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  1. Does the fact that Jacoby Brissett only had two complete seasons of experience play any role in your opinion about his performance? Not to mention that both seasons were pretty unorthodox seasons to start off with? Would you give him next year, as a make or break season, before moving on?
  2. If the Colts win out, and Brissett plays much better with key weapons returning (Hilton, Campbell, Funchess,), will you guys be convinced that he could be the future? Or would you still want a change at quarterback? Or would you give him until after next season to make a decision? I’m not talking about just winning with our run game. I’m talking about consistent 200-300 yard efficient games with a BALANCES run-pass offense.
  3. this makes a lot of sense, thank you do you expect the colts to play more of an aggressive defense moving forward? 4 man rush with man coverage?
  4. Our defensive scheme and playcalling last night seemed completely different from the previous 4 weeks. Why dont we play more aggressive like that? Is there a reason for it?
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