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  1. I wouldn't worry about that you actually have a good gm. That was the browns problem they couldn't find a guy to pick good players.
  2. As an outsider its just shocking but I understand who wants to be rehabbing and going through pain for going on 5 years. As far as people getting mad at the timing. I don't get it he wasn't injured until minicamp I think. He tried to rehab and it wasn't getting better. So he was going to play hurt for another year? It wasn't going to get better playing on it with the possibility if injuring it worse see KD. The guy has made 100 mil in his career its his life to live it sucks for the colts. But the way it was going even if he was playing the next couple years it was more than likely going to be injury riddled under performing seasons.
  3. yea unfortunately the browns are what everyone is talking about so there are tons of nonsense stores and clickbate on them because they get attention. so their oline coach wasnt retained because kitchens wanted his own coaches not hue jackson holdovers. Not to mention he replaced him with a top 3 Oline coach in the NFL. Bob was scorned and said some nonsense i crap about the QB coach being the reason for the offensive turnaround. i dont fault kitchens for sticking up for himself. so what would reich have said if his Oline coach that he fired said he was the reason the colts made the playoffs last year because of the improved oline play and was unjustly fired? would reich stick up for himself? i hope he would. as far as baker yelling at OBJ and landry they are on record saying they deserved it because they weren't doing what they were supposed to. i get it everyone wants to make any story about the browns right now good, bad , justified , unjustified.
  4. No and no. I only go by what he has done since being head coach. Yes he is a first time head coach so was reich, mcvay, Peterson. That is not a reason for failure. Not all good coaches are 2nd and 3rd time retreads.
  5. i know kitchens is unproven. what has he done this off season that has people thinking he is going to fail? the X's and O's they have a pretty innovative staff i am not worried about that much. as far as the culture they are building. all he does is stress having the most physical team on the field. with a focus on winning and having a selfless team. It even seems OBJ has bought in noting how he loves clearing out going deep and having 2 guys cover him while landry and Njoku work underneath. i cant even really think of anything to nitpick the coach on so far.
  6. i understand i do i have lived it. the browns #1 problem since 99 was picking players and talent. they had a bottom 5 roster and was drafting top 10 every year. John dorsey is the man and knows how to find real football players. now most people would say they have a top 5 roster. problem #2 was the merry-go round of coaches. the owner let dorsey pick the coach this time and i know kitchens is unproven but i fully believe he is the guy. he knows how to lead he was the QB at alabama under gene stallings, was an assistant under nick saben and bill parcells who he talks to regularly. he knows what good coaching is and is making this team into tough physical team that is close knit. Full pads every practice except 1 so far with live hitting most days. so while most people need to see it. i can see it coming from a mile away.
  7. if you cant see with your eyes that this isnt a 5-11 team idk what to tell ya.
  8. you have a guy called luck if you haven't forgot. Brissett is seriously probably in the top 3 best backup QB's in the NFL. he is pretty darn good but no backup is a guy that can carry a team for long periods. just need him to step in and give you a chance to win for a couple games. If you lose your Starter for the year you dont have a chance. the nick foles thing was a once in a century occurrence not the norm.
  9. there is no defense for a perfect ball. good coverage by the CB but damn.
  10. the flood gates have opened. the colts heart isnt in it after that injury. end this practice already
  11. tell that to steelers fans they still think the browns are going 5-11 and they are walking away with the division. not this year its different
  12. baker doing baker things i know colts have had manning and then luck. its been a long time since the browns have had a QB.
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