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  1. Well either we find out in the next day or two or its a few people with bad sources. There have been a few very recent departures from the team which indicate that something may be wrong in DC: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/07/12/redskins-fire-two-members-their-football-personnel-department/ https://www.si.com/nfl/redskins/news/longtime-voice-of-washington-football-larry-michael-retires
  2. There are rumors the name change is the least of their problems - https://nypost.com/2020/07/15/a-washington-bombshell-is-coming-and-its-not-about-redskins/ https://twitter.com/PatMcAfeeShow/status/1283572209462784000?s=20
  3. Surely if the riots continue for another week and there is no increase in corona virus infections, then it shows that the lockdown can end with no need for social distancing and we can go back to things as they were before. Those looting definitely didn't appear to be maintaining the required distance from those outside of their household.
  4. Glad I'm not the only person who can see TY leaving after this year - injury prone WRs already in their 30s tend not to get paid 10m+ per year. The only way he becomes a high priority to resign is if both Campbell and Pittman appear to be struggling with life in the NFL, although one could see us looking for a younger replacement.
  5. Saw an article (https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/11/nfl-season-dr-fauci-coronavirus-fmia-peter-king/) which indicated that when in 1973 he was offered an opportunity to cheat by using the Raiders gameplan that one of his players had found when using their training facilities, he said "Tear it up. If we can’t beat ‘em straight up, we shouldn’t beat ‘em." The Dolphins lost the game, but his actions make it clear he is a very different man than Belichick.
  6. Didn't really say very much in about the draft, but did suggest that Ballard might double dip with WRs in round 2 and was more upbeat about Fromm than most.
  7. Not sure we'd have been able to make that work, we were in cap hell around the time Luck arrived and had to let go a lot of players that had been core players with Manning.
  8. Anybody else think that Ballard might pick 2 WR in round 2, given his previous history of double dipping for positions (Q + Smith, Turay + Lewis)?
  9. That isn't a terrible standard to reach - from his wiki he has a career average passer rating of over 90, led the league in passing percentage twice and passer rating once. Most of his limitations as a QB were caused by injury, so unless you view Fromm as being particularly fragile he may be better than you believe.
  10. Are you saying that ESPN were premature in giving Chicago a higher grade than us for drafting Mitch Trubisky?
  11. Think it is also available via Amazon Prime Video for free, at least in England.
  12. Realistically there are three options because of the percentage of the cap tied up with Rivers and Brissett: 1) Rivers, Brissett, Kelly - Brissett released next offseason 2) Rivers, Brissett, Kelly/draftee - developmental QB competes for the third string slot with Kelly, likely to be a 3rd round pick or later 3) Rivers, draftee, Kelly - if somebody trades for Brissett we may pick a QB in round 2 or 3 Can't see any other likely scenarios and still think option 1 is the most likely. How we proceed next offseason depends on how Rivers does, if he does
  13. It is going to be an interesting technical challenge. I'd imagine each team would want an internal group communication plus there would be team to NFL communication (potentially televised) to communicate picks. Then things start to get a little crazy when you get inter team communications to negotiate trades. I wouldn't be surprised if the time allocated to each pick is increased. One of the challenges for each team might be to make sure that they are using the right channel for each purpose, you wouldn't want your internal discussions being televised a couple of picks before y
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