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  1. At least he's letting the team know right now and not 2 weeks before the 2020 season. Most of the team is young. If the team has to go LT and wait on getting a QB in the draft then so be it. Bring over Rivers for his final season... something... anything other than JB starting for another season.
  2. what fool gets someone a jersey of someone who isn't at least signed for the next 3 seasons?
  3. another game watching JB look decent first half and then when things get tight and he has to make some throws on big downs... nothing. can't even get the ball out of his hands with a good offensive line. the game announcers were going over all his most blatant negatives. takes the longest time to get the ball out of his hands, 3 seconds. misses open guys... throws bad passes to open players. as usual, his some of his worst turnovers occurred on 3rd and longs (usually after he threw a bad pass or held onto the ball to get sacked) and then he's trying to scramble (slowly) thinking he can magically run over defenders and loses the ball... still trying to figure out how the offenses goes from looking ok and running the ball to looking like the worst offense in the league in the span of a couple quarters i mean, they won by 30 last week and he still didn't throw a td.
  4. JB is a game manager, and a slow decision making gm right now in that role. He throws late to the dump off guy. He doesn't trust himself to make throws. He wastes good, clean pockets that we dreamed of Luck having for years. He then has the bonehead play that usually comes at a horrible time in the game. (first pick in Titans game) and the second pick came after they picked up zero yards on first down because he, again, threw late to the dump off guy. So pressure really started to amp up. Not all on him, of course. He's bad though. I'd rather draft and give a middle round QB a shot to prove himself next year. Brady, Wilson, Dak... not like it's impossible.
  5. there was no pass attempt on the 3rd down prior to the FGA that was blocked and returned for a TD JB stood in a nice pocket and wasted 3 seconds then scrambled to his left and lost 2 yards.
  6. yeah defense was fine today even held them to a FG when JB threw his first pick while colts had the ball in their own territory inside the 30... on a first down... while still ahead. BONEHEAD pick. he was off balance, moving a bit and starting to get tackled and tried to throw it down the middle of the field to a standing Doyle and it flies off high on him for one of the easiest picks ever. horrible decision. why does he do that then refuses to throw deep or on time to guys in clean pockets?
  7. game was tied because JB threw a pick on first down with the colts ahead by 3... while the team was on their own 25... because he "tried to do too much" throwing late down the middle while he was not set, off balance and also starting to get wrapped up by a defender. stupid, inexcusable, horrible turnovers lead to losing games wouldn't of been trying that late FG if he would've actually threw the ball to someone with the 3 seconds he had in a clean pocket. you know, make a good throw to tight coverage... fit the ball in... maybe get a flag and fresh set of downs maybe? panic and scramble and lose 2 yards? yeah ok
  8. JB throws late to the dump off man with clean pockets...
  9. ignoring the horrible special teams play on field goal attempts either missing or getting blocked... one for a TD lol JB is so bad... he throws late on first down passes to the dump off man while he stares around the field looking for a WIDE open player he does those stupid little mini pump fakes even which then leads to him throwing LATE to the dump off man who is running towards the sideline... so it's late and thus, incomplete they say he protects the ball but with his team ahead by 3 at home in the 3rd Q he tries (on a first down) to throw late down the middle while he is kind of moving and not set.. and starting to get wrapped up by a defender... and it flies high and is picked off and that leads to a tied game at 17 why can't you lead guys or throw to someone who is kind of covered a little but open if you make an anticipatory throw? throw the ball on time... he sits there in a clean pocket and wastes 3 seconds then panics and tries to scramble and loses yards... he did this the play before the blocked FG for a TD. it made the FGA move to the left hash mark and he lost 2 yards. THROW IT TO SOMEONE... sometimes you will get a flag on the defense if you actually throw it to a guy who is kind of covered but can still make a catch with a good throw he better not be starting next season
  10. The refs influence and make certain some games end the way they are supposed to when things go awry late. If the Colts got within FG range late and still had time to get a TD the holding calls would've started back up for the Colts as Texan linemen flop like fish to the ground with their arms out
  11. while Texans lineman basically give up and flail their arms away from the guy blocking them and fall to the ground and oh look... a little yellow flag you don't get 16 legit and fair NFL games a season... especially if you are a small market team Watson, Hopkins... those are some nice names to have in the playoffs. Also nice for those of us who can now bet our money against them in the playoffs and watch some team run them over and make some easy extra cash. Can't wait.
  12. sorry but can't agree here they had a 7 pt lead on the road in the 2nd half and what did they start to do? went pass pass pass all of a sudden.... punt then run run run... and keep running it with no playaction off it and eventually JB is in a must pass 3rd and 6+ and the drive dies
  13. the Hilton drop was bad but man... he's made so many plays let someone else make one. he's out there playing limited snaps and not fully healed Pascal was open, good design and concept... if you get the ball out FAST and on time. just because you have protection and a good pocket that doesn't mean you get to hold the ball until the house starts burning down where's the QB coaching? late in game once clock was already down to 4 min and Colts were only at midfield why don't you pull out that playaction pass? No? Just let the Texans bring everyone up to the LOS and stop the run and get yourself into a 3rd and long just "hoping" someone breaks tackles... makes a great play... the backup RB's... SMH
  14. he has zero pressure and still staring around the field like everybody is covered by a pro bowler somewhere, Luck and Peyton are shaking their heads... as they had to get the ball and get it out quick with amazing reads and anticipation just to keep from getting murdered
  15. JB doesn't throw the ball unless you are WIDE open reads too slow... need to beat other teams and hope Houston loses some games
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