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  1. Draft position does not always equal the quality of the player, just because 10 DL have gone wouldn't necessarily mean that we'd only have 11th best or worse available (some GMs suck at the draft, cough, Grigson, cough). Even if it was true that there was only the 11th best DL on pure talent, that doesn't necessarily mean that (1) he could be of more value to us than some of the earlier picks due to scheme fit and (2) he may still be considered BPA or at least a value pick at that point.
  2. IkeAramba

    Feel better about our team after TNF.

    Think it might be a case of Nathan Peterman is absolutely terrible. If the Bills look as bad with Allen at QB then you could be right about the Bills but Peterman has the ability to stifle the Bills offense better than any defense in the league.
  3. Lose the suggestion about baggage with him (Nelson was viewed as one of the safest picks in the draft) and I'd have no problem with taking an elite player not at a position of need, with the possible exception of QB.