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  1. I definitely want to be an assistant here. I'll let someone else due the majority of the work, but I'll be willing to oversee things all day as I'll be on all the time and check picks and who has what teams as well as trades. Let me know! :) 

    1. WarGhost21


      Great! We definitely need someone who will be hyperactive to take the charge when others are busy! Once we have the Head Commish and a few more Assistants, I will create a Chat Message with all of us involved, so be ready for that!

  2. Love your picture btw. That's what I originally thought of when I saw your name back then. Glad you finally put the proper photo in lol!

  3. Been one month now since I lost the photo bet to put on that disgusting Pats avatar. So nice to be free of it! No more of those bets for a while, go Colts!

  4. This game Vs the Panthers will make or break our season. Lets support them monday night!

  5. What happened to my unrealistic mock draft thread? Those weren't duplicate threads, they were completely different for different reasons!

    1. CR91


      banned for being too unrealistic

    2. Nadine


      I removed it because I thought it was a dup. The names are nearly identical. I've restored it. In the future, rather than asking in the status updates, pm a moderator

  6. I'm over 1,000 posts. I have reached the first milestone in my colts posting life!

  7. Sorry I've been acting kinda dumb lately (The Pagano posts). My mom has some nerve endings in her neck so she had to get them burned off. Just been argumentive and on edge lately.

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    2. southwest1


      I hope your mother is recovering as well as can be expected Jared. I'm not always the best at reading status updates as I used to be. You're a good guy Jared it's only natural that what happens to your mother would affect you & made you feel rattled. Hang in there Mr. Cisneros.

    3. southwest1


      Nadine, is your mother better now? I sincerely hope so.

    4. Jared Cisneros

      Jared Cisneros

      Appreciate the kind words everyone. I appreciate all your concerns, and my mom is getting better. Still some soreness in her neck, but that's to be expected. As long as she's fine for the holidays and the forseeable future, I'm happy and that's all I can ask.

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