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  1. 35 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    What you’re saying may be true...  it’s the law of physics. 

    But the thing is the NFL has outlawed much of the violence out of the game.   There’s much less hard hitting today than even 19 years ago...  or 20 years ago...  or 30 years ago...   and certainly 40 years ago. 

    They have started penalizing it,  but big hits still happen every week.   

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  2. 8 minutes ago, John Waylon said:

    Don’t believe so. We’ve paid him for the last two years to have his rights if he does decide to come out of retirement. But unless we’re willing to keep paying him to go snowboarding or whatever he’d rather do with his free time (that’s sarcasm, folks. Just for the record.) then he’s free to do as he pleases when we aren’t paying him anymore. 

    They own his rights forever unless he fulfills the contract or they trade his rights

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  3. 12 minutes ago, DougDew said:

    I didn't realize that Roseman put a statue of Nick Foles outside of the stadium.  Wow.  And then he drafts Hurts in the second.


    So the organization puts a statue of the "other" QB (who started, what, 4 games that year) and then drafts a replacement shortly thereafter, and people wonder why Wentz seems broken?  


    Goodness, he must have kicked Roseman's dog or something.  Those are two big decisions that a GM has to know is going to have an impact on your starter.  They hardly show an endorsement of your guy.  In fact, it signals that they will find a way to pull the rug out the first moment they can justify it.


    Roseman must be a real piece of work.


    (I understand wanting to memorialize the SB win, but I'd think a statue or monument of some kind that represented the team rather than the backup QB would be more appropriate)

    Roseman didnt commission the statue.   Budweiser did.  

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Mackrel829 said:


    I wouldn't count on it. We have no reason to believe that Campbell will make any significant contribution to winning football whatsoever next season, let alone be a difference maker. 

    If he stays healthy he is obviously a weapon

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  5. 1 minute ago, Colt.45 said:

    You're imposing your manhood/life beliefs on others. That's not how it works.

    Some people like to be fans for the bonding experience. Some are fans because they were born into it. Some are fans because it it's their city ball club. 


    Heck, it's better coming from Wiki. "They attribute people becoming fans to the following factors: One element is entertainment, because sports spectatorship is a form of leisure. Sports is also a form of escapism, and being a fan gives one an excuse to yell at something, an activity that may be constrained in other areas of one's life"

    Did you just assume my gender?  

  6. 19 minutes ago, Thebrashandthebold said:

    I have been a Colts fan since the days of Johnny U. I prefer to keep both feet on the ground and not get to high or too low until we see what we have. 

    No,   you choose to second guess things that you are uninformed about.    I bet you thought Earl Morral was going to suck in 68

  7. 8 minutes ago, Colt.45 said:

    Yeah, the thing is being a fan is a very subjective experience.

    In this case, you're saying if a fan of a team doesn't believe the team will be SB champs the next year, there's no point in Fanhood? Not sure what your argument is.

    Hopeful.  If you can't be hopeful,  what's the point?

  8. 1 minute ago, Boondoggle said:

    That has nothing to do with whether they want to give up a high pick.  I'll bet you that during the days that this deal went down this stuff was discussed with Wentz and his agent where they knew it was conditional and that it might impact things if his play wasn't at a certain level.

    There will be no QB competition.   Wentz is the starter.   If he is horrific Eason might get the nod

  9. 13 minutes ago, Colt.45 said:


    I think it's a playoff team. I just don't think it's a world championship team as presently constituted...in February. I am enjoying the ride. It's not Super Bowl or bust here. Not sure why you think it's pessimism. Would Houston fans be pessimistic if they thought their team wasn't a SB team? After all they have solid wideouts and were in quite a few games last year....and have a top 3 QB.

    Every fan should be optimistic.   It's the reason they are fans.   Why be a fan if you want to question every move and think their team is gonna suck.    I've been a fan since the mayflower trucks rolled in.   I've been optimistic every year since

  10. 6 minutes ago, Thebrashandthebold said:

    Talent. Big holes at positions that aren't that easy to fill in just the draft and free agency is always a crapshoot. I don't think this team is anywhere near being a QB away from the Super Bowl. I think this year they will struggle to make the playoffs. I expect a step back.

    You must be a riot at parties.   

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Zoltan said:

    Me too, I am really excited to see our offense this coming year. I expect it to be more dynamic and I'm thinking Campbell could be huge, if he can stay healthy.

    If Campbell can stay healthy he will bring some heat . 

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  12. Just now, Colt.45 said:


    Presently I dont think they are. Defense has to be better. The O-Line regressed last year from the years before (and now is without a LT). The WR corp have to be better. And finally the QB last year was good. No idea what the new dude is. 


    SB potential? Maybe. Wentz would have to go back to his very best. If you take away his best year and his worst, and leave what's left behind, I don't think he's better than what Rivers gave the Colts last year. He'd offer some things Rivers didnt but also you lose other things so even if we call the QB position a wash, we'd have to get the other parts of the whole team right.

    Last year is last year.    Why folks are so pessimistic about the future is odd to me.    Why worry and complain about something that hasn't happened yet?      Enjoy the ride.     

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  13. 17 hours ago, tvturner said:

    You can call me a pessimist all you want it doesn't change the fact that I've thrown nothing but stats and video proof at you

    I'll defer to Frank's opinion. 

  14. 4 minutes ago, colts8718 said:

    I think Ballard is a great GM  just hope that 2nd round pick next year doe's not turn into a 1 this is one time I thought he gave in. It seems like we where competing against ourselves. 

    I hope it does turn into a first.   The 32 pick in the first

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  15. Just now, BrickHead said:

    Would any team give the Colts a draft pick to obtain the rights to Luck?  Maybe a team believes they could compel Andrew to return as their starting QB, or would gamble a pick just in case he un-retires ... certainly one team would offer a 7th round pick. Wouldn't they?

    Why give up his rights for a 7th round pick?  

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