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  1. Tony Donohue: Luck will not play this year

    Agree, I think we all need to realize that Luck had an injury to his throwing shoulder that required surgical repair. To a throwing athlete this is serious business and anyone who was a throwing athlete that has had a surgery to their shoulder that involves the labrum knows that there are no guarantees they will return 100%. The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body and any injury to it, especially the labrum, is a huge problem for a throwing athlete.
  2. Quick questions.

    If the HOF had an assistant coach in it Tom Moore would certainly be one of first
  3. Good and Bad from Browns game..

    good: converted a lot of 3st downs. made big plays with the passing game. Brisett made things happen with his feet. bad: the offensive line still looks rough and no consistency. the run defense is still poor. Those of you looking for more creative play calling you have to remember Brisett is still learning the play book. we won but it was the Browns and we tried to blow a 17 point lead. The rest of the division looks tough as nails. not a lot of confidence
  4. Andrew Luck interview

    If Luck is not yet throwing then I really doubt he will be ready for the start of the season let alone camp.
  5. Jim "The Riddler" Irsay back again???

    Maclin no thanks
  6. Agreed. The roster as a whole was terrible and you only need to look as far as how Ballard has cleaned house since he came here to realize that.
  7. The key to a good screen game is your offensive line. Maybe that's part of the reason we don't run a lot of them.
  8. I wont argue that with you but Grigson failed to address the pass rush and in the end that lack of pass rush was the worst of a list of defensive issues.
  9. How does the QB, who doesn't play defense, spot the other team 18 points???? If I remember right this was one of Dwayne Allen's games were he had IDK how many drops. I could be wrong about Allen's performance but the slow starts by the offense are not all on LUCK.
  10. PFF Quarterback Podcast: Andrew Luck

    I have to differ with you on this one. In my opinion an unlucky pick is a pick that you really cant put on the QB. Example: QB throws a nice ball and it bounces off a receivers hands and in intercepted, a ball batted at the line that is intercepted. I'll agree there is no way to quantify those things, they are picks in the stat sheet but its impossible to tell with any certainty how those picks were generated and I also agree that every QB in the league is susceptible to those types of stats so it's probably just as even across the league.
  11. Defensive expectations

    I don't think it can. Not until we get a legit big time pass rusher. We don't have one yet. It could be an improved pass rush but until we prove we can put consistent pressure on the passer no.
  12. Colts select Malik Hooker [Merge]

    Tells me a lot about what Ballard thinks of Green. I didn't like that pick and still don't.
  13. Not trading down on 1st Round

    Im not going to disagree with the idea that Ballard is cleaning house. But I think he has upgraded at ILB, OLB. Don't underestimate what one really good Rush LB can do for a defense. If he is able to get a guy that can produce 12 sacks or a combination of guys who together put up 16-20 this defense becomes a heck of a lot better and we're probably back to 11 wins. But, in order take that next step and be ready to compete for the AFC title I agree there has to be a number of upgrades, CB, S, etc besides the stud Rush LB. I think we will significantly upgrade some positions from this draft or atleast have the chance to. I still think this draft can put us back into contention for the AFC south and more but all of it depends more on Luck's recovery.
  14. The main thing that killed Bill was when Tarik Glenn unexpectedly retired and he traded a future #1 pick to draft Tony Ugoh in the 2nd round and Ugoh never panned out. It was a killer. Granted, the talent on the line was beginning to thin by then but this was the lynch pin that gave way.