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  1. 6 minutes ago, DougDew said:

    The idea of a backup needing to not be a threat to Wentz is a false narrative. 


    Hurts was drafted to be the future starter, not to be a backup.  The Eagles will make noise this draft about possibly taking a QB at 6, but that's just a deflection tactic designed to mask the reality that Hurts was drafted in the second round to actually be a starter.  Predetermined, for whatever reason.


    That's not the same thing as brining in a backup QB for the purpose of being a backup.  


    In the "threat" scenario, Eason is already a threat to Wentz because Eason was drafted in hopes of developing into a starter, and he could certainly ball out and do that, yet Wentz wanted to come here.

    Why would they draft a future starter when Wentz just signed a new contract and is only 28?    

  2. On 2/22/2021 at 1:06 AM, crazycolt1 said:

    Had IU not won 3 championships would you have liked him less? 

    To me his antics were overlooked because he won and fandom turns a blind eye. 

    That and the invention of video recording. 

    I am not doubting his knowledge of college basketball, just his bullying tactics. He also had those same tactics away from the court.  It is well documented. He had an abusive personality that went unchecked because he won basketball games. 

    His players and coaches loved him

  3. 3 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Exactly. There was more than likely a lot more water and smoke damage than fire damage. 

    I have experienced that before. Firemen needlessly destroy stuff in the heat of the moment. :D

    My neighbor had a fire a few years ago.   The water damage from putting out the fire was much larger than the fire and their homeowners policy didn't cover the water damage. 

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  4. Just now, NewColtsFan said:

    If Wentz wants to wear #12, I’d be fine with it. I suspect that Irsay would discourage it.  One day he will likely want to retire Luck’s number to the Ring of Honor. 

    Then what happens if we have a good problem and Wentz has a very good Colts career like we all hope.  Can the same number be retired twice?  Or with two names attached to it?


    More questions than answers...

    Numbers don't get retired when you go on the ring of honor. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, coltsfeva said:

     I hope it works out for him to end his career here. He not just a speed WR like Deshawn Watson. Who cares if he’s lost a step, he’s still got moves.

    Desean Watson  is a quarterback. 

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  6. 2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Yep when I was 8 years old and if someone other than my parents disciplined me/put their hands on me (shoving me down), they would've be in hot water. My dad would've took care of the situation. If I had a kid and that happened, trust me, he would never do it again, I would make sure of that. Personally when it comes to coaching I liked Bob Knight because 99% of his kids graduated and he won 3 Championships. Having said that I don't think I could've played for him and if I had a kid and knight put his hands on him, I would tell my boy to transfer. 


    Bill Cowher for example is one of the most overrated coaches of all-time, some love him because he gets in people's faces, yells, spits, grabs his players, etc.. He only won 1 SB and even then had the REFS in his back pocket (SB 40). Dungy won 1 SB and had a better winning % without his saliva glands working OT lmao 

    I think the notion of being a hard nosed coach is old.   Same thing in any industry.    It's an out dated philosophy.   

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  7. 24 minutes ago, Four2itus said:

    If you have no idea what I meant by using the term "entitled"....let's just pass on discussing it further. 

    I don't think there is enough info about what happened and how to assume anything.     If his actions started the fire then I agree.    But we really don't have enough details

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  8. 7 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Wait!  Wut?!? 

    THAT was JT’s “fastest run” ?!?    NFW!!

    It wasn't his long TD run against the Raiders?

    Come on, get serious.   Yeah, no! 

    Someone at NFL Films, which out this together, made a mistake.   A basic time code error.   Heck, I’d guess JT’s long TD run vs J’Ville in the last game of the regular season was also faster than the run they showed.   

    Basic.   Human.   Error!    

    I don't think there is any error.   They have yard markers and the time it took to cross those yard markers.    They did the video research.   


    I don't think Next Gen sports were wrong. 



  9. 18 minutes ago, TimetobringDfence! said:

    Hines is in my opinion one of the best receiving RBs in the league RN. He makes catches that are impressive for recievers let alone RBs. Maybe you meant Harris and Campbell. Ballard spoke very highly of Campbell, I hope he comes back strong this year.

    No,   I meant Hines.    He is a weapon no question.   A healthy Campbell is also a weapon 

  10. 30 minutes ago, Thebrashandthebold said:

    None of them have shown much and TY is washed up. Doyle is fine but he isn't a WR. Hines and Campbell are so far not great WR. The Colts need a number one thousand yard receiver and they don't have one. 

    You need weapons,   you don't need one guy going for big numbers.   3 800 yard guys and other contributors can also get it done.    The Patriots have proved that many times

  11. 12 minutes ago, Thebrashandthebold said:

    Why would it be hard to believe that. He didn't give Rivers any new weapons to speak of. 


    Drafted Pittman and Thomas,  signed Burton. Already had TY, Doyle , Hines, Mack and Pascal and Campbell.   


    Ty, Mack and Burton are free agents.     Weapons will be brought in



  12. 12 minutes ago, Thebrashandthebold said:

    You think they are going to add very good free agent WRs? I don't. I think they will draft one in the second or fourth round. That won't get you a number one.

    I have no idea what Ballard's plans are.   I have a hard time believing he isn't going to give his new qb some weapons

  13. 18 minutes ago, Thebrashandthebold said:

    That is an amazing statement. Wentz only got to 30 TDs once and that was several years ago. I would take the under 30 if I was betting on it. He is frail and has lost many games to injuries. I hope he works out but I would think if he was healthy I would expect 3,000 passing yards and 21 to 25 TDs. He isn't throwing to a great set of receivers.

    Why don't we let free agency play out

  14. 7 minutes ago, TimetobringDfence! said:

    I could care less about the weed. But if your careless enough to cause a 30k dollar fire you need to get your priorities straight. You might not care but I bet Ballard dont resign the guy period.

    If Ballard doesn't re sign him,   it won't be because of this

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  15. 2 minutes ago, DougDew said:

    Which is why I think our window is only cracked and not open this year.  We have some things to shake out yet, structurally.  Extend certain players, see what we have in Parris, make some decisions about our dart board 2nd round defensive players we have, figure out if Wentz can play (and then extend him at a lower cap hit)


    I don't think we can sort out these things in one year.  Which is why I would not entertain the idea of cutting Eason at all. 

    We're not going to get lower cap hits on Wentz by extending him.   His cap hits for indy are


    2021.  25.4 million 

    2022.   22 million

    2023.   25 million

    2024.    26 million

  16. 55 minutes ago, Colt Overseas said:

    I like the idea of Will Fuller, if he can stay healthy. He was really good last year, before he got injured he was in course for a 1,000 yard season. His ability to stretch the defence (which Wentz loves to do) would be the perfect compliment to Pittman at X and Campbell in the slot. He won’t cost as much as a Robinson/Godwin/Golladay. 

    I get the feeling though it’s just DE and maybe TE is where Ballard makes his biggest moves in the FA.

    Fuller wasn't hurt last season.    He was suspended

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