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  1. listen they love Goedert and haven't payed Etrz yet. There is frustration. I don't know how high a PC I would give maybe a three with a conditional later. Any opinions. Do forget Reich connection there too.
  2. Yeah ok i admit maybe closer to twenty years ago. When backs mostly just ran the ball. They were consistently picked in the top five. Talor is in that mold. Three consecutive 2,000 plus guitars seasons is no joke. Eason is in the mold of JaMarcus Russell arm talent wise. That's what they wanted back then.
  3. I wouldn't be shocked if Taylor and Eason would be top 5-10 picks in the draft. Hell I bet with the accolades Taylor might be in consideration for top overall pick. This is my opinion anyway
  4. You don't pass on great players. He will be great in the nfl. We wil regret passing on him
  5. I was going to post this same thing. Feels like this is the goal for Ballard. I wouldn't expect many signings until that deadline. Whenever that is
  6. Let’s talk the fundamentals of a dynasty. if we can pull these two into Indy. I can say confidently imo we would have the best offense/defense line combo in the league. would remind me of brown and white defensive line for the eagles. Any opinions ?
  7. So that means he is only available to the cowboys? I am simply Stating that the colts should be very interesting as well as many other teams.
  8. I just need to happen for me right now lol. Figuring out where to play Willis is such a good problem to have. I would give up a one and a third to get this done no questions if I was Ballord. Building domination right down the middle of our defense.
  9. Please dear lord baby Jesus help this happen. I would love Jamal Adams on the Colts. Dream really
  10. In my opinion we will have to trust the scouts and Ballard i mean they have done fantastic so far. I believe they reached a hair on some guys but it doesn’t matter because they will be at a higher floor in our scheme. They are targeted guys for our style of football. It’s up to the coaches to develop the talent. In this class the athletic profiles are jumping of the page. Bleacher report’s own Matt Miller gave it an A+ calling Indy’s front office the best in the game. I will personally wait till Ballard let’s me down to give any negative opinions especially hypothetical criticisms.
  11. Imo he has done great in the west coast dink and dunk offensive scheme. We all know hooke good he was on arains air raid offense. If he is able to keep progressing back to his deep ball potential and puts it all together he is going to be unstoppable. Im excited for the future luck
  12. Let's say this year the colts make a splash trade. Hypothetically contracts can't be hashed out and the colts are actually in contention for a run. If you were ballard what would u do?
  13. I saw a couple of interesting articles debating whether or not Nelson could play tackle in the NFL. His arms are long enough but the question remains is he athletic enough to play left tackle. Maybe even in a pinch. I look at new england's approach with left tackle in drafting Wynne for instance. He will get that shot eventually to try. I know he played tackle but he is undersized in nfl measurements. Hypothetically for argument sake let's say Nelson could be an average to great left tackle. Then with Smith in the second rounder, he has a similar build to a right tackle prospect. If we're hit
  14. I'd rather try and get David Johnson and pick#15
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