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  1. 14 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Sendejo is LP and working his way back from concussion protocol. I expect he'll be fine since he was LP today.

    Tell is IR'd for at least 3 weeks, but don't think they've said why.


    I think it would be Willis at SS, and then either one of the others at FS (short term). Odom came in for bit and it was not pretty. Long term though (if truly out for the season) Colts need to make a move. Either converting a CB to S, or making a trade. Maybe Jones with his speed can manage?

    Trade Mack for one. 

  2. 5 hours ago, colts89 said:

    Whatever happened with the backup qb situation in the offseason was wacky. He lost his job to the same two players he supposedly beat. Why did he have the backup role to start?

    Yeah, there's got to be more behind the scenes that we don't know about.  Because yes he threw a INT in the game he came into but that shouldn't be the reason for the cut that's was a bad situation for any QB. 

  3. On 10/12/2021 at 4:11 PM, runthepost said:

    I understand a GM is not going to hit on every pick, but the last several years we have had several second round picks that have not produced as well as other players at similar positions that were drafted around the player we selected.


    Drafted Hooker 15th pick

    Drafted Quincy 46th pick



    Drafted Turay 52nd

    Drafted Lewis 64th pick



    Drafted Rock 34th pick

    Drafted Banogu 49th pick

    Drafted Campbell 59th pick



    This sounds like someone from for the Colture podcast. 

  4. Can someone tell me the status of TY? I know he was on IR and suppose to miss at least three games. Does anyone have an update? I knew neck injuries take a long while to heal but I haven't heard any updates just wondering we need him. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Zoltan said:

    It’s never gonna happen.  The only valid arguments I think would be if he transitioned to LT he would have to lose some weight so he could be more agile which would help his back problem.

    I'm hoping with this time off for the ankles it helps his back to and he'll be a beast when he comes back. 

  6. 1 hour ago, John Waylon said:

    There’s no Manningcast for this game. Apparently he and Eli asked to not have to call Colts/Giants/Broncos games as part of the deal. 

    It’s good that the Titans lost to the Jets today, but now we have to avoid the same fate in about a month or else it will have been a waste. 

    Yeah, this team has very little margin for error now unfortunately. 

  7. 12 hours ago, Horse Shoe Heaven said:


    Exactly because of the extra game, I think there's still a shot at the playoffs, the OL and the DB's need to play better and the offense has to be better in the red zone. I also think the defense & OL has looked a little SOFT early this year! Better in the 2nd half against Tenn though. I think the team has to win both of the next games to have a shot at the playoffs. I figured Colts go 3-2 in the first 5 games if you are 2-3 only a game off that pace ok, but you gotta start winning some games now!!


  8. 43 minutes ago, Indyfan4life said:

    Per NFL Network, Hard Knocks will do a in-season presentation of the Colts. 

    Odd, but I can’t say I don’t welcome it for the national attention this team rarely has. Can see it being a negative though. 

    Yeah, I don't like it it'll be a distraction 

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  9. 4 hours ago, LJpalmbeacher2 said:

    He wanted so much so he tweeted players expressing how important it was....even tweeted Leonard at 2am

    ....unfortunately they didn't 




    But plenty of time to bounce back. There's even a 17th game now.

    I’m sure he talked to Reich behind closed door I’d to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation. 

  10. 28 minutes ago, Superman said:


    I didn't listen to Kelly's comments, just read a brief clip, and the impression I got was that he said Wentz had to be too tough, not that he wasn't ever supposed to move. And in general, if you call a normal dropback and give up pressure, that's a problem. It's not saying you can't call a play that gets the QB on the move by design.


    And if your gameplan is to keep the QB somewhat stationary, but your protection sucks, you need to adjust. Especially if your QB is doing a fine job of moving to avoid pressure. 


    Bottom line, Reich has to do a better job of working with what he has, and adjusting to the game situation.

    I've never been a fan of Reich's play calling. I'm not trying to pretend I know more than him but even I can see that his play calling is very suspect at best. I know he tried to explain the 4 down call but to me which means nothing that you don't call a pass on 4 and 1 to many things can go wrong. JMO

  11. 3 hours ago, Four2itus said:

    There is a good amount of the Colt fan base that did not agree with the Colts either...


    Trading for Wentz

    Not drafting a QB

    Not trading for a different QB

    How much they gave up for Wentz


    Where are you now? It seems that in the face of some serious pressure and way too many hits.....he stood tall, seemed unfazed, and made some really hard passes into small windows. And, he took care of the football. 


    How about some positive acknowledgement for such an emotionally laden subject we all endured for months? 


    Oh yes, if you're argument is that we don't know yet, and we have to wait and see......then would that not also apply to all complaints about the Colts last game?


    Food for thought. 

    I thought he looked really good it wasn't his fault. If O-line ever gets there act together he could really look good. I was impressed and not surprised but I was surprised by how bad the O- line played. 

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  12. It's funny to me that people overreact after one game with 16 to go. I guess they want us to win them all if not fire everyone clean house. This team will be fine I think this team will be better in the second half than the first. I still think 3 and 2 in the first 5 is doable. Do we need Fisher in the lineup yes is there things they need to cleanup with the online yes but they'll get it done be patient. 

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  13. 18 hours ago, Wentzszn said:

    That is going to suck and probably changes my thought on thd game a little. This probably moves Carrie to the other side. Maybe Rodgers gets a chance.

    Yes, I agree this is not good this changes how I view this game to. He's our best corner and what about Nelson to. 

  14. 18 hours ago, teganslaw said:

    Why worry; there's nothing we can do about the results. Might as well just be happy that football is back.  Wondering if people who are worried are going to watch the game. 

    I do agree with this assessment. The first game isn’t going to make or break the season. 

  15. 17 hours ago, JoeThornburg said:

    Outside of a handful of players, the tackling on defense needs to improve drastically.


    The cuts the Colts will make at RB look better than most of the RB room in Pittsburgh I think this can also be said for the LB room to a much lesser extent, but those that get cut will find jobs.


    Strachan is not going to make the team based on special teams play.


    Ballard should be looking for a swing tackle like, yesterday.

    You are so correct and we got one. 

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