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  1. The falcons select DL Elijah Qualls Washington The Patriots and @chad72 are up
  2. Not bad for your first time I like all of the resignings Free agency we may get just one of those guys Draft is pretty good, slotting imo isnt the best, I think we have bigger needs than wr, I like McKinley though
  3. Derek Barnett- I like this pick he looks like a solid prospect. He has a good size 6'3 and 4.76 40 yd dash. He also has a variety of pass rushing moves too. Run game ability seems pretty solid too, just got to cut out some mental errors (bad reads on read option and false starts) Harold Landry- He has great speed, but relies on that too much when he rushes. Does not have a lot of strength and if the O linemen gets his hands on him its over. Weak in the run game. rather get a RB, CB, or ILB. Cidobe Awuzie- He looks like a tackling machine, fearless. 4.56 40 time is prett
  4. I like your draft. The only thing I would change is grabbing a CB in the 2nd or the 3rd and getting a D linemen or another o linemen with the 7th I like the prospect of trading down though and I have heard of good things about Zach Cunningham. Good Draft though
  5. My list of needs 1 pass rusher 1 (coverage) ILB A strong #2 CB Running back I would drafted a OLB in the 1st A ILB in the second A CB in the third and a RB with the 3rd compensation pick (from Freeman) Another ILB or OLB with the 4th CB again or D linemen with the 5th 6th I would go WR or best defensive player 7th Best defensive player I love doing mocks and hope we get better on both sides of the ball this draft. We need youth on both sides of the ball.
  6. thats part of the reason I asked the question. Wilson has a whole ton of help from his defense, same with cam. The the comparisons between Wilson Newton and luck are kind of unfair because they don't take into account the rest of the team and what they have to do
  7. I been thinking about this for awhile and wanted to see what others thought... how good do you think the colts roster is around luck. On a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the best and 1 being the worse and 5 being average, what would you grade the roater around andrew
  8. I use to play guard and center for my high school team. I think tackle is way harder too play than guard. Tackle you have one man to block yes, but that also puts you on a island one on one. Guard atleast imo is easy when you have center/guard chemistry. Which i think will come with time especially with kelly at center. Good is athletic enough to move and pick up stunts and strong enough to get blitzing linebacker. Once he can pick it up mentally it becomes very easy imo.
  9. The one problem is with that is Clark hasnt played in a pro style offense and is used to a two point stance. I wish Grigson got some more pro ready draft picks (ie Tj Green, Clark) especially with the 2nd and 3rd round picks, but im not the gm.
  10. Green bay is the one big hurdle.chiefs Lions, bear, texans are the only others i can see giving us fits. I dont see why we could be atleast 7-3 to 10-0 record with our schedule.
  11. I might have screw up what i said. They are better than the browns that is for sure. I was saying that luck is good, but he is wont have the same stats as he would if he played for the browns. Just like if he played for seattle or cincy he would have better stats than he does now cause they have a better overall team imo.
  12. What do you think the browns record would be with andrew luck. Just curious.They have Corey Coleman, but no other real weapons imo.
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