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  2. The Colts haven't played a single down yet in 2016, yet that hasn't stopped some of their biggest critics from making predictions on how they think the Colts will finish this season. Some critics use last season's failures on a team as a projection of how it will do the following season (For whatever reason I don't know why). In the case of the Colts, it seems that a lot of those critics are bumpin the horns of our AFC South rivals because of their offseason moves; with the majority of them jumping on the Texans bandwagon. Like most Colts fans, I don't think Brock Osweiler has done enough in this league to make me think that he's the "missing link" for Houston. Let's be honest here. We're talking about a guy when given the chance, couldn't make enough of an impression on the Broncos coaches to give him the reins for the rest of the season over a broken down Peyton Manning who was practically a half step away from playing in a wheel chair, with the best defense in the league... Osweiler might be the QB Houston's been waiting for. He might also be a game manager who's a step above anything they've had at the position ever since their existence. In spite of how he turns out one thing can't be mistaken; Luck is still the best QB in the division. Period. That in and of itself could be enough to be the difference between where any of the Colts division rivals finish this season. At least that assumption can be backed up by the fact that with Luck healthy for a full season the Colts have finished at the top of the AFC South.

    That brings us to one Heath Evans of "NFL Now." According to Evans, the Colts not only won't compete in the AFC South, he doesn't even think it will be close: 

    "Listen, I don’t see another team that can compete with them," he said. "And if there’s a second one, it would be Jacksonville, in my opinion, not the Colts. I think the Colts still have a lot of holes, people get excited about a draft full of offensive linemen [but] I don’t think that’s the answer."

    Now anyone who's not only followed the Colts, but also follows this game knows how important your offensive line is, especially when it comes to protecting your most valuable player on the team. If you look at the long list of some of the greatest QBs who've ever played the game you'll notice that all of the one's that have won multiple SBs also played behind solid O-lines. The presence of those O-lines not only opened up doors for their respective QBs to do well, but also provided lanes for the running game. It's no secret (apparently to everyone not named Heath Evans) that the Colts biggest issues over the past 4 years have been the lack of running game and the inability to protect Andrew Luck (Guess what we can attribute both of those problems to?). The lack of talent on the offensive line has had a trickle down effect on the rest of the team. The offense's inability to consistently move the ball on the ground hurt both the passing game as well as the defense. When your defense has to go right back on the field due to either turnovers or the offense continually having to punt, they stop performing at their best as fatigue sets in.

    So while NFL personalities like Heath Evans might think that the offseason moves by the Colts was "nothing to get excited about," even the average football fan can acknowledge the impact of what having a good O-line can do for you. Even though a lot of Colts fans might be upset at Evan's assessment, keep in mind that whenever you see material from analysts like Heath that seemingly come in practically out of nowhere from left field with absolutely no basis for validity, they are nothing more than than opinions intended for one purpose and one purpose only: "Shock value." Like Skip Bayless, even Heath doesn't believe the nonsense that he just predicted regarding the Colts. In fact, instead of adding any juice to their claims by clicking on their articles (or videos), there's a better way to get them to tell you how they "really" feel about the Colts. Write them a letter and tell them to put their money where their mouth is. If you bet Heath Evans $50,000 I guarantee you he won't take the bet, and the fact that he won't take the bet will prove how much he doesn't believe his own predictions.  


  3. Any rating is pure takes 2-3 years to really rate a draft class......but for now.....


    1. Baltimore Ravens: 













    2. Tennesee Titans:












    3. Detroit Lions:












    and for the record...the bottom 3: 


    1. New England *s: 






    6th-Kamu Grugler-Hill-OLB





    2. Carolina Panthers:







    3. Arizona Cardinals: 








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    Browns DL Billy Winn now an Indianapolis Colt. Hopefully, a successful Grigson trade... we'll know soon enough!

  5. image_manningfootball.jpgEnter for your chance to win a Peyton Manning autographed football: CLICK HERE

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  6. It's been a while since I updated my blog..  You see my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was told he would live for a maximum of 2 weeks..  That was several months ago..  Sadly my family lost him, December 18th.  He fought as hard as he could..  In fact it reminded me of when Chuck got cancer..  I shaved my head for the guy.. You see my family bleeds blue... Dad, was such an awesome man and a die-hard Colts fan..  I feel blessed to have gotten to celebrate multiple Superbowl appearances with him..  He was the most gentle spirit I think i will ever come in contact with.  You will be missed Randy Gantt.  PS  He insisted we bury him in his Colts gear,  Ski cap included..  What a fun guy, the world is smaller without you.

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    Okay I'm ready to eat my crow .I was calling for Pagano's head earlier in the season with the shortcomings of the offensive line ,the stale offense & the mediocre defense. What I saw in the second half particularly with pulling off a win IN THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON WITH 2 QUARTERBACKS ONE WEEK REMOVED FROM THE STREET and plugging them into a game situation and PULLING OFF A WIN,a win under the most dire of circumstances with contracts looming  etc .IMPRESSED THE HELL OUT OF ME for Chuck as a coach & a man plus when I saw the love the players and the rest of this town has for him and compared the records of past coaches here in their first four years HEY . CHUCK HAS A NEW ALLY HERE. Only thing I will ask is can I at least put ketchup on my crow before I eat it? :)   Go Colts!! 

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    just wanted to say thank you to Colts for signing on Charlie Whitehurst. I have been a fan since his Clemson Days, Followed him at chargers,seattle,titans, I always thought he was a top 30 quarterback and even today he is just 33 years old--and again a back-up to Matt. Oh yes he will never be a top dog but if Matt is hurt as in play-offs he could (and did ) step-in. He is a great student of the game and still one of top quarterbacks but not quite a rivers, wilson or luck. He is a pro and will not disappoint given a chance although we all hope he does not have to be used. Go Charlie--work hard keep the faith contribute and if called upon show them what we all know you are a winner

  7. The Blog

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    Why did the colts try so hard in the offseason to get Duron Carter and not even use him? The man is out there in practice snagging 4 touchdown catches, I mean really give the man a shot already. We want Duron!

  8. Grigson must be fired. If Luck's ribs are broken it is mostly because he is operating behind an inferior O-linedespite the obvious need to upgrade it in the draft or free agency. Instead we got another wide receiver in the draft and Herreman in free agency, neither of whom addresses that need. To compound matters, Luck is playing
    hurt, ? Because Grigson knows his name is all over this team, and he is trying to save his neck. In one year,
    he transformed this team into the OLDEST team in the NFL. With the possible exception of Gore, his free agent
    signings will be out of football in a year or two, so much for building for the future. And then of course the most bizarre first round draft picks T-RIch & Bjorn Werner??????

  9. If the Colts want to have any shot of ever winning a super bowl they need to fire Pagano and Grigson. The Colts for the last three years have almost exclusively relied on Luck to win games by making big plays down field. My case for firing Grigson is described below. The ciolts for the last three years have had no running game, a bad offensive line, an average receiving core, a defensive line that brings no pressure and a very mediocre to poor defensive secondary. Grigson traded away a first round pick for Trent Richardson who is now out of the game. Grigson has failed to put together a good offensive line to protect Luck or run the ball. Grignson has ignored the Bellechick rule by bringing in payers like Gore and Johnson who are much closer to the end of their career than the beginning. Grigson has an undersized and overpaid receiver in Ty Hilton on the payroll.Grigson does not know how to build through the draft. The Colts need to hire someone in the front toffice from Green Bay, the Seahawks, the Panthers, or the Bengals. They need to find a gm who knows how to pick third and fifth round gems. The recipe for winning when you have a good quarterback is to not make him carry the team on his back every game. A GM needs to build a defense that can win games on their own and needs to create a running game that takes the pressure off the quarterback by building a great offensive line. The reason the Colts are losing this year is because they are asking Luck to do too much. Luck is pressing and trying to do too much, It is very easy to beat the Colts because all you have to do is stop big pass plays down field. Now the reason Pagano has to be fired is because he has consistently failed to prepare his team. Since Pagano has been the coach the Colts have routinely come out flat and they have routinely fallen behind by big numbers. Then they ask Luck to bail them out by launching these huge comebacks. Pagano is not a great coach. Luck has made Pagano look like a better coach than he really is. I dont know who the Colts should hire right now but they might need a smart tough coach. The problem is that there is not a great pool of available great coaches out there. Harbaugh went to Michigan. Bowles went to the Jets. They need to bring in a smart tough coach if they want to compete for Super Bowls. So in closing get rid of Ryan Grigson and Pagano. If the Colts dont do that Luck should try to leave the Colts because the Colts are a sinking ship as currently configured. Maybe a young Josh Mcdaniels along with a very good defensive coordinator might do the trick. Maybe they should also ask Bill Polian for his advice on hiring.

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    I've been quiet all season... Well, with the exception of tweeting with @TheBlueMare every game day. I've decided it's time to make my voice heard, on this site and hopefully will be heard on other media around the area. And maybe even by the Colts.


    After today's game against the New Orleans Saints, I've got to say this is not the same Colts team that has had me cheering and yelling so loud that I startle my sister and nephew, and make my mother proud. I've actually gone hoarse, sitting in my mother's living room, as if my voice can be heard downtown. I know it can't, and if I could attend games, I know that I would make myself heard.


    Today's game was proof once again, as each game this season has shown, that there is something way out of sync with our Horseshoe Warriors. All three phases have been affected, by what I'm not certain, but it seems to be deeply rooted and while we hold a lead in our own division, it's not what our team is only known for, and I must say it's also not what we need to make past the first game in the playoffs.


    On defense, blown coverages, soft coverage, and complete lack of follow through, to not being able to set a real edge consistently, our defense has been allowing other teams to run all over them. They're allowing an average of 24.5 ppg, 401.8ypg, and a total of 59 penalties for the season so far. These are stats we expect to see at the end of the season, not only 7 weeks in. And there is seemingly no improvement in sight, as they are really running out of "Next Men Up" players. If they can't get healthy, stay healthy and show consistent play, I don't see it getting any better before the postseason.


    On Offense, averaging 21ppg is usually not a bad thing, but with 13 out of 16 other AFC offenses scoring higher up to 3.66 points more per game, and the team being 3-4 after today, it's not looking good. Dropping passes, fumbling catches, and just not being where the pass is being thrown, or the QB not putting the ball in reach of the target, this is not the way to score points. Our offensive line has been through changes, and even mix-and-match shakeups, they're getting stronger and more consistent, but not on par with the expectations for the season, and today allowed our Franchise QB to get sacked four times. And speaking of our Franchise Quarterback, Andrew Luck has been a leader, and unshakable force until this season. After a less than stellar start, then having a shoulder injury and missing two games, his form has not been what it once was in the past two games back. His throws have not been the lasers we've come to expect, and all season his time to throw has been longer than normal. It's amazing what one second can do to a developing play, never mind 2 to 4. I'm not sure what's happening with Luck, but he's got to figure it out, because Clyde Christensen and Pep Hamilton don't seem to be helping him figure it out.


    On Special Teams, well, there's been some good days, some really good days, and some really really bad days. I know the blown fake punt just isn't going to go away anytime soon, as commentators are just having too much fun laughing at it. And today's volleyball-like onside kick didn't help, but mainly our Special Teams group seem to be just beginning to hit their stride. They are called the 4th Down Army for a reason, and whil Adam Vinatieri's reliable PAT and FG percentage is low for this point in the season (he's currently 28th in the league?), there's no reason to believe he will be anything but "Mr. Reliable" for the remainder of the season. Pat MacAfee is called "Boomstick" for a reason, and he proves that nickname is spot on week after week. Griff Whalen has finally started to become more aggressive in his kickoff and punt returns, garnering him some well deserved attention this season. The group as a whole seem to be coming together with the "One Team One Focus" mentality that the remainder of the team don't seem to have a handle on quite yet.


    I understand Coach Pagano is taking the brunt of the flack for the lack his team has been exhibiting, as a good leader should. But there are other leadership problems in the coaching staff, and they need to step up and take their fair share of the responsibility for not getting their squads truly prepared to face each team each week. Making certain your group is prepared for the team they're facing each week is the task, and it's not showing in the errors that are being made on the field week after week. So while Pagano is taking his fair share of the responsibility for his team, there is certainly enough to go around.


    There may be a fundamental chemistry issue with this team as well. It seems to me that there were some personnel changes early on that were a bit surprising to me personally. And usually, you hear about the players that come to Indianapolis to play for the Colts being referred to as "Horseshoe Guys". I'm not hearing that this season. I'm not seeing players grouping together to discuss plays, or sitting/standing together when not on the field. I see a lot of guys walking off by themselves, sitting by themselves. This is what the camera guys show so much of, and it's just not "normal" Colts behavior.


    All that being said, I'll stand by this team no matter what. I watched the Mayflower trucks roll into town and cheered. I watch and or listen to every game and cheer. Some day I hope to be able to attend games and cheer. I am a "Horseshoe" kind of gal, and really, truly, fervently hope that the Colts can pull it together, and quickly, as this season is not going to get any easier, and it's not as long as they think.

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    We all know that a coaching change is coming- who would be a good fit for the Colts and who would bring in that toughness, we so badly need? I like Bill Cowher?! #wishfulthinking

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    I suggest Colts staff consider Steven Johnson and Tony Carter. They are two players recently waived by Denver that could assist the defense immediately.

  10. blog-0534837001441505554.jpg

    Hello Colts Faithful!



    I just wanted to send out a quick poem to thank Reggie for his years of faithful service to the Blue Horseshoe:



    Here is a shout to RW87,


    When you played the game as a Colt your fans were in pure heaven.


    From the time you were a rookie you learned the game and studied under Marvin, who was the best


    After 14 seasons as a veteran Colt, you gradually became the ultimate barometer for the receiver test.


    You showed up at training camp with smiles, waves, in race cars and sometimes wearing even camouflage


    But when it was time to play you would play through pain and bruises as long as there was no hemorrhage.


    You battled on the field like a true blue warrior and kept it real off the field as well,


    You are the very definition of inspiring and I bet Reggie Wayne gear will always sell.


    On the day you wiped the tears from your eye and television caught you weeping for the game


    We as fans knew you were a player by blood and would leave it all out on the field so we felt no shame.


    This ode is to you Reggie and I will support you regardless of whether you stop or chose to seek play


    Just promise us when it is all over you will come home to retire as an Indianapolis Colt one day.


    When things all play out you will come home to applause and cheers from Colts fans standing on their feet


    All of them realizing that when it came to you playing the game, you were a hard receiver to actually beat.


    So as the days draw closer and football season kicks off, keep your game and your head intact,


    Do not forget that no matter what you do or where you go we still will always consider you a class act.



  11. I have often shared stories of my involvement with the Special Needs Community. Today I have another one to share.


    Yesterday was a day to celebrate one of these individuals we've come to know and love over the years. Amy is a very sweet handicapped young lady who has been employed with Papa Johns for 20 years now. Her job is to fold pizza boxes and she has folded over 1 million boxes in this time frame.


    Her family, and Papa Johns felt this was an accomplishment worth celebrating. They invited a large number of family, friends and people from the community to celebrate this special day.


    Papa Johns Headquarters sent her some special gifts, and she was given a 20 year lapel pin.


    They asked Ron and I to provide the music and entertainment for the day, and we were more than happy to oblige.


    Lots of food, music, and dancing made for a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon.


    Of course, amongst other items on the buffet, Papa Johns Pizza was served. ;) :P


    I am so privleged to be a part of such a great group of Special Needs people and a community that supports them.

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    Does anybody know when the colts will sign Defensive End Henry Anderson?

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    Is it just me, or does the rest of Colts Nation see only ONE potential cold-weather game on the 2015 schedule? Check it out. As far as I can see, the ONLY cold-weather game occurs on Dec. 6 at Pittsburgh! How cool is that? I like what I see. Maybe I missed something, so let me know if you see it too! Wow, I'm psyched for the upcoming season! Go Colts!

  12. andyluck92
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    Where do people get this idea we are deep at receiver, besides the obvious, that being TY and Andre what proven commodity do we have at the position? Moncrief did the utmost with his time on the field but flashes are not guarantees. As for Duron he is a mystery inside an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle that is also inside a Jack in the Box, I'm still not sure about that place; some may say "he produce in the CFL"... ok, "well his dad is Cris Carter" your point being? All I'm trying to get at is this: there seems to be a blind faith in these young unproven receivers. I'll be the first to admit I was surprised by the pick who the hell wasn't? I did know one thing though, I loved it as well as the rest of the draft. I've learned one thing about this city of mine, Fickle and Pessimistic. Greg Doyel says he doesn't understand, good because if a sportswriter understood what our GM, or our team was thinking: then, yes then I would truly be worried. It is not you're job to understand Gregory what the team is thinking; your occupation consists of typing what you see don't think too much baby, it gives you wrinkles. To sum this up I hope everyone does their thing this year but I will really be pulling for Dorsett and Robinson.

    Go Indy. Go Colts.

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    I have been following the SB Nation Stampede Blue undrafted free agents for this year and there are a couple really cool prospects. Here is the link to that page and you can refresh for the most recent updates:

    The few players that stand out to me are:

    Ezell Ruffin, WR, S.D. State

    Junior Sylvestre, LB, Toledo

    Terrell Hartsfield, DE/DT, OLB, Cincinnati

    Hartsfield stands out the most, this kid is a beast. Very strong bull rush and surprisingly fast off the edge. Doesn't overrun plays too much and has a knack for where the balls at. Check out this 9 minute prospect video. I am surprised this guy didnt get drafted... And they are not playing against weak opponents. Not the SEC, but some tough games including East Carolina and Ohio State.

  13. NOTE: I wrote this prior to the Colts vs. Broncos in the 2014 AFC Divisional Playoffs. Thought I'd share with you all!

    It was December of 2010. Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck had just put the finishing touches on a remarkable collegiate season that catapulted him into the NFL’s top draft position. He was crowned as the greatest quarterback coming of the collegiate ranks since Peyton Manning and John Elway. Luck was the unanimous number 1 choice, barring of course that he would declare for the draft. He had many factors to consider. He wanted to finish his education and enjoy his senior year but saw the allure of the NFL right before his eyes. So, like many college athletes making this kind of decision, Luck consulted with his confidants. He spoke with his father and mother. He talked with his uncle, who would later go on to be his agent in the NFL. But there was one person that Luck spoke to that may have had the biggest influence on his decision.


    Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee.

    In 1997, University of Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning had just completed his junior season. Manning had a phenomenal season and was the consensus number 1 pick in the upcoming draft. He was being touted as the best quarterback coming out of college since John Elway. Yet, Manning was wavering on whether to declare for the draft or not. Finally though, Manning decided to forgo the NFL for one more year and instead opted to finish his senior year. He would win the Maxwell Award that year and would finish 2nd in the Heisman Trophy voting. The Indianapolis Colts would be number 1 on the clock in that upcoming draft.

    With Andrew Luck pondering his return to Stanford, his father advised that he should speak to Peyton Manning. The Luck and Manning family have had a uniquely tied history that spans over 30 years. Oliver Luck, Andrew’s father, had played in the NFL for the Houston Oilers and played on the same roster as Peyton’s father, Archie Manning. The two shared a good friendship during their time in Houston. Archie would have Oliver pick up his two sons and occupy them by taking them for milkshakes and burgers while Archie would finish errands and the like before the boys arrived. “It was my job to pick them up and occupy them with ice cream or hamburgers so Arch could get treatment or run errands or just get a few things done before the boys arrived,” said Luck.


    Archie Manning and Oliver Luck in 1982.

    “But the RX-7 was a hatchback and it only had two seats. So we had to squeeze both kids in or, sometimes, one went back into the hatchback. I’m guessing it was Peyton since he was younger. He would have been 6 at the time, I think. Looking back now, 30 years later, I realize how valuable the cargo was that I was carrying back there.”

    Fast-forward to 2010 and we find Oliver Luck’s son talking to one of those Manning boys that Oliver was driving around in the 1980’s.

    “Before he made his decision he had a couple of long conversations with Peyton,” Oliver Luck said. “Archie and I played together way back when with the old Houston Oilers, so we’ve known the family, and Peyton’s kind of acted like a mentor to Andrew. So he got advice not just from his old man and his mom, but some people like Peyton Manning, Eli and others who have gone through it.” Even before this conversation however, Peyton had mentored Andrew at his annual passing academy camp. “Andrew got a chance to go to the Manning Passing Academy in high school, and maybe twice as a college kid,” Oliver Luck said. “While in high school, you don’t just get to see the college and pro guys, but you get to test yourself against kids from around the country, to see where you stack up. As a counselor, you get to spend time with Peyton and Eli, and you get to ask questions and get straight answers and begin to understand what sort of an attitude and approach you need as a professional.”


    Andrew Luck at Stanford University.

    Luck decided to stay and finish his senior year at Stanford. He would finish 2nd in Heisman Trophy voting and win the Maxwell award, in similar fashion to the quarterback and mentor he would soon succeed. How much did those conversations with Peyton influence him to stay? One is lead to believe that it’d be more than people think. That upcoming NFL season would be one that would change the NFL landscape for years to come. Peyton Manning had 4 neck surgeries and missed the entire season. The Colts finished 2-14 without Manning in the lineup. Once again, the Indianapolis Colts were in position to take another once-in-a-generation quarterback.

    Andrew Luck declared for the draft and was once again the consensus number 1 pick. The NFL combine was quickly approaching with Andrew Luck and other top prospects in attendance. At the combine, Luck was asked about whom was his hero growing up. His answer wasn’t too surprising.

    “Peyton was my hero growing up,” Luck said. “He was my football hero. That’s who I modeled myself after in high school, middle school, whatever it was. You never truly replace a guy like that.” I admit bias here and believe that in large part because of Peyton and his influence, Andrew stayed and finished out his senior year. It’s not because I am a Peyton Manning or Colts fan, but because I know what its like to look up to someone in that same way that Andrew did.

    Like Andrew Luck, my childhood hero was Peyton Manning. I remember begging my mom to let me stay up late on Monday night games to watch the Colts. When my friends and me would play pickup football games, I would imitate Peyton and his pre-snap gyrations and mannerisms. I grew up watching Peyton lead countless comebacks and win game after game, season after season. Growing up in Indianapolis in the 2000’s, it was inescapable. I had always pondered if there would ever one day be a quarterback to come in the NFL that would be from my generation and be influenced by Peyton in the way that I and so many other kids had.

    In the late 2000’s, I started to see the beginning of the end of the Manning era. The Colts were no longer that 12 win-a-year juggernaut and Peyton Manning was approaching his mid thirty’s. It was 2010 and I had just graduated high school with a new era in my life about to begin. I started college in the spring of 2011 but did not have much of an idea of what I really wanted to do with my life. Around that time, my cousin was getting married with family and friends coming in from all across the country for it. My dad had talked about my cousin George and the success he had out in Colorado and suggested that I should talk to him at the wedding. I knew of George growing up but didn’t really know him too well.

    So at the wedding, I approached George and struck up a conversation with him. We talked about the Colts and how much of a fan he was too. He had moved to Denver from Indianapolis in 1998, the same year the Colts had drafted Peyton Manning. He had many friends and family still here in the city he once called home. He became a Broncos season-ticket holder and would cheer on the Broncos every Sunday. Until of course the Colts would come to Denver. He would show up to those select few games in a Colts jersey, much to the lighthearted dismay of friends that would see him at the other 7 games of the year in a Broncos jersey. He was there for that 2002 snow game where Mike Vanderjagt kicked those 2 50+ yard field goals to both tie and win the game. He was older than me, around the same age as Peyton Manning. In talking to him, I felt like I knew him the entire time I was growing up. We shared a lot in common. We talked about my plans for college and career and I believe he could sense that I wasn’t too sure of what I wanted to do. He invited me to come to Denver that summer to spend time with him and his family.

    That trip to Denver changed me in the most positive of ways. I remember spending nights talking with George about his experiences and how he had worked to get where he was today. It would be the first of many trips I would take over the next 3 years to Colorado. I started to see him in a lot of ways that I saw Peyton Manning. Although I have never met Peyton, ask any boy that grew up watching and idolizing him and they’ll tell you they know him. George became that mentor and older brother that I had never had. He offered advice and words of encouragement that would help me become the person I am today. I found parallels and ambitions in my life that mirrored his own. While I was on that first trip, I remember I talked to him about the upcoming 2011 Colts season and how they would likely once again win the division and get back to the post-season. Little did we know how much the season would make the parallels we shared grow.

    When Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos, I knew that George would likely relinquish the Colts as his number 1 team. Peyton was his favorite player and by the time 2012 rolled around, he had lived longer in Denver than he had in Indianapolis. He knew that the Broncos were getting something special. He shared a common bond with Peyton Manning and now that player would be playing for the team he cheered for on Sunday afternoons. Fate could not have written a more unique script. The picture was now coming full circle. He would always have love for the Colts and cheer for them but the Broncos were now number 1.

    On the other hand, I had found parallels in my own life to Andrew Luck, who was on his way to becoming the next star in the NFL. Like Andrew, I too grew up watching and idolizing Peyton Manning and came from the same generation as he did. He was that quarterback that I thought would one day enter the league that grew up idolizing

    Peyton Manning the way that I had. The only player in the last 10 years to be compared to Peyton Manning is the only rightful one to succeed him in Indianapolis. The picture was now becoming fully complete. The pupil was destined to succeed the mentor in the same city, for the same team.

    The Colts will travel to Denver this weekend to play the Broncos in the AFC Divisional Playoffs with the stakes being as high as they’ve ever been. I still watch Peyton and cheer him on the same way you would cheer for your older brother. Until of course, he play’s your team. It’ll be pupil vs. mentor. king vs. heir apparent. Luck vs. Manning. Or as I like to see it, Rick vs. George.

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    This is my first blog for this forum, I would like to say I have been a Colts fan for years even when we 3-13 before Payton Manning. I have watch them go through some really tuff times and I can remember praying for a really good defense and a great running game. I am really excited to see what this season brings with the new additions to our team and just how strong of a defense we will have. I seen some moves this offseason that is moving towards just that. Also THANK YOU Reggie Wayne for being a great player and teammate and even a better professional.

  14. JPPT1974
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    Sorry for not posting here in a long time. But really there comes a time. Where a great player must move on. As much as it is nothing personal. As this was a business decision on Irsay. But also if he doesn't retire, then hope a team can use his services. But wishing him nothing but the best of luck.

  15. blog-0041676001424315113.jpgWhy should we sign Demarco Murray? Well, here's a couple reasons.

    1- He rushed for 1,845 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2014, most in the nfl. Now you could say that was just because he was behind the best O-line in the nfl, and that he wouldn't work with us because of that, but you're wrong. Obviously it helps to have such good O-lineman, but did you watch the Colts-Broncos playoff game? Andrew was sacked 0 times. They were also opening holes for Boom Herron and Trent Richardson, but of course Boom was the only one who could find them.

    2- We will, in all likelihood, draft a couple of O-lineman, and with the emergence of Donte Moncrief, we have an amazing receiving duo, with him and TY. So that will force defenses to drop their linebackers into coverage, and open up holes for Murray. If they don't then either Moncrief or TY Hilton will be open deep or Coby Fleener or Dwayne Allen will be open because they could put both their safeties on TY and Moncrief, leaving Fleener or Allen on just a linebacker.

    3- He probably wouldn't have as big a workload this year as he did last year because a) We have Andrew Luck, which the Cowboys don't. b) We have a much better receiving threat then Dallas all around.

    4- His deal wouldn't cost too much, leaving room to maybe get some defenders like Suh. We have $25.6 million in cap room, so if Demarco Murray gets about $6 million this year, that leaves $19 million to try to sign Suh to beef up the D, and we could draft a safety to pair with Mike Adams (assuming we bring him back).

    Thanks for reading my blog!

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