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  1. Am I the only person here who can see KC taking a step backwards and the Jags not being as good as expected? KC's defense last year wasn't great other than the pass rush, and they've lost a few proven performers (Houston, Ford) while only bringing in one proven pass rusher, the loss of Tyreek Hill for a few games may hit the passing game hard (it will certainly make it easier for teams to double Travis Kelce) and they seem to be assuming that Damien Williams will be as productive as he was at the end of last season, rather than the unproductive back from his 4 years at Miami. With the Jags, everybody seems to assume that Nick Foles will be the Eagles version of the player, rather than the Rams version of the player when he was taken out of their system. While he may be as productive as when he was in Philly, it may be a more reasonable expectation of his upside is Case Keenum in Denver level. If Foles is at the Case Keenum level, expect a similar playoff run to Denver's last season despite the quality of the defense.
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