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  1. Would be a first, plus the amount he will want is very high and Ballard moved up to draft Khari last year. Plus Ballard just traded a 1st for Buckner so out of the question.
  2. I think its way to early to crown Ballard and I'm a pro Ballard guy. I don't get the hype with Rhodes. Yes he was good years back but he will be 30 this year and lost his step plus been injured the past 2 years. He's not a game changer anymore. Also Rivers is an upgrade but he doesn't have the weapons like he had in LA. To count on Campbell and some rookies I'm not putting my trust in just yet. I'm not trying to sound like a debbie downer but Im looking at this realistically. But i will also admit when I'm wrong. Rhodes and Rivers could have a great year but time will only tell.
  3. Their defense is Legit Legit. Colts isn't as good yet. Plus Steelers will be more potent than when Big Ben gets back.
  4. I'll say this. Knowing we have now an All pro DT in Buckner is good but let's sure do hope this pans out right. Trading the 13th overall pick for a guy that will have really maybe 5 good years left since he just entered his prime and everyone knows when you hit 30 you're not that same player. If they weren't enamored with the pick they could have traded down. I know some team would possibly want to trade up to grab Lamb, Ruggs or Jeudy even in a deep WR draft. Personally I like the trade and I don't. I see pro's and con's of it. I think it will boost the defense but also I think this is a type
  5. I remember before the season started I posted in a thread he was going to make between 16-18 mil per year and some mocked me for that since he was never a pro bowl guy. Goes to show when you have a top 10 LT in the league your going to make that type of cash. Well worth it. Glad he's on board for 2 more years.
  6. This draft is going to be crazy. I think it depends on who falls and if the Ballard and company fall in love with a Qb. Take 1- If Jeudy or Lamb fall do the Colts pass up on an Elite WR. Take 2- Say Colts fall in love with a Qb like Love. Do they stand pat and take him or think hey grab Jeudy or Lamb if they fall and move back up in the 1st to draft a Qb. Take 3- Say lamb and Jeudy dont fall and they're not sold on taking a Qb this early I see Kinlaw or Epenesa being both fits. I really think we will be shocked due to the abundance of talent tha
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