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  1. Mr_486lo

    Starting RB should be...

    Let's not be negative. I'm merely saying that out of all the backs we got, he looks the best and has the will to do good for us. We dont know what we have really. Stop being small minded.
  2. Mr_486lo

    Starting RB should be...

    I like Mack. But I think we should use him more in creating mismatches on linebackers. Different packages with both him and Wilkins on the field at the same time.
  3. Mr_486lo

    Starting RB should be...

    I really like what I see in Jordan Wilkins. I think we struck gold with him. He has excellent size and strength to be our lead back. He pounds the rock getting north and he catches well out the backfield. He showed a lot in the preseason. What do you guys think?
  4. Decent draft. 5, 6 & 7 I think we can do better.
  5. Mr_486lo

    Marcus Peters

    No doubt or hesitation. A third round pick is what I would give up. It's on CB though
  6. Mr_486lo

    Marcus Peters

    I need a source before I can even begin to believe or entertain it.
  7. Everyone has an opinion of what they want to happen but in reality we know that Ballard and Irsay are pulling the strings. Stop being b×++holes and RESPECT each other's opinions..regardless.
  8. Mr_486lo

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    We have always been dealt the worst hands ever when up against the Patriots. No sense really in fighting it. What always happens?? We lose. However you look at it. It sucks. And to make matters worse, i got a question for you....Who is Robert Kraft's best friend? I'm sure compensation/picks are not happening.
  9. Mr_486lo

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    My question is...How do we start a new search after this bull$#!+?
  10. Mr_486lo

    Kirk Cousins

    Not this year. Or if they do draft one, it won't be in the first round. Accept it
  11. You guys forget about the Alex Smith trade. Where do you think Kirk Cousins is going?? Denver. They would not draft a QB. They would take Chubb in a heartbeat. The Jets will be guaranteed a qb, so a trade with us is highly unlikely. No sense in playing russian roulette in the draft. I think we stay at 3 and take Chubb.
  12. *I believe we will solidify the offensive line in free agency as well as other positions* Round 1: S. Barkley if he's there. If not, B. Chubb Round 2. H. Landry DE/OLB Round 3. T. Edmunds LB Round 4. M. Jefferson LB Round 5. C. Okorafor OT Feel free to butcher me and my mock. My skin thick.
  13. Mr_486lo

    Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Ballard is not your typical GM. Remember...he stated that he wouldnt make draft picks based on NEED. He said he would draft based on BPA because he prefers depth at every position (like in Kansas City). Sitting at #3 the best player available is Barkley. Everyone knows this. It's not an offensive lineman, defensive player or QB. What Ballard does would be fine with me. Our number 1 goal is to find a head coach that can get our team back to its winning ways. 2nd goal is/can be a #1 goal, but seeing that Luck had the entire season to heal up after surgery, I see that as a problem solved. I really think Luck will come back strong, despite what others believe. I like to think positive. Everything will fall into place. Let's just trust the process Ballard is installing.
  14. Mr_486lo

    What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    Barkley for sure. I originally said Key but I'm sold on this RB. Facing other conference teams with stud backs that control the clock and game, gives us that back that I compare to Leveon Bell. Even though our line is bad, he still can make electrifying plays all over the field that we need. Barkley is my pick. Hands down/No hesitation.