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  1. Terrance Knighton - DL - Free AgentAn anonymous head coach tells NBC Washington that "teams are afraid to sign" free agent DT Terrance Knighton because he's out of shape. Knighton is meeting with the Redskins on Thursday, but has already been passed on by former coaches in Oakland and Chicago. He was expected to be a hot commodity as a run stuffer, and was at one point outrageously seeking $8 million per year. It's not exactly surprising that someone nicknamed "Pot Roast" is out of shape, but Knighton could cost himself all sorts of money by not hitting the open market in the shape he's expected to be in. Source: Dianna Marie Russini on Twitter Mar 12 - 2:05 PM So this is the real reason he didn't sign with the Raiders?
  2. Stephen HolderVerified account ‏@HolderStephen 9m9 minutes ago Frank wasn't saying Andre is NOT coming here. Just making the point that he's going to make a deliberate decision (and not a quick one)
  3. From this picture I would say you are correct. https://twitter.com/KBowenColts
  4. WOW over 40,000 people have signed it. If I had the power of the commissioner this is exactly what I would do in having the AFC Championship game replayed between the Colts and Ravens.
  5. I guess I didn't do it right? It was supposed to be a vote for the question basically asking if people on the forum will really skip the Super Bowl and hurt the NFLs ratings and show that we are not happy with how this is being handled because the Patriots seem to have gotten in unfairly.
  6. I am hoping I did this right so this should be a poll for this question.
  7. Interesting its a Boston newspaper and all of the scientists are up in the New England area....
  8. That is weird it says in the story that he was arrested in Muncie Indiana for a DUI in May. I don't think I ever heard about that.
  9. Or maybe a fake injury in a game? Don't forget that one.
  10. Yea I have read a lot of good articles and the 1 thing they all have in common are the insane comments about them from all the Pats fans. They all say that everyone is just jealous because all they do is win and so everyone just hates. HELLO do these Pats fans really not remember that the Pats have already been caught for cheating before? They act like the rest of the league thinking they are lying and cheating is so crazy and off the wall. That is the better of the Pats fans comments too don't even get me started on how many I have read that said so what we cheated get over it and the Pats were just so awesome. It is just sickening if some of the fans really feel this way and don't care how their team wins. Surely not all Pats fans are like this and this is just social media bringing out all of the NFL teams "best" fans?
  11. Wait so you are saying Grigson has had at least 2 good/great drafts out of 3? *GASP* That can't be right from what I have read on here.
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