameszeigler834

    My theory on luck situation.

    I'm sure some or most of you will disagree with this but I do think if Luck isn't ready by camp then we need to roll with Brissett and move on he will be two years removed from that surgery in January and my theory is if he isn't ready to roll by camp he never will be.
  14. jameszeigler834

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    ID take Brissett over Hasselbeck.
  15. jameszeigler834

    Linebacker Jenga

    I don't know the way Ballard preaches competition id say none of these guys are safe.