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  1. This extra pick could play huge dividends in 2020. To be real Washington is going to be a top 3 pick next year and that gives Ballard lots of ammo to play with. Option 1- Even though Ballard is known not to trade up but could he be all in for a blue chip prospects they fall in love with and package their 2 seconds to move up. Does he use the ammo to draft a potential Qb in a deep Qb class. Option 2- he could also do like last year and trade back again to gather more picks for the future. All is unknown right now but that pick i think is going to be Huge!!! Time will tell
  2. JB is a very solid Qb. I'm very grateful we have him as our QB but you have to keep things real. He's a solid starter and and not a franchise QB. He doesn't throw receivers open, he doesn't read the field as well and isn't game changing. Not a knock on JB but we got so used to what Luck can do and realize not many Qb's can do what Luck did. I'll say this. Colts fan need to realize Ballard and his scouts are studying this years Qb's. He realizes in the future you can't pay top dollar to a solid starter and risk letting other players walk. Don't be surprised if this is a KC thing where they move up with with their 2 seconds to get a qb to develop with the 1 year they have JB for and have a new Qb on an affordable rookie contract.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/Eric_Edholm/status/1180518203652374530 Jordan Love vs. Joe Burrow. Coming out training camp Ballard was rumored to be high on Jordan Love. This is Jordan Love's biggest game of the year.
  4. I don't see Okereke replacing Walker this year as well unless he improves. But ill say he does have the tools and has shown flashes. He just hasn't been as instinctive which should come in time. My thing with with Walker is he's been missing so many tackles this year and coverage is a huge liability.
  5. All players develop at their own pace. Khari, is playing really well. Rock, is playing solid for a rookie but is also playing one of the hardest positions in the NFL and adjusting to playing Zone scheme. Campbell had no training camp and is still getting his feet wet and Okereke didnt even start week 1. Still to early to judge anything. Some people need to RELAX.
  6. I called that. Previous forum topic, people were freaking out and I stated meniscus aren't really that bad of an injury. I thought texans was a possibility but had my money on the Denver game but with that I think Texans game it is
  7. I personally hope it's Jordan Love. He's a possibility to move up into late 1st and grab him. That means giving up a second but his raw talent is so good. He's from a small school and isn't well developed as the others so I'd have Jacoby still run the show next year and have Love develop like Mahomes did in 2017 and hopefully in 2021 he takes over. That's my opinion but we shall see. I'm also one of the believers that Luck will miss the NFL and comes back next year. Not saying im praying for that but that's just what my gut tells me.
  8. What you dont understand is that the salary cap goes up every year and having a premium LT is huge. Ask many teams around the league. Trent Brown who just got paid by the Raiders is making 16.5 million and he's playing RT. Am I saying Ballard will pay that amount in the 15+ mil range who knows, will Castonzo do a home town discount to stay who truly knows on that, it's his last big contract so anything can happen. But I gurantee you someone in the league will easily make him the highest paid LT and that could be in the 17 mil range.
  9. People need to slow it down on the Ballard comments. He even stated that the team is still really young and need time. The guy got here in 2017 and drafted Hooker, Mack, Walker and Wilson and that's not with his own chosen scouts. I'm not crowning anything special with Walker and Wilson but they're starting/depth guys that was well needed on this team. In 2018, Ballard drafted Nelson, Leonard and Smith. Guys that are playing really well and it's only the start of their 2nd season. Along with that he drafted Turay who has flashed but is a project, Lewis which injuries have plagued him so far and got good rb depth in Wilkins and Hines. Also got Cain, nothing spectacular but coming of ACL and is in his rookie season so can't be judged. 2019, he drafted Campbell, Rock, Okereke and Whillis which I think are going to be good. They have shown flashes but need to develop more. They're rookies and need time and experience. Not all players drafted are Big Q and Leonard. 2020 has 3 picks set up in the top 50 with a very good draft class and many Qb prospects. Free agents/Waiver/trades- Ebron, Autry, Kenny moore, Glowinski, Desir and Brissett. The thing that is killing this team is the Ex Franchise Qb whom was a Generational Talent left his team weeks before the season. He made everyone's job easier including the defense. Not taking jabs at Jacoby because he's played well but he did things that most Qb's couldn't do and you can't blame Ballard for that. Especially him giving a top O-line and a really good Rb.
  10. 3 year deal with each year being in the 15+ mil range. I'm assuming 17 to 18 mil a year 3 year deal with each year being in the 15+ mil range. I'm assuming 17 to 18 mil a year
  11. Castonzo is graded out as our best lineman so far and ranked as a top 5 OT. He stays healthy and durable. I agree 100%. He isn't Elite but he far better than average and the Oline struggled last year when he was out those 4 games. I don't get how people trash him when he's a proven durable LT in a league where almost every other team is struggling to get a LT.
  12. I understand Castonzo is 30 but do you remember what it was like when he was out the first 4 games last year. The o-line struggled big time and to get a proven LT is easy said then done. That's why average LT get paid top dollar and Castonzo is far better than average. I say Ballard signs Castonzo to a 3 year deal in the 15+ million range.
  13. Agree! Michael Irvin was asked about Luck retirement and said he has respect for what he did and then asked if he ever contemplated retirement and said never. He even said he would keep playing to this day if he could that's how much he loved the NFL.
  14. Also, to think he wasn't going to go into the NFL with no injuries and some sort of depression he is very naive. He should of just not entered the league. Almost every player will give you list of injuries and some sort of depression or trial they've had to overcome or face everyday. It's the guys that truly love the game that stick it out and want to play. For example, look at Brees and big Ben. They've been hurt so much in their career and just got hurt and they want to keep playing no matter what. As I previously stated. Luck just never loved the game as much as most players.
  15. I agree. He has mental health struggles and I'm not saying I hate the guy cause I don't. I also agree that if he wanted to leave and do what's best for him so be it. I just dont like the way he went about it. Retiring 2 weeks before the season starts and letting everyone think everything was fine and a team on SB aspirations and to quit on your team like that. That's my issue. I love what he stands for. He's really a good dude, especially what he did for the whole city of Indiana but my grip is guys that should be celebrated as Colts are the guys who gave it there all and where greats of the team for a long time. Wayne, Marvin, Peyton, Saturday etc.. He's a guy that quit on his team, gm, coach, owner in the start of his prime. I hope he has a great life, I truly do and he has full of happiness but to me he will always be that guy that could of been on of the greats but hung them to early.
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