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  1. No gurantee that either brown or kinlaw become all pro talent. Plust Buckener is only 25. Passing on Love and possibly herbert might sting but the difference between them and Eason/Hurts/Fromm is probaly not as big in ballards opinion
  2. We literally got a 25 year old ALL PRO at a position of need. And we have cap space?
  3. You’re delusional if you think RB is a need that high
  4. Ravens Colts cheifs vikings Seahawks Maybe Patriots san Fran benefited from high picks for almost 4/5 years straight lol
  5. Yeah no doubt, i agree with you. Like I said- a few kicks and plays away from 10-6. But titans are built on- 1)defense 2)running game Ballard wants that but he always wants an improved passing game. If we can shore up our defense and imrpove our passing game-we're going to be killers.
  6. Bills are out and I dont think the Titans will win either, but it's not impossible. Its definitely possible to win without a MVP caliber QB. Its easier than finding a MVP caliber QB.
  7. To add on- Yes we finished 7-9 but we were literally 3 kicks and few plays away from a 10-6 season. WITH THIS ROSTER. With some still major holes that can be fixed. WITH JB's poor play in the second half.
  8. I strongly believe Ballard wants to mirror a team with a strong defense, strong rushing attack and an above average QB/passing. This is more feasible than drafting the next Rodgers or Brees or Manning. I still think Brissett takes a leap this year and improves. If ballard can spend early draft capital and FA on defense, weapons, we should be in much better state than trying to draft a QB early and hoping he develops into something great.
  9. If the Colts win out, and Brissett plays much better with key weapons returning (Hilton, Campbell, Funchess,), will you guys be convinced that he could be the future? Or would you still want a change at quarterback? Or would you give him until after next season to make a decision? I’m not talking about just winning with our run game. I’m talking about consistent 200-300 yard efficient games with a BALANCES run-pass offense.
  10. this makes a lot of sense, thank you do you expect the colts to play more of an aggressive defense moving forward? 4 man rush with man coverage?
  11. Our defensive scheme and playcalling last night seemed completely different from the previous 4 weeks. Why dont we play more aggressive like that? Is there a reason for it?
  12. Yeah becaui Yeah because Ballard just atarted two years back. Give him some time. It takes time for a culture to build. Grigson messed it up
  13. How would you guys feel if we drafted Harmon with our first second round pick?
  14. Would you guys consider trading Luck to the raiders for Carr and two first round picks?
  15. I'd be OKAY with 1, but 2-3 would be thrilling. It could cement Luck at a top 5 QB, if his career plays out well too. He'd have more than brees, Rodgers, rivers and big ben and manning if he gets 3.
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