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  1. LOL “You hate to see it.” Wasted draft pick. You can decide whether I’m talking about Eason or Campbell.
  2. Jake Eason has 0 value at this point. He has done absolutely nothing to prove he is a pro quarterback. I called this from day one, I still can’t believe some of the fan base thought this guy was a franchise QB.
  3. Jacoby Brissett is largely incompetent. It’s amazing this team was close to making the playoffs with him and a 46 year old Vinatieri playing key roles.
  4. If that’s the case, then going into the season with him and Ehlinger as backup QB’s behind Wentz is a catastrophic failure on Ballards part. I mean I still believe they mishandled the backup spot. But if Wentz gets hurt and Hundley becomes the next man up, good luck.
  5. Vegas sets the O/U on wins at 6.5 right now, so you could make some money if they win 10 games. The issue is the team is banged up and they have a late bye week. It’s also the main players that are injured. You can get by swapping 2’s and 3’s for practice squad players, but the way this roster is constructed, the guys they’re losing makes the roster very average at best, very quickly. Who knows if Wentz will ever be fully healthy and to be honest, I don’t have much confidence in the coaching on this team. There is maybe 5 games left they’ll be favored in. If Jake Eason has to start for a prolonged period of time, that number possibly becomes 2 or 3.
  6. Love to see people coming around to what I have been saying for a couple of years now. When people called this the most well rounded roster in football, what they actually meant was the most average roster. A majority of this roster could be described in scout talk as “JAG” or JAG Plus”. All of the money is invested in positions where you can get by with replacement level players. Ballard has his fair share of draft whiffs and Frank has largely been fired from every coaching job he’s had except for Philly. Also, ripping your team and holding them accountable doesn’t make you a bandwagon fan. It makes you a realist who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. I’m sick of hearing Ballard be hailed as a genius when he’s 32-37.
  7. There’s still not enough there to justify trading draft compensation though.
  8. Let’s remember those numbers are produced in an era where every QB has a 65% completion rate and puts up Star Wars numbers. Doesn’t hurt his team is often playing from behind. He doesn’t turn the ball over but that’s about the only positive in his game. His arm is severely limited. He was on the trading block all summer and the league didn’t have much interest until the Eagles found out Joe Flacco was greatly diminished. Also, acquiring a QB in the regular season hardly ever works out. Jimmy G had some success but he also sat for three weeks before playing.
  9. There’s nothing Eason has put on tape so far to imply he will be a good NFL QB but I’m willing to give him a chance.
  10. What does Minshew offer that Eason, Ehlinger or Hundley do not? I don’t understand people who pretend Minshew was anything other than a below average QB at best who was outplayed by CJ Beathard in the preseason. The Colts have made their bed, now they have to lie in it. QB is the one position where you can’t really just go get a guy and plug and play him right away, not at this level.
  11. If Colts are the worst team in the NFL this year I make mid-five figures, so I hope you’re right.
  12. Considerable skill? That opinion will be different after next week.
  13. Mobility will be the least of Jacob Eason’s worries. The Colts won’t win a game with him starting at QB.
  14. 1) how do you see the Colts actually winning this game after struggling against a team with a worse pass rush. 2) How do you end up with the number being 26 to 22???
  15. You hit the nail on the head here and a lot of “Coats” fans aren’t going to like it, but when people say the Colts have the most complete roster in the NFL it makes me laugh. They’re just the most average roster in the NFL. They have one pass rusher on the roster, Kwity Paye. Sam Tevi was an absolute disaster before he got hurt and they had to have some inclination that Costanzo was going to retire. The money has also been spent on positions where you can usually get by with replacement level players. The Colts are average at WR and TE. The QB is still a glaring question mark. There’s two players left from Ballard first draft class. The first 4 picks that year provided virtually nothing to the team. Rock Ya-Sin was a miss. The jury is still out on Pittman. Ballard is hailed as a great drafter but he hit a home run on one draft and the others have been a mixed bag. How much more time does he need?
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