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  1. Even before the scream edit was released by the Colts the NFL had a clip of the block posted on their Facebook page. Captioned with something along the lines of "this is how a guard is picked for offensive rookie of the month". So they were well aware of the play anyway.
  2. Sign McAfee to kick for a few weeks til Vinny is 100%
  3. So he was living up to the hype until multiple factors that were completely out of his control have derailed him from doing so. Makes perfect sense to lay that at his feet. I would love to see how many QBs could go out there with the injury that he sustained to his throwing shoulder and put up the numbers this guy did in 16. My guess is there would be very very few, if any, but yeah that sure is underwhelming to me.
  4. Roster for roster, coach for coach, and GM for GM Manning has had it better in his tenure in Indy than Luck has had, and it's not even close. IMO, your Manning idolization has completely clouded any judgement you may have on Luck.
  5. Nice deflection. Too bad you couldn't answer the question. Must mean you have nothing about the Colts to add so you had to jump to another coach to try and make some point.
  6. Not disagreeing about the necessity of talent for the coaches to work with, but it's also a coach's job to put the players in the best position possible to succeed. I saw very little, especially from the OC and the HC, that put the players in a position to succeed. There was a thread awhile back about the Colts playcalling tendencies in the 4th qtr last season. You tell me how doing something 100% of the time when you have a certain personnel package in puts those players in a position to succeed? The plays are doomed to fail when the defense knows what you are doing well before the ball is snapped, and it's compounded when you lack the talent that the guy lined up opposite of you has. I put the overwhelming majority of the blame squarely at the coaches feet.
  7. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the Colts aren't picking up the tabs for a lot of these expenses. I seriously doubt Luck is forcing anybody to do anything. I'm guessing it's more of a teammate willing to help out another teammate. Especially when that teammate decides who he throws the ball to, which ultimately decides what kind of season/(and in the much longer view) career they may end up having. I'm sure none of these guys needed their arms twisted to make the trip to Cali.
  8. MR. Blueblood

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    These are pics of my Shepherd/Husky mix dog. I named him Peyton, after you know who.
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