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  1. A Thursday night without football is rather blah. :(

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    2. #87WayneFanHe'sTheMan


      I thought I liked the idea of Thursday football for the whole year but now I am not so sure. Not to mention it didn't seem like but 2 of the games were even worth watching.

    3. MAC


      How I wish they'd stopped it one week earlier.

      I've always found it uncomfortable - even on Tday. The short week leads to irrational results and is damaging to teams. I've always thought that it should ONLY involve two teams coming off a bye week.

      I love the prime time games, but to me a "Saturday Night football" would make a LOT more sense. Heck, if you time it off the bye weeks you can have Friday night football too. :)

    4. JPPT1974


      Well just relax as you probably need to get your mind off football for even just one day. Love Sunday nights though!

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