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  1. I have no problem believing China's numbers are dodgy. That wasn't really my point.
  2. You've talked politics in this very thread. The Trump administration couldn't lie straight in bed, so you're going to get called out accusing China of lying. Or is one politics but not the other?
  3. That's a bit rich considering the current occupant of the White House.
  4. This may sound rude but you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. What is happening in Italy now is a tragedy, but is not because they have a public health system. A world class health system at that. What is happening in Italy is because they are completely overwhelmed by the huge numbers of cases. Huge numbers they have because they did not take it seriously enough and act fast enough with the right measures. If the US is to follow the path they you're advocating just wait and see what happens in your health care sector, as it can't really he called a system. It'll be overwhelme
  5. The US also has nearly 800 cases in serious or critical condition vs 20 for the UK so it's a bit early to be talking about mortality rates. Hopefully none of those people will die, but unfortunately a lot of them are going to. Neither the US or the UK is handling this well. An example of a country handling it well is South Korea which had huge numbers of tests per population and then isolated people who tested positive. They have been seeing a massive slow down in cases recently. As of a week ago they had tested 5200 per million inhabitants in contrast to t
  6. .08 per cent of the UK population is 52,800. They have 5,683 cases. Your figures are miles off. They also have less then 300 deaths. Not 665.
  7. Saints winning the Super Bowl five years after Katrina is clear evidence of a conspiracy. Wake up, sheeple.
  8. I'm sure they'll be okay telling their kids and grandkids about the time they won the Superbowl. Not meeting president ratings is no big loss.
  9. With the greatest of respect you have no idea what you're talking about.
  10. I've always found it hilarious that gambling is illegal in America considering other things you can legally spend your money on.
  11. Wow, you spent 30 years in the media. Why haven't you mentioned this before?
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