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  1. cjrulli

    New Peyton Manning Story! (Good)

    Some of my favorite Luck tidbits come from his teammates in game. I love watching SoundFx or similar productions that have in-game video of someone on the O or D commenting on how good Luck is. I think it was Leonard this past season that had a quote that went something like "Man, that 12 is something else, something else". Seeing teammates get hyped up for their other teammates when they do something good is always fun to watch.
  2. cjrulli

    Colts extend RG Mark Glowinski [Merge]

    Entire line locked up for 2019, nice!
  3. I believe he is doing this because they've considered him an honorary member of the defense because he acts as the scout team QB and he gets to enjoy the celebrations with them.
  4. cjrulli

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    I feel like some of have been very quick to pass some judgement on the AB situation. I never really took him as a diva or a needy player. Something strange is going on in Pittsburgh. This obviously isn't the first time they've have a problem with a star player.
  5. Glad he's no longer part of Barstool and getting himself some professional gigs.
  6. cjrulli

    Colts have given us fans all we could ask for

    Not only a shot @ playoffs, a shot at the division. Insanity.
  7. Yes, yes yes. It was absolutely the right decision in my mind. I love the aggressive play calling and statistically it was the right choice. I think it showed something else too. Reich's trust in his team. Who knows how much that has meant to the players and the trickle down effect it's had on this season in a positive way.
  8. Up from 12 last week. Credit to our offensive line play. Nice to see some recognition but this team needs to stay with it and focused going into these last two games. 9. Indianapolis Colts (8-6) Week 15 ranking: 12 Biggest breakthrough: Offensive line. Finally. The line has gone from being a weak link during the first six years of Andrew Luck's career to being a strength of the Colts this season. That group has given up only 16 sacks, second fewest in the NFL, after giving up a league-high 56 last season. Improved line play has played a significant factor in helping the Colts to a top-10 total and scoring offense. -- Mike Wells Week 16 vs NYG who've been eliminated from playoffs Week 17 @ TENN which will probably be for Wildcard
  9. I don't care one bit! First & foremost, make the playoffs. After that, both a Pats or Texans win would be extremely satisfying.
  10. cjrulli

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    I agree, his posts have seemingly become much more team friendly and professional. I feel like we don't see as many Abby hatpicks contests as we used too but glad to see he still does them.
  11. While I think both coordinators have done a solid job this year we/media have to remember a couple of things: 1) Frank calls the plays 2) We're 7-6, barely 500 3) Our defense is outside top 10 I don't think either has been good enough to get a HC gig. Give it a couple of years I feel the conversation of losing them will be much more real.
  12. I think the Colts will actually be the favorites this game. Philly has a very lackluster defense and their offense has struggled. Indy -4
  13. cjrulli


    I should just be called a "Senior Lurker". I rarely post but I read almost everything posted. Now that I re-read that, I guess it's somewhat creepy...
  14. cjrulli

    Coming in For TN

    Have not been to the one in Indiana but have been to several others across various states. Definitely recommend reservations to be safe.
  15. Just saw on Colts twitter that Nelson is the first guard in NFL history to win Rookie of the Month