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  1. A Thursday night without football is rather blah. :(

    1. southwest1


      Actually, I never really was that attached to Thursday Night Football so I highly that withdrawal will be in my immediate future. If the Colts are on, I'll watch it or the Broncos but otherwise, I rarely look at it. JMO.

    2. chad72


      I'm not a fan of it either. My wife is not a fan of it because that is more nights she does not have my help :). It is fine if you play a team that is not equally matched that you can get by with a below A grade performance and still win. If that team is just as equally talented, it will hurt the team which is normally more talented and prepared on a whole week, IMO.

    3. chad72


      For example, Colts vs any division rival, I am fine. But if they place a Colts vs 49ers team on a short week, I'd not be too happy because there is more to prepare for vs a real good team, IMO.

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