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  1. At this point, the Colts have been in Indy longer than they were in Baltimore. Personally , I no longer think about the Baltimore years. Plus, Baltimore have long since won two Superbowls. To answer your question, it definitely would have made things less awkward if we had changed the name and logo etc… but it’s water under the bridge and ancient history now
  2. I started my teenage football fandom in earnest as a Dan Fouts-led, Chargers fan. They were exciting to watch! That was in 1982. Once the Colts loaded up the Mayflowers and moved to Indy in the middle of the night, the Colts became my favorite team. What a great ride it has been! The Super Bowl win still thrills me
  3. Maybe Stanford wanted the Colts more than they wanted him
  4. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/08/26/andrew-luck-quarterbacked-the-scout-team-offense-at-a-colorado-high-school-practice/amp/
  5. 7 picks later the Colts drafted Idres Bashir. Meh.
  6. Weren’t the Colts in pursuit of Stafford before Wentz?
  7. I think Ballard will keep doing one year deals at LT until such time he can draft one, which could be 2022. Fisher will not get a huge payday here at his age and cap number, he’s just a stopgap
  8. He's living up to the hype. Did anyone seriously doubt he would be a perennial All-Pro when he was drafted?
  9. Buckner could be the best DT we've ever had? Guess he better be
  10. What if Hank Baskett holds on to the damn ball? What if Marvin Harrison doesn't fumble against San Diego? What if Nick Harper doesn't get tackled by Rothlisbeger? What if the referees had enforced the rules against New England's corners in '04? So many what ifs
  11. Good move by the Colts. Gives them alot of flexibility in 2020, while not mortgaging the future. No-brainer.
  12. I voted 'No' but I think he will in time. This is a big ugly black mark on the organization and Irsay will eventually want to make amends. The Colts * away a generational talent. I hope this doesn't deter other young quarterbacks from coming here. If the Colts rebound quickly and have a young quarterback fall in their lap, Luck will be in the Ring sooner. If this organization gets stuck in purgatory, might take longer
  13. The Grigson hiring was the mistake. We could have kept Peyton and traded the #1 draft pick for a bounty. We could have hired a different GM in 2012 to build around Luck. Either scenario would more likely have panned out better. Ours seems to have been the worst possible outcome. Grigson was the mistake.
  14. Does signing Houston and Funchess signal anything about our draft strategy? Does it negate drafting a WR or another pass rusher in the first round? What position do you think we're looking to draft at 26 now?
  15. I wanted one of either Bell, Brown, or OBJ. Oh well. Looks like Ballard was true to his word: this Colts locker room isn't mature enough yet to handle a big personality. I trust in Ballard. Hidden gems are out there. If he hits on draft and value FAs, we will have forgotten about these big name come opening day kick-off
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