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  1. We have to run the ball effectively. That should make for easy reads for Luck in the RPO. Their inside backers are phonebooth type. They will try and take away our run game, so I believe we will come out throwing the ball at the start of the game. Personally I do not like it when Lucks starts going empty set on early downs, then he hits Ty for a 15 yard game.
  2. There was a caller last year that tested him on football. Something along these lines" you know your basketball, but what about football?" He asked him what technique JJ Watt plays, and Aaron Donald. He just hung up. LOL
  3. RB1 GURLEY. I need help with my Rb2, and Flex. Lindsay, Mack, or Crowell at Rb2. Im starting a WR john Brown in flex. Im tempted to start Marlon. Any advice would be great thanks.
  4. The Broncos are the only team Id trade Brisset to. But they might end up with a top 5 pick, so they wont do that trade with us
  5. I don't buy into team A beat team B, so team C can beat Team A. Its the NFL.
  6. Wilkins has that Arian Foster, Matt Forte style of running. He probably wont ever get to that level. I like them both as comps to MACK. He is who I am excited about.
  7. I haven't looked up his age yet, but I would bring him in at guard. He brings that nastiness we need.
  8. He said he put a value on a player and if they wanted more we would move one. You never know how much CB values a player. What if he thinks TM is worth the bank, although he may not be a fit in this defense.
  9. Wanted Ridley, or big Will to open holes for Gurley. So the LA Rams select Arden Key. @Superman. Your up with Panthers
  10. I think CB is going to try and find a JuJu Smith in this draft. Moncrief has proven he can be that type of receiver, but its not consistent. I hope there is a guy out there that can compliment TY.
  11. I don't think those two pass rushers determined, or will determine who we pick. I see a wild trade happening before our pick.
  12. Speaking of indoor stadiums, does anybody worry about his logic about fast defense on our field. This may be the MAIN reason we only have 1 championship in the Manning era. I know as soon as he mentioned that in his PC that's what popped in my head. It does worry me, but I am sure CB knows that it will take a stout front seven to be a championship caliber defense.
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