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  1. 2 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    I know, and that's why I believe games are rigged. I don't expect robot refs, but until you offer the option to challenge their penalty flags, I will always be of the opinion that these games are an inside job. The more and more this type of thing keeps happening, the more the public will wise up to it, and the more likely there is some type of leak by a retired ref on the process in the future. The only reason I believe it hasn't been leaked already is that there would be a hit on any ref who revealed details on what's going on, so they keep quiet.

    Powerful NDAs are all you need. Who would want to be on the hook to repay the NFL for billions?

  2. 12 hours ago, rock8591 said:

    Overtime is the price you pay for not winning in regulation.


    Especially for allowing a TD (not a FG) on the first drive in OT; Chiefs deserved to lose.

    The offensive side deserved to lose because their D didn't get a stop?


    Logic lacking.

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  3. 13 minutes ago, GoPats said:


    No disrespect here, but I'm not quite following you. 


    I disagree with the notion that games are "fixed" because, with a football game, that's virtually impossible. 


    I also don't see how you guys would think the NFL really WANTS the Patriots to keep winning. If they're "fixing" games for New England, they sure have a funny way of going about that. Unless you count taking draft picks away (and suspending Brady) as part of it... 


    I may be completely misreading you here though. If I am, my apologies. 




    Do you not see the refs on the field? Did you not see the PI that wasn't called that allowed the Rams to win? Numerous other games with no calls or phantom calls like the roughing the passer that saved the patriots drive and game. Draft picks and four games is not enough to prevent the games from being scripted.


    How about this


    Or just this fun fact:

    The NFL argued in court that it is not a competitive sport, rather sports entertainment. They won and are LEGALLY allowed to fix games for the best entertainment, that which gives them the best profits and ratings.


    Only other "sports entertainment" is WWE and roller derby.


    They are not obligated to ensure fair games, as made evident in the Chiefs Colts game. When Chris Collinsworth says that its bad when talking about the Colts, that says something lol. 


    Kraft got Goodell the job and has kept him in power. Repayment is championships. It is also grand entertainment when Brady overcomes these 'setbacks' and still manages to win. Even players have hinted at it in the past. 


    Refs have huge sway over the outcome of the game. And if the league understands it is about entertainment, then they will comply. When the league shares revenue as they do, then it is in the leagues best interest to ensure the storyline that will generate the most revenue, not the actual best teams. That's just one example of how the league is set up to benefit from entertainment and not competition.


    Would a colts and cowboys game really generate as much ratings and revenue as the patriots and rams? Not saying they aren't the best teams, just giving example.


    There's tons of shady things when you go looking. The most famous argument is SB III, without it, the league would not be what it is today.


    I'm just saying look into it.

  4. 3 hours ago, GoPats said:


    Here's a link where you can find movie times in the Indy region on 2/3/19: 






    (Seriously, you guys are bitter, lol...) 


    Not bitter, just foresaw the trend and storylines. There has been a team to win at least 3 SBs every decade since 1970, patriots were the only ones to do it this decade. They had the storyline for brady and belichik already before the confetti even finished falling. Evidence of other games that fit scripts and rectified outcomes during the season (I.e. browns redskins game was terribly blatant).  Im over getting mad at games now that I see it. Mahomes will most likely be the next Brady for the AFC honestly (unless pats draft some 'all time great' again).


    Brady retires this year or next if he doesn't win, but guaranteed one when he announces retirement, just like every other great has. People were calling patriots to win this year, not because they were good, but because it makes a nice story and fits the script.


    Unless you research yourself, can you really mock?

  5. 2 hours ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:


    What if your theory on storylines is true?


    A Pats/Rams SB would be a fitting end to Bradys' career.


    Brady started his career with a SB win against the Rams - aka "the greatest show on turf".  What if he capped his career with a SB win against a Rams team with McVay the prodigy HC and arguably the most talented team in the NFL?

    There's evidence of rigging already. Browns redskins game had a fumble by the browns RB, before the ref even got there to rule the browns rb was standing up away from the pile with the ball...The ref ruled the redskins had it and nobody but a couple of browns players acknowledged the fact they had the ball before the pile even began.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    I agree. I believe if he beats the Chiefs, he will announce he will retire after the AFC Championship heading into the SB. That is of course, good and bad for Colts fans should it happen.

    Ya, they already are setting up the defense of the patriots and the fact brady has already beaten the Chiefs, that weather isn't a factor. We'll see.

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  7. Just now, Jared Cisneros said:

    At this point, the options are waning. They could do a rematch of the Pats/Rams SB where the Rams get their revenge in LA. I think the Pats will only win another one when Brady officially announces he will retire if it goes by storyline. We'll see.

    His contract is up after next season. He could call it after this one. Where championships count, nobody will ever get 6 again.

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  8. 5 hours ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    I'm doing the "jinx" on the Pats by betting on them to win against the Chiefs. If they win, I make $20. If they lose, they are eliminated and I'm still happy. If the Pats beat the Chiefs, I will bet on them to win the SB as well and try to jinx them. It's the only way to make the game fun and try to profit in some way out of it.

    Do what do you think? Pats win it all, Brady and belichick get their 6 in the same stadium as saban. Belichick and saban would be the same age when they get their 6th, 66 years old. This year or next (brady last year) they are going to win.

  9. 1 hour ago, buccolts said:

    I prefer the base unis, but also enjoy a little different look once in a while (2 - 3 times a season?).

    I'm just happy to see them on TV, so I'm not going to go too nuts with the colors they wear (as long as it's blue & white (mostly).


    BUT, I'm color blind, so I'm sure that discounts my opinion.


    BTW, anyone see the Browns/Bengals game?

    What if they played each other in a color rush game? You couldn't fit anymore orange on the screen.

    Brown's would go....all brown

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