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  1. Problem is our GM traded for Brisett and our owner paid Brisett big bucks. Do you want me to be the one to walk into their offices and tell them they're wrong?


    Otherwise, I totally get it. The only thing Brisett is good for now is QB sneaks, his arm, his clipboard skills, and his smile.

  2. 25 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Watson can want a trade but he is under contract and is under control by the Texans regardless of what he wants.

    If, and that is a big IF the Texans trade him, it will not be in division.


    Yea, but imagine you're the Texans and a team is offering three 1st round picks and you know you're going to be in rebuilding mode anyways with a new GM. The new GM is going to be licking his chops for three 1st rounders. Also, he's a former New England scout, so if he's good as legends say, then he could make magic work with those.


    Although I do say if given the choice between three 1st rounders with the Colts and three 1st rounders somewhere else, then yea, they wont pick the Colts.

  3. 19 hours ago, danlhart87 said:

    Video: (one fan talking to his future self)


    2021 football fan: Whoa. What's going on?

    2030  football fan: l'm you from the future.


    2021 football fan: Oh. Got it. How are the Vikings doing?


    2030 football fan: Who???


    2021 football fan: You know, the Minnesota Vikings?


    2030 football fan: Oh, the Purple Football Team?? They lost their name because Norwegians got super offended.


    2021 football fan: Oh. Wow. How about the Bengals?


    2030 football fan: They lost their name too. Tigers are an endangered species. Zoologists got offended 


    2021 football fan: How about the Giants?


    2030 football fan: They too lost their name in 2026 because people over seven feet tall got offended.


    2021 football fan: What??  I don't think I want to live to see the future.



    Purple Football Team :lol:



    And the Colts changed their name because the Broncos kept teasing us.

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