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  1. because of the SPECIFIC GAME SITUATION there. they had a 10-7 lead and had all momentum. 3rd and goal from the 2. next 2 decisions cost them game momentum, which is huge in a 1 game playoff. if you are going to go for it then run it up the middle. since they called a weird pitch and lost yards... that takes out going for it on 4th and goal from the 4. too hard to convert that. you take another 3 when it keeps momentum on your side and builds the lead up to 6. even more so being on the road as the underdog. because teams score touchdowns all the time and miss PATs. you
  2. Reich gave you your answer today passing up gimme FG with the lead on the road with momentum on Colts side after being down 3-7 going into half with all 3 timeouts wasting a timeout in the 4th quarter on a bad challenge which later leads to colts end up running out of time trying to get info field goal range to tie sometimes you have to ignore analytics and keep momentum on your side by coming away with points
  3. correct, it was passing up on a gimme 21 yard field goal to expand the lead to 6 points. you never pass up 3 points on the road as the underdog vs a high powered offense. colts are the first NFL team in history to lose a playoff game with 450+ yards on offense and zero turnovers
  4. got lucky... off work saturday at 1. ill set it to DVR and won't have to sweat missing anything get home get settled and start it up and get to skip time in between plays and first couple set of commercials but... bad side... Colts might be first team out of playoffs but at least they found a way to get in thanks to the Bills... winning lol... remember when the colts pulled starters vs jets while 14-0 and that worked out and they ended up facing the jets again in the AFCCG (attended this game)
  5. 2020 wildcard team due to NFL expanding wildcard teams
  6. rivers underthrew it and/or didn't see the defender or BOTH
  7. There is no threat of a pass when you bring in the backup Frank... mr NFL head coach
  8. let's keep the backup QB in for a 3rd down let's play soft backed up zones on consecutive 3rd and longs and let the Jags easily convert them by catching the ball and getting YAC or sitting down in the middle of a wide open zone who was Rhodes guarding on the TD pass? AIR? what are you doing? keep the pedal down. go for it. play man defense... no shot in a playoff game with these coaches 3rd and 1 and they put in Jacoby again so the Jags go all out on defense for the run and stuff the Colts... WHY IS JACOBY IN THE GAME??
  9. Uhhh Watson already said he will play week 17 so unless something changes that it won't be too easy for the Titans titans got lucky and won in OT first game vs Texans also got lucky with the OT win vs Ravens and all the close wins early on... maybe the Titans "luck" has run out ... as it did for the Colts a couple seasons ago (hehehe)
  10. they didn't get picked apart. they got flagged for fake PI and illegal contact to walk the steelers down the field until they had first and goal. end of story. only big play they actually gave up was the td vs rock. easy to spot the refs agenda today. i knew it was coming when they called the fake block in the back in the first half to keep it a 2 td game at half.
  11. exactly, all it takes is a few tiny ticky tack calls that they would normally never flag to switch momentum in a game and basically walk a team into a touchdown. that changes everything the other team does to try and "answer" them. all those calls based on rubbish. no PI, plus tipped pass but nope... still PI and 24 yards for Pit. offensive PI steelers to prevent a pick 6 but nope.. no flag... don't back up the Steelers and put them in a much tougher down/distance to convert and continue a series. fake block in back on screen pass before half that would've resulted in a
  12. they pretty much did. lead would've been larger at half without fake block in back lead wouldn't have shrunk without fake pi calls giving the stealers 24 yards here, 40 yards there for first and goal... illegal db contact here for a fresh set of downs... anything and everything they could call to help them they did in the 2H get over it. momentum is real and it can be handed on a silver platter in the NFL team by the refs
  13. that's because Leonard was on the field and saw it with his own eyes.. which all of us saw as well on replays. but continue to blame the defense or the offense for the collapse. maybe the run game went away because coaches saw what the refs were doing for the steelers and knew they had to keep scoring to have any shot of winning against a good defense and the refs flag for TY late and Colts can score to win... but nope game is over because refs laugh and every penalty in this game is a judgment call by refs who can manipulate any game at any time they want
  14. refs walked the steelers down the field fella both drives 14-24 and 21-24 can't blame rivers for having to force passes the rest of the game after that... and drive on offense in a 24-14 game was blown up first down because Taylor didn't pickup the blitz also took away points before half pending TD or a made FG with the fake block in back on screen to Hines that was perfectly called and resulted in huge yards
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