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  1. The big thing that's key in all this is they've seen enough progress that leads to the guarded optimism. Just maybe, they finally got to the root of the pain and whatever they're doing is helping. Good news in general
  2. This is awesome. It says in the article that there has been enough progress that has lead to the guarded optimism. I'll say this though, if he doesnt play week one it definetly sounds like week 2 should be a go if everything keeps progressing.
  3. Mr. Doyle lied!. How dare him lol. Oh well. I'm sure something will come up 2mrw.
  4. Idk. Gregg Doyle said he was told that there will be a phone conference with media sometime today.
  5. Yup. I will say this. I think if something was super serious an announcement would have been made and he wouldn't be doing anything. I just hope the news today is nothing concerning that just happened.
  6. We shall know here soon. Ballard will be doing a phone press conference with the media.
  7. On Greg Doyel's podcast, he mentions that Ballard will be speaking to the media https://m.soundcloud.com/indystarsportsday/doyel-derek-podcast-theres-more-to-lucks-injury
  8. Exactly. Ill say this. If they lose to the Chargers it's not the end of the world. They're a great team. I just want to make sure we can hang with them.
  9. I'm sure he could be. Plus he has experience with ty, doyle, ebron, rogers and cox. The only ones are Campbell and Funchess but i don't think it will take long. Missing practices are a concern but hopefully he will start after browns preseason game.
  10. I think he's convinced and I think if he was worried he would of said it. I do agree. I think Andrew may not be as sharp but let's hope the team Ballard put together stops the Chargers. The defense in my mind is much better and with the o-line in year 2 and a healthy mack they can take the pressure of luck. The Chargers are really good but I feel like we match up really well compare to some other teams.
  11. At 3:15 Peter king mentions how Andrew is not remotely worried about it and will be ready week 1. Sure hope its true.
  12. Not saying this is same situation but what Luck is doing is right. Last year Castonzo tried rushing back from a hamstring and had multiple setbacks. He end up missing 4 weeks because of it. Sure I would like luck to come back Asap but he definetly has to do what's right to get ready for the Opener.
  13. I don't feel like there is no controversy at all. When Luck is playing there are not many Qb's better than him. I think Luck is stating the obvious. He knows Jacoby is too good to be a back up and definetly sees him being a starter next year with another team. But he will never beat out Luck.
  14. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/08/05/don-banks-dies-nfl-fmia-peter-king/ Also, in FMIA article he posts Luck had 3 MRI'S and shows nothing more than a calf strain. He also heard this had started from late last season. In article he does mention Colts and Luck are confident he will play week 1.
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