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  1. CB
  2. It means she is a liar and he didn't do it.
  3. You will be surprised we are already better defensively with the addition of Hankins alone that's the best NT we have had like ever.
  4. Mine too that was awful.
  5. I don't see us making the super bowl this year playoffs maybe but not super bowl just yet.
  6. If his life is back in order I would let him back but I would make it clear that if he screws up again he is gone.
  7. Here is the thing Blackmon was doing worst than getting high plus getting high is legal now in most states so I don't see how they can continue to enforce that also they just let a guy back that has been suspended for like three years that had done worst than him so ya this is Bull crap.
  8. Also Gordons trouble isn't near as bad as Blackmons and Gordon's latest suspension was bullcrap and the fact that they wont even let him back is stupid.
  9. No but tops in AFC I'm sorry but no.
  10. I think Walker Jr. could be an impact starter and our next version of Freeman.
  11. 4.5. is actually decent better than what his teammate from Florida ran Tabor 4.75 which is awful for a DB prospect.
  12. Hankins with Hooker a close second.
  13. Wont be the first shock wont be the last.
  14. He needs to move to RT he isn't a LT Clark could possibly play Left tackle try it in preseason if he looks good switch the tackles this O-line is already a lot better if that works.
  15. Ya of the 15 passes that luck threw his way well over half of them were completed that isn't good. just saying.

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