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  1. Man there are some nostalgic plays in there that will always stay with you. Manning to Collie, what could have been. Luck to Hilton, just crazy to think how in-sync these guys were. Hilton deserves better then he has now.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing Foles back with Reich. Could be interesting ;)
  3. Will he decide he wants to come back, TBD. I'm surprised at how many people are saying things like "Luck didn't love football", "Luck doesn't miss the game" etc. I really just don't believe any of those things. The dude is not the loudest guy in the room, that we know, but that doesn't mean his passion for the game is any less. Noise and showmanship != passion. Those just weren't aspects of his personality. Football has been an integral part of his entire life, professionally and personally. Luck grew up on football, he's formed countless relationships and it's weaved into the fabric of who he is. I would be absolutely shocked if some of his greatest memories weren't on the football field. The dude played his * off for this team and other teams time and time again. You don't do that, you don't get to the highest level of this game if you aren't passionate about it. I feel as if fans aren't putting enough significance on the state of his mental health. It is a very very serious thing. It has the absolute power to strip everything that you love most from you. Above all else I really think that this was the biggest reason in his decision. Not that his love for the game changed or that his heart wasn't ever really in it in the first place. Do I think Luck misses the game, his teammates, the competitiveness, and the sheer amount of mastery you need to play at that level? Absolutely, he probably wishes everyday that things went differently. Do I think he has interests in life other than football? Yes, I definitely agree with posters who have stated this. However, I think that is the same for many great players (including #18). It's that drive that helps make them so good in the first place. Do I hope he comes back? Yes, I would be ecstatic to find out Luck has returned. Not only for the great football player he is but because I honestly believe that if it occurred it would mean that he's gotten a handle on his mental health as a person.
  4. I think it’s good the Titans won. Keeps them in the playoff race and motivated which we need as they still face off on the Texans twice. If we beat Tenn and HOU loses to NE we still got a shot at the division.
  5. Shocked Paris can't go yet with him being limited all week, still struggling to catch the ball I imagine. Nice to see TY has a shot and Wilkins looks like he's good to go. So our healthy corners for this game are: Desir Moore Tell Wilson Hopfully Rock
  6. Does LOS have any dedicated "super-fan" areas? I know I've been to other stadiums in the past and they actually have sections that require/strongly encourage you to stand, cheer, etc. Saddens me that I have to call that a "super-fan" area but I think it's time I try a different section at LOS.
  7. Love to read this. Where are your seats? Friends and I will be joining you next year I politely told him that I’m sorry but if they stood maybe the opponent would make even less third downs. I tried to be as political as possible being an out of towner and wanting to show respect to my elders but I was incapable of just sitting and not cheering.
  8. Neither. Perhaps a bit older (late 50s-early 60s) but didn’t seem to have any issue getting up for restroom/concessions. Not that everyone I’ve encountered is like that but I have felt in general it’s a way more conservative/docile crowd then what I’m used to back home.
  9. Came in from NJ yesterday for our annual Colts game and had two gentlemen behind us ask us to stop standing on third down because they didn’t want to stand and couldn’t see. Pretty much sums up the general enthusiasm of fans here from my experiences over the last 5 years.
  10. The Colts seem to play pretty well at home but I definitely would agree from a noise perspective. I’ve been to several NFL stadiums and Lucas Oil is by far the tamest/quietest of the bunch. It always amazes me each year I’m there.
  11. I was just talking to a friend about how I haven't been impressed with his punting ability. He's got to be around in the bottom or at least below average in avg yards per punt. He definitely doesn't switch that field position on a team as much as one would like. But hey, if he's an accurate place kicker, why not.
  12. Agree with the Hoyer Brissett take as well. I’m just not sold on the guy at all. I think that game ended up way closer then it would’ve been if Brissett was in.
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