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  1. If you know what it says and that’s your interpretation, I wouldn’t be saying “too bad” to anyone. The Colts are below the league expected average as well, are you going to say that reflects on Rivers or is that a product of Reichs play calling?
  2. You can’t even read the chart LOL it’s breaking down the rate of teams passing the ball versus what would normally be expected, not a measure of their efficiency doing so. Makes sense the Pats are last, they’ve played without their starter and their WR’s are pretty banged up. It’s more or less just breaking down what teams can be classified as run first vs pass first.
  3. “Hoyer looked good in relief” He had 130 Yds, an INT and a fumble lost before he got benched. Way to show your credentials on evaluating QB play. The Patriots offense is also devoid of weapons, if he were on the Colts, the results would be a lot better. If Rivers were on the Pats, he would look a lot worse.
  4. Time will tell, the Colts are still a running team who is 26th in the league. If they make the playoffs, they will have to go on the road to Kansas City, Buffalo or Baltimore most likely. I don't see that going well.
  5. They scored 19 points against Chicago, settled for field goals most of the game. Today’s effort was better, wasn’t saying it was a positive or negative, just stating what happened and he’s still who he has been all year. If you look at his splits on home vs. road games, that’s where there is cause for concern. If the colts make the playoffs and he’s playing outside at Buffalo, Kansas City or Baltimore in conditions, it could be a real problem.
  6. It was definitely his best game of the year, now with that said... 1) He’s playing the Bengals 2) A lot of his completions were the result of finding the open guy against blitzes or checkdowns. 3) When he did push it down the field, the receivers were wide open. I have serious doubts that he can have this kind of production against even a good defense, but it was a nice game for him today.
  7. Didnt Peyton get ripped by the liquored up kicker for not being fiery enough?
  8. Since the beginning of last year, only two QB’s have turned the ball over more than Rivers, Daniel Jones and Jameis Winston. In terms of upgrading the WR position, I was always skeptical on whether or not the team did enough in the off-season. Usually, rookie WR’s struggle to produce like true starters in their rookie season. T Y Hilton isn’t getting younger and Paris Campbell unfortunately stays hurt. When I brought this up I was told by several people (some here, some elsewhere) that the Colts WR’s were much better than the Chargers. There isn’t a WR on this roster who is as good as Keenan A
  9. I mentioned this before the season on here and multiple radio shows in the area, got absolutely reamed by people who don’t watch any team other than the Colts. Now we’re five games into the season the amount of people who won’t admit they were wrong has dwindled to the low single digits. It’s back to the drawing board at the end of the year. Another issue is that there was an unprecedented amount out of quality free agent QB’s available this off-season and the Colts ended up paying $25 M for one who was diminished because he had familiarity with the head coach. A head coach who ended up gettin
  10. Let me sum up Eason's final season in college for you... "In three early games against Eastern Washington, Hawaii and Brigham Young, Eason threw for a combined 901 yards, 10 touchdowns, and one interception. In conference, he averaged just 7.1 yards per attempt and completed 59% of his passes with a paltry 12-to-7 TD:INT ratio." He isn't very mobile and he struggled when the pocket collapsed on him at Washington. He probably would have been better served playing one more year in college. He is nowhere near ready to start on a consistent basis in the NFL and rushing him
  11. Lol I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ll be here all year.
  12. He’s playing at a level that most people who watched him last year thought he would play. You’re right though, most Colts fans who watched him play maybe one game last year thought he would return to his 2018 form. That obviously isn’t happening.
  13. @Rackeen305 and I...the founding members of the “Truth Tellers Club”.
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