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  1. Yeah ok i admit maybe closer to twenty years ago. When backs mostly just ran the ball. They were consistently picked in the top five. Talor is in that mold. Three consecutive 2,000 plus guitars seasons is no joke. Eason is in the mold of JaMarcus Russell arm talent wise. That's what they wanted back then.
  2. I wouldn't be shocked if Taylor and Eason would be top 5-10 picks in the draft. Hell I bet with the accolades Taylor might be in consideration for top overall pick. This is my opinion anyway
  3. You don't pass on great players. He will be great in the nfl. We wil regret passing on him
  4. I was going to post this same thing. Feels like this is the goal for Ballard. I wouldn't expect many signings until that deadline. Whenever that is
  5. Let’s talk the fundamentals of a dynasty. if we can pull these two into Indy. I can say confidently imo we would have the best offense/defense line combo in the league. would remind me of brown and white defensive line for the eagles. Any opinions ?
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