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  1. According to Bill Polian the rule is in place because the teams have only been practicing for a little over a month. He said the offensive lines wouldn't be able to handle exotic blitzes and pick them up effectively at this point in their development, therefore rendering the passing game mostly ineffective. It will be interesting to see if they keep the rule in year 2.
  2. He reminded me of the Trent of old...If you needed 2 yards, Trent would get you 3. If you needed 5 yards, Trent would still get you 3.
  3. I don't know if anyone has touched on it yet, but the players being mic'd up provided rare insight. Memphis was the only team that got shut out and Hackenberg and Singletary weren't familiar with all of the rules. I hope the league sticks, the viewership numbers were great week one and the football quality was surprisingly good. It's much better than watching an NBA game or two unranked college basketball teams on a weekend night.
  4. Wrong. If he was drafted, he would be allowed to hold out and re-enter the draft next year. Hence why his agent threatened to do it. It was the only small slice of leverage that he had.
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