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  1. Grigson's Gaffes

    AAF league

    According to Bill Polian the rule is in place because the teams have only been practicing for a little over a month. He said the offensive lines wouldn't be able to handle exotic blitzes and pick them up effectively at this point in their development, therefore rendering the passing game mostly ineffective. It will be interesting to see if they keep the rule in year 2.
  2. Grigson's Gaffes

    AAF league

    He reminded me of the Trent of old...If you needed 2 yards, Trent would get you 3. If you needed 5 yards, Trent would still get you 3.
  3. Grigson's Gaffes

    AAF league

    I don't know if anyone has touched on it yet, but the players being mic'd up provided rare insight. Memphis was the only team that got shut out and Hackenberg and Singletary weren't familiar with all of the rules. I hope the league sticks, the viewership numbers were great week one and the football quality was surprisingly good. It's much better than watching an NBA game or two unranked college basketball teams on a weekend night.
  4. Grigson's Gaffes

    PFF - Why I dislike it

    I think PFF provides value. I also understand people who are critical of it. The only problem I've ever had with it is when writers, and Nate Dunlevy was one in particular, who used it as crutch or a smoke screen to hide their lack of knowledge. It's a tool to help analyze the grey area that isn't measured in the stat sheet, not the end all be all.
  5. Grigson's Gaffes

    Nelson is.....

    It was always cracks me up when the draft pundits try to say, "It's bad value to draft x position this high in the draft." If you get the opportunity at sure-fire pick who is going to solidify that position for the next 10-15 years then why not use the draft pick? Nelson has done for the Colts offensive line what Martin did for the Cowboys. I don't think the Colts are a good football team yet, but man it's hard not to get excited about the future when you see glimpses of what's to come each week.
  6. Grigson's Gaffes

    Pats vs Lions

    This feels weird to say, but the New England Patriots are a broke football team right now. Maybe when they get Julian Edelman back that will solve some problems, but right now they just look flat out awful. Sony Michel has been a complete non factor.
  7. Grigson's Gaffes

    Great overall game

    I thought the late TD to Hilton was brilliant.
  8. Grigson's Gaffes

    Luck looked like crap tonight

    To play devil's advocate here, for the majority of Luck's night he was surrounded by Clark, Michael and WR's wearing single digit numbers. RG3 had better WR's in the 4th QTR then Luck did in the 1st. I would take Breshad Perriman over any of the guys Luck started with. Wasn't a great showing, but there is a real possibility a lot of the guys he played with tonight will be looking for work in two weeks.
  9. Grigson's Gaffes

    Oddsmakers giving us a gift.

    Saint's didn't win the Super Bowl until a couple seasons after Katrina bud. Also, are you advocating that since a terrorist attack happened in New York that the NFL decided to rig it for that city's biggest rival? If you "pick" games on a weekly basis I'd be more than happy to post them here every week, your picks versus mine and see how it shakes it. You show me someone who brags about their gambling prowess, I'll show you a loser.
  10. Grigson's Gaffes

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    It was Justin Tryon that I couldn't remember.
  11. Grigson's Gaffes

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    One that always sticks out to me is Josh Chapman. There was also a cornerback who I believe we traded for from the New York Giants that started for one season but I can't remember his name now. It was late in the Polian era.
  12. Grigson's Gaffes

    Best Available

    One kid I really like that is still available is Richie James. He's a wide receiver from Mid Tenn St. I've watched a majority of the games that he has played over the last two years. He was smooth going through his drills at the combine too. James isn't the biggest WR out there but he is incredibly productive and he is a phenomenal athlete. I'm not saying that he is the next Antonio Brown by any means but if you watch him play you can see that they're from the same type of mold.
  13. So what you're saying is.... Your analysis based on reading blogs/mock drafts/maybe watching one game a week > Scouts who watch film, evaluate players year round and actually know what they're looking at. Yeah, right. Hard to deem an opinion on a player credible or insightful when you miss his age by 5 years. We won't know anything until this guys get on the field, this team needs NFL talent up and down the roster, whether that talent is on the field for the first play of every game or not is irrelevant.
  14. Grigson's Gaffes

    Mason Rudolph

    If Luke Faulk has a long NFL career I'll be shocked. The kid was too inconsistent last season and I don't think he has elite arm strength. If a coach drafts him in the first round they're signing their own pink slip.
  15. Wrong. If he was drafted, he would be allowed to hold out and re-enter the draft next year. Hence why his agent threatened to do it. It was the only small slice of leverage that he had.