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  1. Im not going to disagree with the idea that Ballard is cleaning house. But I think he has upgraded at ILB, OLB. Don't underestimate what one really good Rush LB can do for a defense. If he is able to get a guy that can produce 12 sacks or a combination of guys who together put up 16-20 this defense becomes a heck of a lot better and we're probably back to 11 wins. But, in order take that next step and be ready to compete for the AFC title I agree there has to be a number of upgrades, CB, S, etc besides the stud Rush LB. I think we will significantly upgrade some positions from this draft or atleast have the chance to. I still think this draft can put us back into contention for the AFC south and more but all of it depends more on Luck's recovery.
  2. The main thing that killed Bill was when Tarik Glenn unexpectedly retired and he traded a future #1 pick to draft Tony Ugoh in the 2nd round and Ugoh never panned out. It was a killer. Granted, the talent on the line was beginning to thin by then but this was the lynch pin that gave way.
  3. Any labrum injury in a throwing athlete is cause for concern
  4. It all depends on what Moncrief would draw at the time. That and the kind of value that Ballard would place on having 3 top end receivers.
  5. No offense intended but just because he may want physical receivers doesn't have anything to do with Moncrief's future with team.
  6. I think its pretty far fetched to think that Moncrief's days are numbered. I think Ballard wants to increase the talent level at the position and it has nothing to do with Moncrief.
  7. How would you know what Ballard thinks? He may think that the sun rises in the west too
  8. The sun shines on a dog's * every once and a while.....
  9. Its pretty clear from what Ballard is doing in FA he did not like the roster and rightly so. Grigson ran the roster into the ground the last 3 years and now Ballard has to try to duct tape it back together without breaking the bank and I think he's doing a good job so far.
  10. Like it or not Melvin is going to be in the mix. We'll draft a player high at CB and the competition will be wide open to start camp. There is nothing saying that Melvin cannot improve on what I thought was a decent season from him last year. He got thrown into the fire and I thought he played pretty decent given the circumstances.
  11. I don't see Butler being asked to play LCB. He'll play slot and S and do real well there. I think we draft a new CB to replace the hole that has been there since Pagano arrived.
  12. He plays like Big Ben I agree. But Grigson's failed attempts at putting together an offensive was a huge failure and led to Luck being sacked at an unbelievable rate. So, Luck could get rid of it quicker and slide faster but Grigson had plenty of time and attempts at the plate to put an O line together an he whiffed, over and over and over again.
  13. No one has said much about Luck's shoulder surgery lately. Not know what he really had done to the shoulder but knowing that the shoulder is the most complicated joint in the human body and is the most difficult to fix I think it bears stating that if Luck does not come back 100% then we HAVE wasted his career. When I say "we" I mean Ryan Grigson.
  14. Yes, young players with something yet to prove. That's good in a way. We'll see if this approach works out. Based on who has signed I think we have not taken a step back compared to who we lost. The one player I am watching is Butler. I think it would be wise to bring him back. He can help this team.
  15. Yes, so far most of the signings are players that are coming in to compete. As you say, not core players. The draft is and will always be the most important aspect of roster building. We'll see how good Ballard is come the end of April

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