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  1. And I would release, trade or sell his injury prone behind in a heartbeat. Ijs
  2. Forget that pick. We better get a receiver with the next pick. Wanted AJ Brown but oh well...DK PLEASE!
  3. We traded a first for 2 second rounders...and one of them is next year. That is ridiculous to me. I can see if it was a 2020 first and this years 2nd but it's not.
  4. Highly disappointed. Sweat was right there
  5. Sit on Chris Ballard's lap and ask him. I'm sure he'd ignore you like I should have.
  6. I'm aware. Again I can only wish and hope
  7. Because according to Ballard, he loves his picks. The more the merrier.
  8. Not really sure. I understand CB wants to build through the draft but if there are young bulls out there that can help achieve the ultimate goal...pull the trigger. Of course I'm not a GM but I am a fan that can wish. That's all.
  9. My goodness! Talk about flood gates...relax. Just opinions and wishes ppl. I know its early. Sheesh!
  10. Trading for a DE is definitely out the question (my opinion), Collins is gone, Flowers is gone. This is the time to make your fans happy and splash a little bit. One can only hope that CJ Mosley is picked up by us or even L. Bell. Our season was stellar but it could be better this year. We can win now with the right pieces from free agency and the draft. I know its early in free agency but come on Chris Ballard! Give us somebody...PLEASE!!!!
  11. Flowers, Collins, Bell, Mosley and another solid draft??? Oh my!
  12. You're helping me make my point. As I stated before, Polian was an offensive minded guy that got Peyton weapons but constantly ignored the defense. Nobody's fault but the GM (Polian) for giving us a "soft" label. It was fun to watch when we were blowing teams out, but when we lose or get blown out it's not as fun or we start saying things like "soft" ... But let's talk about the "Now", that's the past. Our defense is young and tough. So is our offense. I dont see anything "soft" about the team. Especially after Ballard changed the mindset. Whether we draft a WR early or late it really won't matter. We just have to go out and compete at a high level.
  13. Drafting a WR early doesn't make a team "soft". Our team just played "soft" when it mattered. That's it in a nutshell. Bill Polian drafted offensive talent but sucked at producing defensive talent. Nor would he ever give us anyone in free agency. With the team Ballard is building now, drafting a WR early or late won't hurt either way. Our defense is young and tough. So is our offense. Everyone has opinions and that's fine. Agree to disagree. Go Colts!
  14. This signing has Ballards' name all over it. I will give him the same deal Ebron got. 2 years 10-15 mil. Ebron earned his money, so can Ray.
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