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  1. Luck working with House may just be a natural progression to his rehab for the shoulder injury from last season. No reported information would suggest that Luck is working with him to assist with the calf injury. My guess is, Luck is working with House to continuously improve his throwing motion and would have been working with him regardless if he was dealing with the calf stuff or not.
  2. I think everyone is just a bit overly worried. The last we heard from Reich is that he is strengthening the muscle and actively working out. We also have heard numerous times that he is throwing consistently behind the scenes and working with Tom House. Just yesterday it was reported that someone who watched one of those private throwing sessions said Luck was throwing the heck out of the ball. Is there an injury, yes. Is the injury going to prevent from starting week 1, no.
  3. So excited to see Farley back. It’s crazy to start seeing pretty good depth across this team.
  4. Haha that pump fake on the second throw. Looking like his uncle Peyton. I wonder if Peyton will push Marshall to play football.
  5. Oh Collie with Peyton. The connection we missed out on.
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