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  1. You have to address Pass Rusher, OT, WR, CB. The good news for Ballard is that the draft is deep at WR, OT and CB. You can probably get two guys who can really play at those positions in the draft and then add a pass rusher through free agency. Would lean towards adding a veteran WR as well, but if you can get a guy like RonDale or Elijah Moore, who you can do some things with schematically on offense and roll out an 11 personnel package of Pittman, Pascal, Moore, Taylor and Ertz or Alie-Cox, I think Frank would be very happy with that.
  2. It should have went without saying, I was being sarcastic.
  3. Wow. Can’t believe the Coats didn’t give Eason a chance.
  4. Then why wouldn’t you say Richard Sherman level potential? Talent is tangible, potential is projection.
  5. Yeah saying some has Richard Sherman level talent is insinuating that? You really think I just drew that conclusion out of nowhere? Geez.
  6. Theres a huge difference between outperforming expectations as a fifth round draft pick and being a Top 5 corner.
  7. You think Marvell Tell is a Top 5 corner in the league?
  8. It was mentioned by a Colts Insider on local radio a while back. When he did practice with the team, it was mostly as scout team QB. If Eason was the goods, the GM and coach would let us know. Instead, they are all silent.
  9. You’re talking truth but it’s to a forum that told me they’d have rather had Jonathon Martin than Ritchie Incognito...might ad we’ll talk to a wall
  10. Mathis left his wife because she wasn’t sub-servant and abandon his family to join a cult. That’s your hero?
  11. Didn’t Mathis abandon his family to live in a commune in Logansport?
  12. Congrats on finding a GIF that is the proper level of smug to represent you. No audio on the video?
  13. Laugh all you want but I’ll get the last laugh. You’re names on the list now, you’ll hear from me when I’m proven right.
  14. It has nothing to do with his draft slot. Sure, he can throw the ball far but NFL QB’s with strong arms who don’t have the accuracy, footwork or consistency to succeed are dime a dozen. Eason had 4 good games at Washington (3 of which were against overmatched teams) and struggled against suspect defenses in the Pac 12. Getting reps in 5 practices didn’t change that. He’s nowhere near ready to be a QB1 in the NFL.
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