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  1. Smh. Everyone salute this english professor
  2. I do. When Jacoby started and was healthy, how many games did he win for us?? Did Frank run the ball to set up the play action? Yes. Did Jacoby hurt us at all? No, he didn't. Jacoby was initially taught the Patriot way. Take what the defense gives you. 5 yards here, 10 yards there. Don't turn the ball over. Reich needs to put Rivers and the offensive coordinator on a short leash. Run the ball, set up play action....with this line and a #1 defense...problem solved. It's really that simple.
  3. Fixing a problem (Rivers) before the ship sinks seems like the best solution to me. Eason can keep riding pound but if they choose to go his route, then I'm with it until he proves he's not the guy. Jacoby doesn't turn the ball over. Jacoby doesn't play hero ball. Rivers does. Start him next week, and run the d@#$ ball. Also, the play calling has been horrible. We have Superbowl aspirations. This team is set up to win and win now. The QB play is terrible. Point blank
  4. Why do we listen to scouts?? They are wrong majority of the time. Get the kid on the game or team and see for yourself what you truly have in him versus listening to a person that hasn't even played a down of football.
  5. He should be ultra conservative with Rivers too. Rivers playing like a rookie. If Eason were to start, you run the ball and set up play action and throw screens. Formula for success with this team. But yet we make it hard by allowing a washed up QB throw our season away one game at a time. Rivers is trash
  6. We got multiple receivers on IR. We got a RB on IR. We got a stud rookie RB. We got the best offensive line in football. We got the best defense in football. Why are we not running the ball down these teams throats? The only time Rivers should be throwing the ball is on play action or screens. The play calling was hot garbage! * the @#$% off
  7. This loss is on Rivers and the play calling. We could have ran the ball down their throats but instead we throw the ball almost 50 times....I just dont understand it.
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