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  1. Since they got shut out by the Jags at home, you could say they didn't play the first or second half of that game, thus leaving you with 10 second halves. ....some times you have to laugh to keep from crying.
  2. No, let Luck have the rest of this season plus the off season to hopefully be a full go once OTAs and TC begin for next year. We would make zero noise if we did miracle ourselves into the postseason.
  3. Luck's stats might've been one of his best ever, that isn't my point. How you managed to construe that from my comment I'll never know. My point is that our offense has been predictable under Chud, which it has been, and that Brissett can't be used as an excuse because it was predictable when Luck was under center too.
  4. You can't fix stupid, and high jumping on top of a pile of players when the play is over is about as stupid as it gets. What on earth did he really think his contribution on that play was going to be?
  5. The Colts play calling has been predictable and stale for awhile now no matter the personnel packages used. Chud has next to no creativity to his offense. And this doesn't just apply to him having Brissett and needing to shorten the playbook, it was extremely predictable with Luck also.
  6. What good is tape on Mack going to do when there is a very high probability that the Colts are running a completely different offense next season after the coaching staff is cleaned out? I'm sure DCs are going to watch all the tape at how Chud improperly uses his players (like running your speediest RB straight up the gut 9 times out of 10) and totally use that to game plan how a new OC is going to use Mack.
  7. It happens to the best of them, never is a word that shouldn't be used. It just seems our #1 WR gets shut down a little too often. But some seem to be happy with that. I take it you're fine with his disappearing acts?
  8. He wants the respect that a #1 should get and he cashes the paycheck a #1 would should get, so unfortunately for him, he needs to find a way to be beast mode, or he needs to learn to accept the criticism he gets.
  9. I've never said he sucked. You don't lead the NFL in receiving yards if you suck. What I want from T.Y. is consistency. If having a player show up 10 out of 16 games is good enough for you I don't know what to tell you, because it's not good enough for me. A #1 WR will find a way to beat double teams. A #1 WR will find a way to show up week in and week out. A #1 WR doesn't act like Jeckyl and Hyde. It's a whole lot easier to be a star on a team full of players without talent. It's no wonder that nobody outside of the Colts fanbase doesn't look at T.Y. as a top tier WR.
  10. With him it's hard to say what to expect because you never know what you're going to get out of him. One of two things will happen next week in Houston, he'll go for 150+ or he'll disappear.
  11. For everybody that says just wait until Luck comes back, just please do us all a favor and revisit T.Y.'s stats from his previous seasons. It is littered with games where he has hardly any catches and hardly any yards. He is strictly a feast or famine receiver. He either balls out or he ghosts out. http://www.nfl.com/player/t.y.hilton/2532865/gamelogs?season=2012 http://www.nfl.com/player/t.y.hilton/2532865/gamelogs?season=2013 http://www.nfl.com/player/t.y.hilton/2532865/gamelogs?season=2014 http://www.nfl.com/player/t.y.hilton/2532865/gamelogs?season=2015 h
  12. Chud is the same guy calling the plays when he has 177 yard games too. At what point does Hilton's disappearing act become about him?
  13. You would think a week removed from throwing his teammates under the bus that Hilton would show up the next game, as a leader of this team should. Nope, just in time for Halloween he does another disappearing act. Wonder who he's going to throw under the bus this week?
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