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  1. The salary cap is the same for every team. The facts are, Colts always have major flaws. And we often have had bigger names than New England. It's a question of management. Think about what is the one constant for all these years of futility. When you figure out who that is, you'll know who to blame.
  2. Back in those days, there were few competitive Super Bowls. In fact, the Super Bowl had a reputation for being a lousy football game for a good stretch.
  3. Right. If they were 0-6 that would mean they haven't maintained an elite level of play year after year.
  4. That's open for debate. Wilson, Newton, Flacco. Eli Manning. Drew Brees. Plus the three that you named. He tends to hold the ball and he sometimes makes bad decisions. Both of those need to stop before he's clearly elite/top 5.
  5. I'm going against the bitterness. I hope to see history tonight, as we may never see this again. My prediction is Patriots win, and it won't be close.
  6. I think before you call Luck "the best QB in the league" he should actually BE among the top 5.
  7. Good story. http://nypost.com/2017/02/02/i-walked-away-from-nfl-millions-to-make-people-laugh/
  8. That does not bode well for Ballard's judgement!
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