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  1. Whilst I'm not into car racing, it was great to see an Aussie take the checkered flag--well done Will Power, Australia's first ever Indy 500 winner.
  2. And suddenly, just as I suggested that the potential for corruption is at the level just below the top, we have a report coming out today involving a test match between Australia and Sri Lanka in 2016 (Test matches are the highest level games). Supposedly, a large syndicate 'bribed' ground staff to 'doctor' the wicket, ensuring their bets regarding the match result would be successful. Put simply, once you allow sports gambling, you do open up the potential for corruption--wherever there is money to be made, someone will come up with a means of beating the system. The reality is that gambling on sport will happen--the sporting organisations need to be able to exercise some control over the gambling--if the gambling organisations have the control, trouble will follow Disclaimer: I was a huge gambler, which led to me becoming bankrupt some years ago. I don't gamble anymore (other than investing on the Stock Market), and I am not a supporter of gambling at all.
  3. Here in Australia, nearly every sport is sponsored to some extent by a gambling organisation, as well as specific clubs. TV broadcasts see us constantly bombarded by gambling advertising in any breaks. While in cricket there have been serious issues from gambling--it's usually at the level below the top, and with an unlimited number of options to bet on, the opportunities for corruption are endless. One former player told of how he was confronted by a bloke who lost $50k because of him--the guy had bet that he would concede less than a certain number of runs in an over, and he conceded 1 more than that number--the player's response was, "who would be that stupid to bet that much on a sporting event?"
  4. So, did Andrew meet him at the airport?
  5. Oh for goodness sake get over it. Long term the decision to let Peyton go was the correct one. Peyton was, and is still, a great player, but he's career will come to an end in the next couple of years. Andrew will be a great player for at least another 10-15 years. It's time some of you moved on--Andrew Luck will be the next 'all time great QB' and in 10 yrs time I'd rather him wearing a Colts jumper, than tearing holes through the Colts' defence
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