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  1. On 7/31/2020 at 7:35 AM, Jared Cisneros said:

    As far as a player goes, I'd say Jacoby Brissett.


    I would rather have anyone else at QB than Jacoby at this point. Yes, even Curtis Painter. With Curtis, we save money and get a better draft pick. Jacoby has probably already peaked. We've seen what he can do, and yet we're paying him like he's elite. It's a joke.


    Plus, Curtis Painter made for some nice blooper videos.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    The adjective of having the roof open as much as possible is a GREAT idea.   Really smart if you to post that.


    That said, what does the last paragraph mean? I am lost as to what you’re trying to day.   Can you elaborate, please?   Thanks.


    Aww, shucks. Thanks :D. Alas, it's impossible for me to elaborate though. :)

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  3. I've only been to Lucas Oil Stadium once, but I know it's a huge stadium and 25% is low enough for social distance. That allows for plenty of room.


    To further help, the Colts should open the stadium roof as much as possible. There are a lot of positive studies about COVID losing its effectiveness in outdoor weather as the elements pound at COVID's outer coating. If we were still in the RCA Dome, I would be more worried.


    Also, I'm concerned stadiums that don't permit crowds will take the opportunity to do what the MLB did with the video + kneeling antics because they know they can get away with it in the absence of a crowd booing them.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Coltsman1788 said:

    I like the Washington Pigskins. That way they retain their nicknames of “the Skins” and “the Hogs”with a natural play on a nickname for a football.  


    Hmm, people might still protest that, saying that glorifies the skinning of animals. You know people uninformed about football are going to say that, lol.

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  5. 58 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Rumor has it, we're going to hire him to lead our media relations department.


    At his age, Belichick will make a fine Wal-Mart store greeter.

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  6. I don't see this working out. Cam seems like a mismatch for the Pats. How they go from a cerebral pocket-passer in Tom Brady to a mobile health risk in Cam Newton seems like a complete 180. Belichick of course is good at game-planning to the strengths of his players, so maybe he will find something, but it won't matter if Cam gets injured.

  7. I'm wondering when they're going to ask the Pats to give up their Superbowl rings. Call me when that happens.


    The Pats probably were doing this on-and-off for years, and for the NFL to penalize them for it and for the Pats to admit to this incident suggests the evidence was too compelling to ignore.


    Don't forget this old quote from former Pats videographer, Matt Walsh:


    “The Patriots’ videographers were told to look like media members, to tape over their team logos or turn their sweatshirt inside out, to wear credentials that said Patriots TV or Kraft Productions. The videographers also were provided with excuses for what to tell NFL security if asked what they were doing: Tell them you’re filming the quarterbacks. Or the kickers. Or footage for a team show.”

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  8. The problem is even if you have all the players kneel in solidarity, then have them stand, you're going to have that one guy who keeps kneeling.


    Anyways, it's all easy for Roger Goodell to want change during the off-season, but let's see him want change when it's hitting the league in the pocket books. There's no way the NFL doesn't take at least some semblance of financial loss from all this.

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  9. 34 minutes ago, PrideOfAthens17 said:

    While I'm probably like a lot of others here in that I prefer a top receiving talent at tight end, it seems like the Colts prefer them as top run blockers. At least that's what I'm going to assume. If so, they couldn't have done much better in assembling the unit they have. Unless I'm mistaken, Doyle and Burton are both in the top 5 of the best run blocking tight ends in the league over the past 2 years.


    So assuming that's what they were after, and regardless of what any of us prefer there, they've apparently accomplished exactly what they were looking to do.


    Yea, we also went out and got a FB, so we're leaning huge now on the run game. I suppose Ebron didn't make much sense for our scheme.

  10. Hah, in the video in his senior season in highschool, he had 12.4yds/carry. That's a first down on every carry.


    I also didn't know he majored in philosophy, so now he can go all Socrates on defenders.

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