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  1. ColtStrong

    Yates: Colts hosted WR Dontrelle Inman for a visit

    At this point, how do you know Luck won't be protected? We're many months away from the first game. I'm sure CB knows Luck needs protection more than you. I'll wait and see like all fans.
  2. ColtStrong

    Yates: Colts hosted WR Dontrelle Inman for a visit

    And being not happy with it would change what? Colts are not ready to contend just yet. Wait a year or 2, then you'll see CB take a more active roll in FA to get over the hump. Loading up on higher priced FA's right now is NOT the answer. Drafting well is.
  3. That's a very real possibility, and I wouldn't be against it. This year could be one of the best years ever for the Colts, draft wise. Interesting and exciting to say the least.
  4. ColtStrong

    Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    Wrong. You can't get a RB on Barkley's level anywhere. Let alone free agency. With 80 mil to spend, the Colts can shore up the D just nice. Plus, what if Luck isn't healthy? Barkley would be a nice piece for a Brissett led offense. Barkley is a once in 10 yr RB. Chubb is great, but would be a mistake when we could have a once in a generation RB.
  5. I say 11-5 if Luck is healthy.
  6. ColtStrong

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Well said. Someone said earlier that guys like Barkley can be found in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Wow. No comment needed. Anyone who has seen Barkley play is simply amazed by him. A player of this level cannot be passed on. He will make you pay for years to come for passing on him. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go at #2 to the Giants. Then Chubb basically becomes a no-brainer.
  7. ColtStrong

    For the Colture

    In my experience with Colture, there were parts of it that were good, but I ultimately unsubscribed. I don't remember his name, but one of the guys would incessantly complain like a spoiled child for minutes at a time. Maybe in my younger years I could have appreciated that, but I can no longer sit and listen to someone scream, yell, and complain like a typical entitled millennial.
  8. ColtStrong

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    I think both players would be awesome for us, but I would absolutely love if we took Barkley. I've seen him do things that are truly incredible. We haven't had a great back since James and Barkley might be even better, (think) Barry Sanders. A true, immediate difference maker. But I wouldn't cry if we took the Chubster.
  9. ColtStrong

    16-23 L to Ravens

    No one is required to listen to it. I haven't heard a Pagano-ism in ages because I stopped listening to post game nonsense. Or for that matter, even pregame stuff. I watch the Colts play, hope they win, then move on with my life.........
  10. ColtStrong

    16-23 L to Ravens

    i'm intrigued too. I think he'll do just fine. He could only do so much with what he had. But I honestly believe we have some nice pieces to build on.
  11. ColtStrong

    16-23 L to Ravens

    Or "chopping wood"? I never want to hear that again unless I'm camping.
  12. ColtStrong

    16-23 L to Ravens

    Who cares? Pagano is gone, and I'm not going to listen to him any more. I've already moved on.
  13. ColtStrong

    16-23 L to Ravens

    I'm glad you have a sense of humor. I'm getting to the glued together part myself.
  14. ColtStrong

    16-23 L to Ravens

    Like you?
  15. ColtStrong

    16-23 L to Ravens

    Exactly how I feel. I was kind of hoping the Colts would play hard until the end, then lose to a last second field goal. That way, you can see positives for next year and still get a great draft pick. But I really did not want to see a blow out.