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  1. jameszeigler834

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Who knows I know since we really didn't pick up many free agent worth mentioning then his draft better be off the charts.
  2. jameszeigler834

    Predict the top 10 Draft picks

    1) Browns Sam Darnold 2) Giants Saquan Barkley 3) Jets Josh Rosen 4) Browns Bradley Chubb 5) Broncos Josh Allen 6) Dolphins after colts trade out we get their pick at 11 plus their 2nd and their 1st next year they take Baker Mayfield 7) Bucs Quenten Nelson 8) Bears T Edmunds 9) 49ers Derwin James 10) Raiders Roquan Smith 11) Colts Minkah Fitzpatrick 12) Bills Denzel Ward That's my prediction in all likelihood it will go the exact opposite of that but that's why I only take a crack at posting 1 or 2 of these a year cause it is such a crap shoot and can go either way.
  3. I would be happy with that if it were happening which its like not.
  4. jameszeigler834

    Almost Final Mock Draft

    Hernandez likely wont be there in the second round though.
  5. They traded Kizer cause he blows.
  6. Morrison doesn't fit any scheme cause he just sucks all the way around.
  7. jameszeigler834

    Matt Jones

    He looks slow.
  8. I wish him luck still say we should have kept him and cut Tolzien.
  9. jameszeigler834

    Schefter: Cowboys expected to release WR Dez Bryant today

    He is a Diva.
  10. jameszeigler834

    Released players Colts can sign cheap.

    Isn't Bug Howard with the browns?.
  11. jameszeigler834

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Was solid to finish last season too. Lots of room for improvement I actually think he fits this defense a lot better than the 3-4.