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  1. Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark.
  2. First episode comes out in November. Not sure on the date or how many episodes there will be but I imagine it’ll get either pretty close or into playoffs. However, I think they are collecting all the film now. I’m not sure how long they’ll stay with the Colts. It may only be something along the lines of Week 1 - Week 10 or something, then the episodes just air later.
  3. But seriously, bagels and pizza in NJ/NY are literally better than anywhere else because of the water/dough.
  4. I imagine Strachan and Kwity will be focal points.
  5. Fair. Anytime the defense is on the field is the “right moment” for me. More specifically, 3rd downs, goal line/RZ, FG kicks, etc. Anyone who has played a sport at a semi-high level or even golf for that matter can appreciate how impactful distraction can be. Some stadiums in my area have dedicated sections that are meant for the people that go all out, all game. Some of these dedicated sections will kick you out if you’re not complying with the fandom rules. Maybe Indy should implement something along the lines of “spirited fan sections”.
  6. Just for clarity, are you implying that a loud stadium (in the right moments) is not a competitive advantage?
  7. I am from NJ and usually fly out for a game each year. Last game I was at (Jags game pre-covid) couple guys in the row behind me were upset that I was standing on 3rd down and cheering when the Colts were on defense. I respectfully told the man that this is a sporting event and I am going to continue cheering on the Colts. Being from NJ and having attended many Philly, NY and NJ games I honestly was shocked that this even happened. The stadium is definitely one of the quieter ones that I have been too.
  8. I like the kid! Hope he plays well and takes full advantage of the opportunities. Crazy that his parents have never seen him play live! Cool to see that they will be able to make it to the MIA game.
  9. Saw this earlier on the Pat McAfee Show. Howie taking a shot at Caron’s durability. He isn’t wrong but I most definitely feel like he could have stated that a little bit differently. Could see why some players including Carson weren’t a big fan of him. Makes me glad we have CB.
  10. Eason's throws have been pretty accurate. His pocket awareness needs to improve drastically. He needs to step up.
  11. Will be tuning in for him and our QBs. First preseason game I’ve ever bet on
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