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  1. Coltsfan0112

    TJ Hockenson anyone?

    From what ive been reading is TJ is a top 15 player in this draft and is being compared to Kelce. Also, reading is he won't make it out of the 1st round. I truly believe if he does end up falling to us in round 1 and he's the best on the board I see Ballard drafting him especially knowing Ebron and Doyle are free agents after the year.
  2. I know Kwon tore his Acl in October but I truly believe when he's healthy he's a top Linebacker in the Nfl and he's only 24 years old. I also know that our LB corp isn't a big need but I can picture Kwon in our system which he is made for. I also believe in today's NFL with having these mobile Qb's and tight ends it doesnt help to add another player who has elite speed and that can cover and tackle and the Colts would be able to have him or Leonard blitz on occasions. I also think with him coming off injury he won't break the bank. I can see a 2-3 year deal. Thoughts?
  4. Pretty impressive playing at a very high level and playing with back pain. Don't know how serious it was but knowing he didn't miss any games or practices it may have been minor. In Baldy's video he mentions how he played with it and was the first person to come pick up his teamates. Here is the link.
  5. I know Ray isn't the attractive top tier free agent but this is something I see being very realistic for the Colts. Shane Ray hasn't lived up to the 1st round hype due to injuries and having his job taken away from Chubb but I see this as a guy Ballard may definetly scoop up. We all know Ballard values pass rushers and Ray will be cheap knowing he didn't live up to what was expected. I also think a new change of scenery would due Ray well. I think Ray was more of a fit for a 4-3 than a 3-4 and knowing how we want our DE's to go get the Qb it would be a perfect fit in my eyes. Thoughts?
  6. Coltsfan0112

    What does Cox do better that Swoope?

    I think with Jack going down they really needed him as a blocker more than a weapon. Also, this guy is still developing and with Swoope i think we saw what his ceiling was. I think Cox has a lot of potential especially as a duel threat. Just needs to tap into it. This offseason and training camp will be big for him.
  7. Coltsfan0112

    Reggie Wayne wants Thomas traded to Colts

    Hell no. I live in Colorado and all Bronco fans hate him and want him gone. I have to agree. The dude has stone hands. Drops balls way too much.
  8. Long article but at the end of the article he mentions how the Colts draft class could end up being huge and move the rebuilding process even quicker. Colts finally getting some love in the media.
  9. Coltsfan0112

    Le'Veon Bell Lurking

    Pat Macfee sure does love the idea of it. He said he will be there monday and has an interview with Ballard and will be asking him. Here's the link
  10. Ill say this, i hope the pick is BPA and not off need. Always BPA. If that means an OT is the best player at that time you dont hesititate. OT is a top 3 must position to have. I agree though. The needs they need are WR and defense.
  11. Coltsfan0112

    Colts got the draft's best player at #6

    Id pump the brake on him being the best. I do believe by year 2 or 3 he will one of the best. I do believe he could be the best player to be picked out of this class but way to early to claim that. What i do love about this though is Ballard traded 3 spots down, got Nelson and picked up 3 2nd round picks. That was killer! Just hoping the players pan out.
  12. I'll say this for next year. Depending on what our draft position, it seems to be that Ballard may draft a player on one of the lines next year. There is a good amount of DL and OT prospects coming out. Who knows though.
  13. Coltsfan0112

    Chris Ballard Presser

    Somewhere in twitter land, Brad wells is coming up with Sources saying that Luck is really not healthy and he will not be ready for the season lol