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  1. Does signing Houston and Funchess signal anything about our draft strategy? Does it negate drafting a WR or another pass rusher in the first round? What position do you think we're looking to draft at 26 now?
  2. I wanted one of either Bell, Brown, or OBJ. Oh well. Looks like Ballard was true to his word: this Colts locker room isn't mature enough yet to handle a big personality. I trust in Ballard. Hidden gems are out there. If he hits on draft and value FAs, we will have forgotten about these big name come opening day kick-off
  3. None of other teams scare me. I'll just be watching the games, not playing
  4. I think Bell is more interested in the Colts than they are of him. Bell is either pining to be a Colt or playing mind games with the Steelers. Either way, he's trying to create his own buzz in the media. Amateurish.
  5. If he knows football, why keep bringing up his W-L record? He's not applying for a HC job, he's an analyst
  6. Just because he had a horrendous W-L record does not mean he doesn't have knowledge to impart
  7. I prefer the neck beard to this look
  8. Trades are so unpredictable, it's almost not worth doing the mental gymnastics to entertain them
  9. Although I posted a link to the article, it doesn't mean I agree with it, you all; just as I stated in the OP. Ever entertain an idea without accepting it? It's the hallmark of an educated mind
  10. I say no unless he's a natural at the position https://www.stampedeblue.com/platform/amp/2018/7/9/17550962/colts-should-give-quenton-nelson-shot-tackle
  11. I predict 8-8. This roster still has a lot of holes. Some of the draft picks will not pan out. The injury bugs will eat away at what little depth we do have. Another draft+ spending some FA money next year will make us the surprise team of 2019. And oh yeah, Nelson is a probowler in his rookie season
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