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  1. The question Ballard has to ask is, "Is he better than what you would pick up with 1st rd picks over the next 2 yrs?" With him on the roster, those picks would be second half at least, and I doubt you would get a pass rusher as good as him. I think he's probably worth the risk.
  2. If the Eagles send Mailata to the PS, as an Aussie, I'd love for the Colts to pick him up
  3. First game back was a huge success. Played really well and the Swans got the win. Today, however it all turned sour with Johnson suffering another serious knee injury. Sometimes life is so unfair.
  4. This weekend in the Australian Rules competition, Alex Johnson makes his return to senior football for the Sydney Swans. Alex's last senior game was in the 2012 Grand Final--just under 6 yrs ago. Since that game he has undergone 5 knee reconstructions. Although I support the Greater Western Sydney Giants, I can't help but hope that he has a great game this week.
  5. Over $2.5m was raised on the day, with the Federal Government putting in an extra $2m. As for the game, Collingwood (the team everyone hates) won easily with Mason Cox ( a product of Oklahoma State) being amongst the best on ground--I think he has a brother who played WR for the Raiders a couple of years ago
  6. I know that a couple of years ago, the ice bucket challenge was very big. Here in Australia we have a former AFL player Neale Daniher who was diagnosed with ASL a few years ago. The AFL community rally around Neale over the Queen's Birthday weekend (this weekend), raising money for research. On Monday at the MCG game between Collingwood and Melbourne they have a large fundraiser centred around the 'big freeze challenge', where a number of well know people slide down a slide into a pool full of ice. This year every head coach in the League (including the coaches of Collingwood and Melbourne)
  7. Have to agree that Buffalo will try to trade with NYG rather than trade with us--not sure if Allen is the guy they will trade up for though
  8. Good to see your sense of humor is non-existent. My choice would actually be Dave Shaw from Stanford. I for one was not a fan of McDaniels all along so I'm hoping that we can get it right this time.
  9. This is a guy I think could be an interesting option for HC. As OC for the Jags--able to get a team to the AFC Championship with Blake Bortles at QB. And one out of left field for OC--Tony Romo---his ability to analyze what's happening on the field is pretty insightful.
  10. First game of the NCAAF season being played here in Sydney. Secured a ticket on the 40yrd line. Looking forward so much to seeing the Cardinals play (wonder if they could bring #12 back for the 1 game)
  11. Regardless of who gets the job, we need to run a poll for how long will it be before people call for him to be sacked.
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