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  1. Fromm, Herbert, Costello & Burrow look pretty good to me. It's interesting how much Joe Brady has elevated Burrow's game. He might be in a good spot for us to grab him without giving anything up.
  2. Others have. Maybe you have more realistic expectations. But based off of his current 4 game performance those are the projections and are some peoples expectations. Which is just crazy.
  3. Exactly. I'm not trying to take it away from him. But to expect it to continue is a bit insane. To put it in perspective, Mahomes at the moment is projected to end with 6,040 yards & 58 TD's or something crazy like that. That's nuts even for him. It's skewed when compared to his season long performance in 2017. Other than that, it's not skewed.
  4. Because you're comparing 4 games to 16. If you can't understand the difference that's on you.
  5. I agree he's improved. It'd be horrible if he hadn't after a year & a half in the system. Those stats for '19 are skewed at the moment though. It's only been 4 games. Let's wait it out & see if he regresses or improves.
  6. I live in Georgia and watch the Falcons frequently. Their secondary is atrocious. So I can't put too much stock in that game. He needs to do it against a better defense.
  7. Last year I was watching that Bills game intensely. I didn't ever throw the towel in last year, but that's because of Andrew and his god given ability that we've all seen on full display. I haven't seen even a glimpse of something similar from Brissett. I'll be honest, I threw in the towel this year when I got the alert from Adam Schefter that Luck was retiring. I had Superbowl aspirations for the team that came crumbling down, like I'm sure many of us had. Idk how everybody jumped on Brissett after 2017. I understand believing in Reich and Ballard, but not Brissett. Y'all do y'all, we're just hoping for different out comes.
  8. Not based on these 4 games. But career wise yes he is. Since being a Colt career wise he's got 27 total TD's & 19 turn overs while averaging 220 yards a game. Definitely not above average. IF his projections stay what they are he'll average 40 TD's, which would be great, but is highly unlikely. Especially with a hobbled Hilton.
  9. lol, nice video. Or we could be the Dolphins. They've got a plan. It does some what fall on Ballard. The team was built around Luck. Sort of like how Polian built the old team around Manning. Not Ballard's fault the franchise QB decided to retire though. Extremely defensive about someone stating their opinion. Brissett is by far mediocre in my eyes. Obviously not in yours. Stats are stats & can be bent to argue any opinion. My eyes tell me what I need to know.
  10. I understand what you're getting at, but that's a lot of ifs that could be said the opposite way also. I'm just not optimistic about this team. It was built around Luck & Jacoby isn't Andrew. It's not his fault, but it is what it is. Frank is doing great with what he has to work with. But at the beginning of the year Frank even stated Jacoby is a Top 20 QB. That's like saying he's equivalent to Andy Dalton. Good grief. But I loved Frank's honesty.
  11. If we go 8-8 or 9-7 & we're "in the mix" we might pass on a top flight QB in favor of mediocrity. Top tier QB classes only come every so often and next year it's supposed to be one of those. I don't want to be fooled by one good to decent season when we've already got one terrible season by Jacoby. I get a lot of y'all think 2017 was an aberration for him, but I'm not so sure. Personally I'd rather tank, though I know how blasphemous that is around here. I've got a saying I try to live by: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  12. This is my fear with Brissett. I don't understand why anybody would want to be competitive when you know you can't win it all; aka mediocre. We see this year in and year out with the Titans & that's not a place the Colts belong. Work the system and be terrible to get who you need to get.
  13. I'm keeping an eye on Fromm, Herbert, Costello & Burrow. They seem to be the cream of the crop in my eyes, other than Tua who's going #1. Others I've been looking at are Eason & Stanley. Decent group of draft eligible QB's in 2020. Hopefully we draft one regardless.
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