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  1. There was a story where the LS Rhodes said he found out from a fan during the game, that showed him a text with Schefter's tweet. Idk, maybe he wasn't there on Friday.
  2. Luck said himself that he was mentally broken, the cycle of injury, pain, rehab, injury, pain, rehab was too much and the only way to break that cycle was to step away from football. He also said that he promised himself he wouldn't play through pain again. I'm not saying he's wrong for retiring, I actually think it's the smart thing to do. But you can't call an act selfless when the act was done to take care of yourself.
  3. Somebody needs to get that man a dictionary. Luck's decision was solely based on personal health (mental and physical), thus his retirement can't be considered selfless
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    These are pics of my Shepherd/Husky mix dog. I named him Peyton, after you know who.
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