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  1. Colts 21 Bills 35 Rams 17 Seahawks 27 Buccaneers 34 Football Team 17 Ravens 28 Titans 31 Bears 24 Saints 27 Browns 21 Steelers 28 Alright. Playoff time! lets see how I do! Hopefully I jinx the Bills here and the Colts win!
  2. Love it! Love the video and great music in it! Pumped for the playoffs tomorrow! Can't wait! Nervous, but can't wait!
  3. Most "multi game tanks" fail. You don't hear about too many of them as usually they are for generational QBs. The Jets were the hot topic this year and they fell one spot short for Lawrence. The Colts lost a bunch of games before getting Luck. That is still controversial to this day by plenty of football fans. There haven't been too many other big ones, as the QBs have gone all over the draft that have been good to elite, but it does happen in baseball a lot when teams trade away players at the deadline, and basketball to an extent to get better odds in the lottery when they are eliminated. Th
  4. Well, you're an "expert" like the rest of us on here, and an even less informed one at that. You are the pot calling the kettle black with your statement.
  5. If we would trade up to two or three, I'd rather just trade for Watson personally. That'd cost about the same and Watson is a near-guarantee hit like Buckner IMO.
  6. Jaguars. Florida is a good place to live first off. The Jags have two 1st round picks, including the no1 pick overall in which you can take Trevor Lawrence. Plenty of cap space. Some talent on the team that you can build around already. The division is somewhat tough, but it doesn't include the Chiefs. The team has a lot of positives and very few negatives compared to the other coaching jobs. If you take this team to the SB, you'll be a hero in Jacksonville as well. Definitely the top job available to me.
  7. I thought Braden would be the 4th guy instead of Odum before clicking on the thread. Got the other three right. Odum was a sneaky all-pro. Congrats to all of these guys though!
  8. Watson was sacked 49 times this year and McCarron once. That equals 50 sacks the Houston O-Line allowed. Yes it's better than last year, but that was a historically bad O-Line. 50 sacks is still pretty terrible. The Colts allowed 21 sacks this year on the contrary. It's not even close.
  9. That's a great point, Watson is behind a terrible O-Line. Can you imagine what he'd do behind ours?
  10. Our team would be whole again like Luck never left, and we could attract FA's here. Not to mention we have Ballard doing the drafting and our SB window would be open again for another 10 years. Would be a big opportunity to get Watson. I'd do it for 3 1st rounders.
  11. Texans are a joke, but it makes me happy as a Colts fan! They also have no 1st or 2nd round pick this year as well as no 1st last year. In a few years, their young players are going to be hurting like we were with Grigson.
  12. The one reason I could get on board with that is because Ballard is so good in the draft. We haven't had an actual 1st round pick the last two years (none since Nelson) and been fine building the team honestly. So getting a young, top 5 QB would probably be worth it. If we win one SB, then it's 100% worth it. The Jets gave close to what we would be giving up (an early 1st and three 2nds) to get Darnold, and he is nowhere close to Watson. Watson is as close to a guarantee as we can get without taking a gamble in the draft.
  13. I'm pretty close to three 1's for him. I'd try to give a 1st and 2nd this year, and a 1 next year, but don't know if that would be enough. The issue is if a team like the Jets were willing to trade for him, and they offered the no2 pick as part of their package. We really can't compete with that without massively overpaying.
  14. Nope. We got Nelson, Braden, Turay, Wilkins and Rock for Darnold.
  15. I would replenish the picks they lost in the last two drafts (last year and this year). 1st and 2nd this year, and a 1st next year while paying his entire contract. They may or may not do it. If I had too, I'd add Eason to push the deal over the edge hopefully.
  16. Go Buckner and Taylor!!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Two elite players on this team baby! Don't let dobbs and brown go anywhere please!
  17. The only sandwiches I'll eat are PB&J and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Other than that, I pass on everything else, as I'm very picky lol. Never even heard of the pressed Cuban sandwich!
  18. This team really isn't that successful though. Draft-wise, yes. Record-wise and playoff-wise, no. With Dodds and Brown here, we have managed to put together a great team. Obviously Luck left us. We only have one playoff win in 3 years (we could get more depending on the playoff results). Two winning seasons out of 3 (which is pretty good). What hurts is the fact that we could only get one playoff win and 3 years of drafts out of this staff before they leave. Rex hogan is gone, and Dobbs is interviewing with the Panthers, and Brown with the Falcons. I don't understand how people ar
  19. It would be more of a series of events happening that would push me over the edge. We draft Luck (good thing), horrible GM around him for 5 years, bad coach around him for 6 years, no O-Line for Luck for 6 years until his final year, Luck retires, we get Ballard (good thing), we get Reich a year after (no better than Pagano honestly), we get Rivers for a year and probably lose him after this season, so no QB now, and finally, the one thing that makes us better than everyone, our scouts, it looks like will get poached (Hogan to the Jets, Dobbs to the Panthers, and Brown to the Falcons potential
  20. Jvan and Reich sitting in a tree. K I S S I N G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! That's not all! That's not all! Just messing with ya!
  21. Yeah, this subject intruiged me to read the responses before I did. Just wanted to throw in my opinion. Going to go to 7-11 now to buy a scratch ticket with my mom.
  22. The unfortunate thing that will probably happen is that the Bills will get ahead by 2 or 3 TDs in the first half, and Reich will completely abandon the run in the 2nd half. Taylor will get 10 carries in the first half and 2 in the second half while Rivers throws on every play. I'd be shocked if this isn't the game script and we lose 35-21 or something to that affect. We aren't that much worse because of talent, but we are a LOT worse because of our inferior coach.
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