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  1. https://www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2020/01/27/super-bowl-liv-49ers-chiefs-kobe-bryant-eli-manning-mmqb?__twitter_impression=true First off what an amazing story and reading the details of how Mahomes was drafted. In the story Veach, Ballard and a select few knew in February they were going to draft Mahomes and the plan was going to how to get up there and draft him. I'll say this. If Colts are in the Qb market for the draft I'm sure they know who they want or have an idea. I'm also sure there is talks if there is plans on how to secure that Qb since there are teams ahead of them. Not saying they are going to draft one for sure but they're doing the work.
  2. This is my opinion on the situation. Still need to see how free agency plays out. does Brady possibly sign with raiders or chargers. Does Bridgewater leave as well. How things are now, I think lions and giants wont want to trade back to far so do chargers leap frog Miami. Or unless raiders somehow give up a lot to move up. I don't think Panthers go Qb this year. Rhule has 7 year contract and has talked about building the defense. Kinlaw says they love him. Simmons can be in play as well. I secretly think they will be a team that will be in the running for Lawerence next year.
  3. Seriously, I really don't think Ballard would pass on him either. Dude is elite.
  4. Broncos would be jumping for joy if Jeff Okudah fell to 15.
  5. This draft is going to be crazy. I think it depends on who falls and if the Ballard and company fall in love with a Qb. Take 1- If Jeudy or Lamb fall do the Colts pass up on an Elite WR. Take 2- Say Colts fall in love with a Qb like Love. Do they stand pat and take him or think hey grab Jeudy or Lamb if they fall and move back up in the 1st to draft a Qb. Take 3- Say lamb and Jeudy dont fall and they're not sold on taking a Qb this early I see Kinlaw or Epenesa being both fits. I really think we will be shocked due to the abundance of talent that players could fall and depending on the Qb situation. I know fans will be screaming for Qb but we really wont know until how the board plays out.
  6. I take free agency with a grain a salt but I do see this being realistic. Denver will most likely tag Simmons and Harris is not a big household name but is a stud and You know Ballard will be looking at some DT.
  7. I never compared Bush and Okereke I just compared their stats and sample wise of it. I understand what Nickel is and that's why Okereke is playing about 1/2 the snaps as Walker because he's playing the SAM position which he is only playing the usual 1st downs. Rotating here and there on 3rd downs occasionally. I also understood about drafting a LB. I think we both know it won't be early and you were thinking more Mid round. I personally think it won't happen with the depth we have with Leonard, Walker, Okereke, Franklin and Speed. I could be wrong but just don't see it as a priority with other needs unless somehow a player falls or if there is a guy that Ballard likes a lot. Also, to say they think he is not the answer for a 3 down Mike because of 3 games while Leonard is out is fullish. He's a 3rd round rookie that barerly played before than. Like rookies make a lot of mistakes. Just like Rock has. That's why Ballard preaches you have to play you're young guys cause that's how they get better and grow. I'm not saying Okereke is perfect but ever since the Chiefs game his play has gotten better and better and he is improving more and more. I just rather see Okereke snap counts increase hence taking the starting Mike spot and Walker decrease because Okereke has been making game changing plays and is playing minimal snaps.
  8. Ballard will not be taking a linebacker early at all and would be shocked if he did in this draft. Also, you're judging a rookie who has played minimal snaps and that hasn't played as much and is saying linebacker will be addressed in this draft. The guy needs more playing time! Lmao. I agree he has made mistakes, sure has. Every rookie does. Plus not every rookie is a Darious Leonard. Leonard has made plenty mistakes in the run this year as well as Walker. Walker was actually missing a bunch of tackles earlier in the season. All I'm saying is the guy is getting better every week and is making plays. Thats what happens when rookies start to play more. They get more adjusted to the speed, scheme, roles etc. An interception for 2 points. Has a forced fumble in the past 2 games. Walker is no scrub don't get me wrong but Okereke is ascending right now. Won't be shocked at all if he starts at the Mike position come 2020.
  9. I agree. He is a rookie and has made some mistakes but is getting better and better. I'm going to put to videos to show how he has been improving. https://mobile.twitter.com/NFLscheme/status/1201232607691890689 https://mobile.twitter.com/E_G_T_B56/status/1201204016090357760
  10. I see you're point. There is no gurantee, he could get hurt and play worse or he could really take off and have better stats. Who knows. Like I've mentioned before rookies only get better with more playing time and Ballard has echoed that from day one. Ever since Okereke has started the SAM position he has gotten better and better. I think come next year he takes over the Mike position.
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