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  1. nope, just a realist with the product I see on the field I felt the same last season when the Colts were 5-2 but had beaten an injured KC QB, snuck past titans week 2, etc...
  2. the Colts will be at best 6-5 at worst 4-7 after they finish week 12 @ Lions , home vs Ravens, @Titans, home vs Packers, home vs Titans oh boy then still have Raiders and Steelers and Houston can beat us any day Watson can shred zones
  3. just saying the colts get going on offense, then get going on defense. do all that work. and then, with a 1 pt lead and getting the ball back with a short field. rivers throws incomplete, then forces it deep and gets picked off then the colts got lucky with a missed field goal and then Rivers missed a wide open walk in TD deep because Rivers overthrows him then can't convert a 3rd and 4 to keep the ball and eat clock and move the chains he's OK... he still tried to implode
  4. defense and a missed field goal closed out the game
  5. why do the Colts come into every game and try to do the same thing? let's just be boring and start every game trying to ground and pound... then they get into an early 3rd and long and incomplete... sack... pick... bad mistake. you have to game plan DIFFERENTLY for every team i don't care who you have at WR or who you DON'T have... be predictable and you LOSE in this league
  6. The start to this game reminded me of the Raiders walking into LOS as decent underdogs and just whooping the sleep walking Colts last season how do you fumble that play away anyways? I like Doyle but I don't think we would miss him at all... who cares about his blocking he gets flagged for holding once a game as well. Why does it take going down 21-0 to a 1-3-1 team to wake them up and give Rivers the "guts" to throw the damn ball down the field? the Ravens come into LOS in 3 weeks and they are smashing another team on the road. After the bye even if the Col
  7. how does an injury happen to an athlete who wasn't even getting hit or making some crazy move?
  8. 4th and 1.... give the ball in tight space to the smallest RB who can't break a tackle head on instead of Mack or Taylor Up 7-0... pass the ball 3 times in a row and force it on 3rd and 10 acting like he was under crazy pressure and try to force it to TY easy pick spark the Jags offense Miss a 30 yard FG by new kicker "Goggles" Pass the ball 45 times. Force another stare down throw on a 3rd and 4 that's picked by a nobody.... you seriously don't have a play to get 4 yards vs zone but Colts zones get shredded all day and they stay in the zones ins
  9. well... good for him for believing in himself great backup to have!
  10. pulled up highlights and he's doing A Rodger's championship belt celebration numerous times I approve
  11. MAC attack lol hey, Edelman attended Kent State so you never know what you might get
  12. I was watching the first half in my room (college student at the time) and had been PUMPED the entire week to levels that people were just staring at me when I would randomly stop what I was doing and flex and almost yell out that the cheaters were going down Sunday! when the pick 6 happened I almost got up and was going to smash the TV... never been so close to doing it in my life. I got a little control over my emotions and turned it off and went downstairs to the recliner and jumped on with a blanket and grabbed snacks and a drink and told myself that if the Colts were going to
  13. another game watching JB look decent first half and then when things get tight and he has to make some throws on big downs... nothing. can't even get the ball out of his hands with a good offensive line. the game announcers were going over all his most blatant negatives. takes the longest time to get the ball out of his hands, 3 seconds. misses open guys... throws bad passes to open players. as usual, his some of his worst turnovers occurred on 3rd and longs (usually after he threw a bad pass or held onto the ball to get sacked) and then he's trying to scramble (slowly) thinking he
  14. JB is a game manager, and a slow decision making gm right now in that role. He throws late to the dump off guy. He doesn't trust himself to make throws. He wastes good, clean pockets that we dreamed of Luck having for years. He then has the bonehead play that usually comes at a horrible time in the game. (first pick in Titans game) and the second pick came after they picked up zero yards on first down because he, again, threw late to the dump off guy. So pressure really started to amp up. Not all on him, of course. He's bad though. I'd rather draft and give
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