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  1. If you wish to join the Colts Fan Forum Hippie Peace Movement, feel free to contact me. We're working on a sig banner for all members. We're supporting our team as it is, not fighting about what it was. Peace!

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    2. Blackhawk4


      What our team was - It was the Baltimore Colts, then it relocated to Indianapolis and was renamed the Indianapolis Colts.

    3. ColtsPRIDE11


      I personally am just tired of hearing ppl complain about how stupid everyone is in our FO and how stupid our owner is and how we suck now. I'm ready for everyone to get EXCITED about where we are as a team and what we are doing. It's EXCITING! GO COLTS!

    4. Peytongirl


      Working on that banner. Hope it is what you guys are looking for. Peace love and rock& rol....er...FOOTBALL!

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