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  1. pulled up highlights and he's doing A Rodger's championship belt celebration numerous times I approve
  2. MAC attack lol hey, Edelman attended Kent State so you never know what you might get
  3. I was watching the first half in my room (college student at the time) and had been PUMPED the entire week to levels that people were just staring at me when I would randomly stop what I was doing and flex and almost yell out that the cheaters were going down Sunday! when the pick 6 happened I almost got up and was going to smash the TV... never been so close to doing it in my life. I got a little control over my emotions and turned it off and went downstairs to the recliner and jumped on with a blanket and grabbed snacks and a drink and told myself that if the Colts were going to lose, again... in humiliating fashion to the cheaters that I was going to watch every second of it no matter what and accept it and stay calm. If they started a to make a comeback I would stay calm and not go nuts unless the game was actually over and the Colts had the dub in hand or just needed to kneel the ball a couple times... then I would go nuts. the entire neighborhood probably heard me celebrating after the Marlin pick... thank you FREENEY. Everyone always brings up the Marlin pick but it was Freeney's pressure and forced Brady to get rid of the ball to avoid a bigger hit. I used to associate changing my viewing spot and emotions towards the game with the comeback but I know better now. If it's going to happen, it will happen. It happened again vs the Pats in november 2009 with the 17 pt 4th Q rally, "4th and 2" game. I couldn't change my seat for that game as I was in Indy for that amazing comeback
  4. another game watching JB look decent first half and then when things get tight and he has to make some throws on big downs... nothing. can't even get the ball out of his hands with a good offensive line. the game announcers were going over all his most blatant negatives. takes the longest time to get the ball out of his hands, 3 seconds. misses open guys... throws bad passes to open players. as usual, his some of his worst turnovers occurred on 3rd and longs (usually after he threw a bad pass or held onto the ball to get sacked) and then he's trying to scramble (slowly) thinking he can magically run over defenders and loses the ball... still trying to figure out how the offenses goes from looking ok and running the ball to looking like the worst offense in the league in the span of a couple quarters i mean, they won by 30 last week and he still didn't throw a td.
  5. JB is a game manager, and a slow decision making gm right now in that role. He throws late to the dump off guy. He doesn't trust himself to make throws. He wastes good, clean pockets that we dreamed of Luck having for years. He then has the bonehead play that usually comes at a horrible time in the game. (first pick in Titans game) and the second pick came after they picked up zero yards on first down because he, again, threw late to the dump off guy. So pressure really started to amp up. Not all on him, of course. He's bad though. I'd rather draft and give a middle round QB a shot to prove himself next year. Brady, Wilson, Dak... not like it's impossible.
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