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  1. I live in Center City Philadelphia...AMA
  2. It's just a helpful little acronym so Andrew remembers how to eat...Bite. Taste. Masticate.
  3. Drama Ben is at it again...I mean, the guy who tells the media he's going to retire after every bye week is upset that a team drafted a possible replacement...?
  4. I assumed that the article was on Buzzfeed or this was some ad on weather.com - I am disappoint.
  5. Shoulder injuries like this might have a "normal" get back to square recovery time...but your full strength time is usually 12-18 months with a lot of them. Shoulders are a *...and I'm not making a joke about Luck...they genuinely are awful...
  6. Why do people assume that they somehow have a better handle on the marketplace than the only guys who have exclusive access to that marketplace? I'm not saying you can't criticize the move, that's fine...but to essentially say that our GM actively and purposefully took less value than what was available is a bizarre point to try to make. I mean, what GM did you talk to that said "I would have given a 6th"...?
  7. ^ Brent Musberger, ladies and gentleman...a legend among us...
  8. Predict? Meh. But evaluate talent? Oh absolutely. I mean, that's exactly what scouts are going off of...don't confuse "success" and "talent" they aren't the same thing. So being good in college is one thing, being good in the pros is another. It's not too, too difficult to discern which skills are transferable and which ones are not... I'll address your Denver question specifically, as I feel that it's direct enough that I shouldn't skirt around it. Brock Osweiler I have thought is a very bad for the duration of his time in my purview. Moreover, his lack of talent aside
  9. There's plenty to go on if you're looking for it...I like quarterbacks and I like to follow them because I'm at least a tiny bit knowledgeable about the position from a mechanical perspective...I've seen McCarron and Bama, seen him in the preseason in the NFL, etc. just like there was plenty for Jimmy G-Sus, there's plenty here...I saw a ton in one, I don't see anything interesting in the other...we'll see how it goes... Developmental coaches are a big part of the equation that most fans don't take into account...that said, there still needs to be a baseline and a steep development
  10. Didn't stick out as a noteworthy player to me at any level...fine as a backup, but not nearly as talented as Jimmy G-sus...
  11. Haven't read the thread, but if the OP is an accurate quote, that's an extraordinarily dumb thing to say... It's kind of reminiscent to this: There may be correlation, but it is without causation. I hope deep down that he knows that and is just playing dumb.
  12. Yeah, that was my recollection of him as well. Glad someone else said it too. Garcon made hard catches look easy and easy catches look so, so difficult. As such, I was not unhappy to see him go. Conversely, I had no inkling that he would ever have the ability to lead the league in receptions like he did one season. He was looked to as a pretty reliable catcher in retrospect (I think) but that was not the case in Indianapolis...
  13. Hmph, TIL that this board thinks that the word for the tip of a baby bottle where milk comes out is a curse word...there is no chance that isn't more interesting than the OP...you're welcome.
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