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  1. Good move by the Colts. Gives them alot of flexibility in 2020, while not mortgaging the future. No-brainer.
  2. I voted 'No' but I think he will in time. This is a big ugly black mark on the organization and Irsay will eventually want to make amends. The Colts * away a generational talent. I hope this doesn't deter other young quarterbacks from coming here. If the Colts rebound quickly and have a young quarterback fall in their lap, Luck will be in the Ring sooner. If this organization gets stuck in purgatory, might take longer
  3. The Grigson hiring was the mistake. We could have kept Peyton and traded the #1 draft pick for a bounty. We could have hired a different GM in 2012 to build around Luck. Either scenario would more likely have panned out better. Ours seems to have been the worst possible outcome. Grigson was the mistake.
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