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  1. Ill admit I haven't been following things as close this year as in years past but I fail to see what Ballard is trying to do here. Apparently, in my observation, his plan is to sing low level FA's who have either washed out on other teams or really don't have a lot of upside and to also at the same time let our own good FA's walk. Honestly I don't quite understand what's going on.
  2. "The T.J. Green Project"

    Yes, he stands out on the field. He stands out because you can obviously tell he is lost.
  3. "The T.J. Green Project"

    You are dreaming. I have no idea what Grigson was smoking when he drafted this guy in the 2nd round. I was one of the ones who immediately said that there is no way he should have been drafted even close to that high. His tape was mostly bad and apparently Grigson thinks because a guy runs 4.4 he's automatically a great CB, probably the toughest position for a guy to be in besides QB.
  4. Luck says in Peter King interview that...

    Its nice a lot of you are excited about this interview but what did you expect him to say? He wouldn't say anything negative even if his arm was falling off. I won't be optimistic until I see or hear of him throwing footballs with success. This has been a year removed from surgery, that's an awful long time to have to rehab and still not throwing a football. To me, that's a bad sign. I cant speak specifically about Luck's shoulder issues but I now when my son, who was a pitcher, injured his shoulder and had surgery that he was told 1) the shoulder is the most complicated joint in the human body 2) there are no guarantees that surgery will fix the problem. The shoulder is so complex
  5. Silver Lining...?

    Not really. I didn't want mcdaniels anyway. This just shows what a tool he his. Go get Reich
  6. Well there's only one Savior now

    I think Reich is a logical choice now
  7. Well there's only one Savior now

    Peyton walks on water no doubt but it isn't going to happen. Go her Frank Reich
  8. It's not as bad as you think

    I agree in the sense that I personally don't think mcdaniels will make a good head coach and this is one prime example why. He's immature and I honestly didn't want him to begin with.
  9. Hear me out regarding Pass Rush

    I agree. Andrew Luck is 6-5 240. If he can't throw anymore theres no reason he cant be a TE or OLB. Get me Irsay on the phone.
  10. Philbin leaving Colts for the Packers (merge)

    Well to be fair, philbin was only here 2 years and he inherited grigson's trash. philbin is an excellent line coach and his resume is excellent.
  11. Andrew Luck in 2018

    So, luck is going to learn to throw a football left handed? I see you were just throwing it out for kicks. I'm one of the doubters. I think it was a really bad sign that luck was unable to return this season and I don't think he will ever return to form. Hope im wrong.
  12. Tony Donohue: Luck will not play this year

    Agree, I think we all need to realize that Luck had an injury to his throwing shoulder that required surgical repair. To a throwing athlete this is serious business and anyone who was a throwing athlete that has had a surgery to their shoulder that involves the labrum knows that there are no guarantees they will return 100%. The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body and any injury to it, especially the labrum, is a huge problem for a throwing athlete.
  13. Quick questions.

    If the HOF had an assistant coach in it Tom Moore would certainly be one of first
  14. Good and Bad from Browns game..

    good: converted a lot of 3st downs. made big plays with the passing game. Brisett made things happen with his feet. bad: the offensive line still looks rough and no consistency. the run defense is still poor. Those of you looking for more creative play calling you have to remember Brisett is still learning the play book. we won but it was the Browns and we tried to blow a 17 point lead. The rest of the division looks tough as nails. not a lot of confidence
  15. Andrew Luck interview

    If Luck is not yet throwing then I really doubt he will be ready for the start of the season let alone camp.