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  1. There will be a designed QB run play that is not a read option run close to the end zone out of shot gun, IMO.
  2. True. I do think they can sneak a win or two with the element of Stanton surprise, IMO though unlikely. But the 49ers seem to have re-discovered their run game, and the Seahawks are running well and down the stretch, can wear that Cardinals' D down in their divisional matchup.
  3. They play clock control, much like the Chargers, dink and dunk like last year, and use the run game primarily. That philosophy works against most teams, when your D is playing well. If they have to be in shootouts, they will have an issue. Josh Gordon is coming back, we will see what happens. I think they make it as a #6 seed out of the AFC with the Chiefs making it as a #5 seed.
  4. We will see. Their D is starting to play better. They have a great chance to make the playoffs, IMO, in the top heavy AFC, especially with the Dolphins losing today.
  5. Maybe I should paraphrase it to "he is all about the pass with not much regard to his run game". Fair enough?
  6. You don't know that till you try it and in a feel good game vs the Raiders, that is exactly what you try to do. I disagree. The shuffled line was blocking just fine for a healthy YPC and the Raiders' D was gassed with being on the field too much, perfect time to continue doing that.
  7. That is assuming they still win the division with 4 divisional matchups to go. I can see them crashing and burning and going 11-5 and finishing 2nd in their division to someone like the Seahawks who may make it to 12-4 given that they got a whole bunch of OL and defensive players back and healthy.
  8. If you closely watched the flow of the game, C.J.Anderson was running well and was healthy and he was not given enough carries. If they really wanted to establish the running game, this was the game to do it with Peyton in the game with a 34-10 lead and all they kept doing was pass out of 3 or 4 WR formations. 3rd or 4th qtr. does not matter to me, especially since they were getting first downs and good YPC with the run game and chose to sideline it in favor of the pass. They could have gotten to 41-10 just as well with the run, that was my point.
  9. The Detroit Lions might take the NFC???
  10. Peyton is such a stat monger, his running backs are averaging 6 to 7 yards per carry, yet he was throwing with four wide receiver formations. Fantasy football king, playoff underachiever because he will not let his RBs overachieve, IMO
  11. I don't think the Pats will have more than 4 losses when it is all said and done.
  12. Like I said, Tim Wright being on the field is pretty much a give away that it is a pass, so we can tee off on Brady, clog the middle and force him to thread the needle on the outside where I like our chances with our CBs. He does not have a Randy Moss outside with a big catch radius, so if we shake up his OL's confidence, everything else will be a ripple effect. Maybe we can tip some passes along the way too . No matter who the QB is, if you hit him enough times, his mental clock will speed up. Unlike Big Ben, Brady won't break contain as much and LOS will be rocking.
  13. I still doubt the Dolphins win the AFC East. I do agree that the road games vs the Packers and Chargers will not be easy for the Patriots given how much later they are played and teams will be desperate then for their own playoff hopes and seeding. Like they say, it is not who you play but when you play them. In the past, 2010 and prior to that, when Brady beat Peyton, he always ran the table after the high of a win over him. But in 2012, he lost to the 49ers at home and in 2013, lost to the Dolphins to give up the #1 seeding to the Broncos. That level of dominance has not continued the last
  14. The only constant is Jack Del Rio and his schemes consistently failing vs Brady, no matter what personnel he has. To compound it, fax gate and Prater gate from Elway have progressively eroded the strength of that 2012 squad, which I felt was the best Broncos' front line in terms of pass rush but handicapped by Champ Bailey unfortunately.
  15. We have the firepower to put up 35 pts and win a game along the lines of 35-31, IMO. There's no other way to win than to play enough keep away from Brady.
  16. This is all I have to say. We are at home and will hear Brady this, Brady that all week long and will come to play. Darius Butler has the short area quickness to deal with Edelman, Gronk is the biggest problem. I'd almost be tempted to play Vontae Davis on Gronk and force the Pats to run and our DL has improved vs the run. Toler can handle Lafell. If Tim Wright plays, it is a give away that it is a pass play because his run blocking is not up to snuff and Tim Wright is not as good as Aaron Hernandez, at least not yet. Freeman can handle Vereen. On offense, Dwayne Allen and Reggie Wayne wil
  17. I'd sure love that D-line to crash the pocket because that is where we need to attack Brady's O-line, down the middle.
  18. Yeah, plus our onside kick gaffe vs the Saints. I guess the Bill Polian Colts era SBs will be most remembered for the special teams gaffes plus the gazillion times we had to watch a Sproles or any other KR/PR go by.
  19. First, the Colts need to stop the run on 1st and 2nd downs. Brady loves the quick play action and throws a lot down the middle. Tip some Brady passes at the line of scrimmage to get INTs or get off the field on critical 3rd downs (Colts with Dungy and Montae Raegor did it in 2006 at Foxboro for 4 INTs vs Brady I think, Ravens did it in 2012 AFCCG, Giants w/ JPP did it in 2011 SB etc.). Brady will not break contain nearly as much as Big Ben and the Pats wide outs do not have the same speed in bunch formations that the Steelers have. So, any extrapolation of Steelers game will be wishful think
  20. If they beat Arizona in Arizona, it would be different, IMO. It is not the same. In the last 2 minutes, they give up a TD to Russell Wilson and Brady before the half. That does not reflect a sense of urgency to me from the defensive coaches. Brady has an outstanding record vs JDR defenses. The reason being, JDR does not adjust well. However, against the Ravens' D, it is lukewarm. I will take our Pagano coached D and our defensive backs over Denver's any day of the week. With this Denver team, when things go south, they go south pretty fast with not much of a resistance against elite teams. W
  21. It is not that he does not have a Plan B. But Peyton prefers "library like" conditions, and got agitated when his fans started making noise and diverted his angst on fans to the scoreboard operator when asked about the Chargers game. Once you introduce "chaos" into his "library like" conditions, he does not operate at high efficiency. Say what you want, his arm strength matters that split second against elite DBs to break it up. His perfect conditions are not windy, at home or inside a dome against elite teams who he plays more often in the playoffs. Against the lesser teams, none of it matt
  22. Everytime it is a 3rd and long (which I would say is 7 yards or more to go), I'd come with a double A gap blitz, and force Brady to thread the needle to the outside wideouts and I like our chances. Clog the middle, that is how the Jets play Brady. Butler on Edelman, Toler on Lafell and VD on Gronk, I am all for that. The Pats do quick play action, so there is less time to get to the QB, so the key is blitzing down the middle and mixing it up, and tipping balls at the line of scrimmage. If we tip a few balls for INTs, it will work for us, IMO, especially at home.
  23. I do think the AFC wins it all this year and if the Colts somehow make a playoff run, Luck could be holding a Lombardi, IMO
  24. He is the one I had mocked to us in round 1. Hopefully he runs slow intentionally so that he can drop to us,
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