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  1. Just got back home from the game--a great time. Cal just way too good. Walking out the stadium and the first thing I see is a guy wearing a Trent Richardson Colts jumper--Had a quiet chuckle to myself
  2. Start Kelly at C and rotate Clarke and Blythe at Guard
  3. Grab the RB from Stanford--McCaffrey is a stud (should have won the Heisman)
  4. I would have loved to see Whitehair here, but Grigs and Pagano didn't--maybe they know something that we don't. And that is why they are doing their jobs, earning the big bucks, and I'm just a bus driver earning the scraps from under the table.
  5. The important line is: "Projects as a strong-side 4-3 end...."
  6. I would love it if we could get Whitehair in the 2nd rd. Grigs did say recently that he wasn't overly impressed with the quality of pass rush in this draft once you get through the first couple of guys--maybe we look to strengthen the secondary somehow to cut down on the targets.
  7. If you wanted sexy, you draft a cheerleader.
  8. I'm actually thinking we might go Whitehair--versatile OL guy who can be a starter at both C and G
  9. Pass--hard enough to get it right with a healthy guy, let alone one with a bad knee
  10. The Colts like Parry--they won't be picking Billings
  11. He's so good that even the Jags weren't interested in keeping him
  12. Their organisation has had a major overhaul, and with it a change of direction.
  13. Not a Browns fan at all, but I think it's a good signing--I did read where one scout was quoted as saying he felt sorry for any franchise that needed to draft a QB this year (I assume he believes that Wentz and Goff are the best of a very bad group). Yes, the Browns is where you go to kill your career, but they have totally changed their management, so maybe they will be able to turn things around--nobody outside Cleveland expects them to do any good, so they can start a complete rebuild. If I were them I would draft either Tunsil or Stanley (depends on who Titans draft). Wouldn't be surpri
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