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  1. Dacoltsboi

    The Little Fish That Got Away...

    Yeah becaui Yeah because Ballard just atarted two years back. Give him some time. It takes time for a culture to build. Grigson messed it up
  2. How would you guys feel if we drafted Harmon with our first second round pick?
  3. Dacoltsboi

    Hypothetical Mega Trade

    Would you guys consider trading Luck to the raiders for Carr and two first round picks?
  4. Dacoltsboi

    Luck Era

    I'd be OKAY with 1, but 2-3 would be thrilling. It could cement Luck at a top 5 QB, if his career plays out well too. He'd have more than brees, Rodgers, rivers and big ben and manning if he gets 3.
  5. Dacoltsboi

    Luck Era

    14 seasons of manning at 16 seasons of Luck and only 2 superbowls…..
  6. Dacoltsboi

    Luck Era

    How many superbowl victories would you consider as a successful era with Andrew Luck? Saying he plays an other 8-10 seasons.
  7. Dacoltsboi

    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    Guys chill lol, Frank is a first year course. Its not fair to compare him to Belichick. Give him a season
  8. Dacoltsboi

    A scary thought for next season

    Slightly off topic but how many seasons do you guys see Luck Playing? Do you think he plays till his 40’s like Brees and Brady? brady-41 brees-40 rivers-38 eli-39 big ben-36 We’ll prolly have Luck for another 8-10 seasons right?
  9. Dacoltsboi

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    This is hilarious lol. Luck literally carried the worst rosters in the NFL his first 3 years to the AFC chanpionship game. Dont act delusional. Generational QB’s also need a decent amount of supporting cast.
  10. Dacoltsboi

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    In a game where the offense scores 6 POINTS the whole game, its crazy to look at it and blame the defense. It was going to be a shootout. We had the ball back many times, a few times in great field position. The offense didnt come to play at all
  11. Dacoltsboi

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    We played one kf the best offenses in NFL HISTORY. No one expected the defense to % them down. No defense this eyar his completdlt shut down the Chiefs. the defense held their own against a very very good offense. It gave our offense more than enough opportunities to come back into the game. If vinateri makes the kicsk its a 24-17 game with our offense looking like crap the whole day. Imagine- we’d only be down one score with 4:30 to play. We wouldn’t have done a squib kick and whk knows our defense makes a stop? point is- the defense did its part. Offense choked.
  12. Dacoltsboi

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    I just dont see the point in overreacting to one loss? Like we cant jusy disregard the past 10 games. We have pieces in piece but to say we need to upgrade on corner or runningback is kinda going haywire. 1)PASS RUSHER. We need a dominant rusher. A JJ WATT, Miller, mack type rusher 2)Wide Receiver- Keep Hilton, Inman, Cain, Rogers and Pascal. Add a top end talent. We’ll be fine. 3) a dominant DT. Run stopper and Pass rusher 4) Safety. A solid strong safety. Keep hooker and farley. Bring back geathers ona. Cheap contract. Maybe eve mitchell for depth. Thats a solid rotation. after these 4 positions i dont see any major holes. We just need depth at linebacker and Oline. And corner. honestly speaking, the defense played well. Holding kansas city to 7 second half points, 31 points in total considering the fact our offense went 3 and out 4 straight drives and couldnt do anytjing. They did their job. This was supposed to be a shootout. Our offense had plenty of opportunities to score. Idk what happened
  13. Dacoltsboi

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    Honestly spwaking, the defense has played great. We had two redzone opportunities and had the ball back a bunch of times. Offense choked
  14. Dacoltsboi


    I know this sounds odd considering the final score was 35-3, but I just watch the raiders and chiefs game, and the raiders offense was absolutely shredding the chiefs defense both through the air and ground. they had 4 drives which they were moving the ball really well but all 4 ended in turnovers- a fumble by martin, fumble by carr, 2 pick sixes. If we can play smart and not turn the ball over, we can score on every drive. The chiefs also got two touch downs on two VERY LONG PASSES. that plays to our strength on defense. I'd actually advice you guys to watch the game or highlights.
  15. Dacoltsboi

    Marlon Mack is learning and growing as a RB.

    Mack’s Pass Protection is off the charts. He can read blitzes AMAZINGLY. Complete back