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  1. Then the media and fans can't have as many *****. Won't happen.
  2. I agree. If Brissett does well enough, we won't need to draft an early QB next year and use the money to extend JB and re-sign others.
  3. Btw, it's EFFECT not AFFECT.
  4. Agreed, they're actually giving him some decent protection. I'm beginning to like Kelly better than Walker.
  5. Well maybe if it's only a couple spots and can still get the guy he wanted at 34. That would be worth it.
  6. I thought "jumpers" were people that were no longer fans. I guess you can jump onto the train, or off of it.
  7. If he comes back healthy and prepared, we could have something special in him. I'm super pumped for him to hit the field and get to work.
  8. I'm interested in what Johnson can do. We could be more stacked at receiver than people realize.
  9. I basically agree. With Cain coming back, and most likely Inman, I think we are in good shape at WR. Plus, we may even draft another. Yeah, these 1 yr deals are actually a pretty good idea.
  10. At this point, how do you know Luck won't be protected? We're many months away from the first game. I'm sure CB knows Luck needs protection more than you. I'll wait and see like all fans.
  11. And being not happy with it would change what? Colts are not ready to contend just yet. Wait a year or 2, then you'll see CB take a more active roll in FA to get over the hump. Loading up on higher priced FA's right now is NOT the answer. Drafting well is.
  12. That's a very real possibility, and I wouldn't be against it. This year could be one of the best years ever for the Colts, draft wise. Interesting and exciting to say the least.
  13. Wrong. You can't get a RB on Barkley's level anywhere. Let alone free agency. With 80 mil to spend, the Colts can shore up the D just nice. Plus, what if Luck isn't healthy? Barkley would be a nice piece for a Brissett led offense. Barkley is a once in 10 yr RB. Chubb is great, but would be a mistake when we could have a once in a generation RB.
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