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  1. Its absolutely ridiculous.
  2. The disrespect was someone here calling him soft, not people worrying about him.
  3. Omg everyone scream Andrew is done for the sea....oh. CALLLLLM DOWNNNN people.
  4. This is incorrectly represented though. The way you're speaking is as if they mislead us. That was never the case. The problem simply was Andrew's shoulder never healed the way it was supposed to throughout the process. Lets not act like Ballard is a liar in any way, we all know hes not.
  5. You're probably smart for doing that in all honesty.
  6. Again, I'm not saying you have no reason to worry. But being behind on training camp reps is not a reason to bench one the best QBs in the game. Being behind on training camp reps isnt a reason to insult him and call him soft. Being behind on training camp reps isnt going to ruin this season. Take some advice from Aaron Rodgers and RELAX. Until we hear it's more severe, it doesn't seem like a major problem.
  7. Being concerned is fine. Calling this dude soft and suggesting we start someone else over him is COMPLETE LUNACY.
  8. Lol...some of you are hilarious. This dude missed over a year of football, strolled back in to a new offense with all new pieces and lit the league up and became an MVP candidate. Dude misses a couple training camp practices and now its "OMG WE NEED TO START JACOBY OTHERWISE THIS SEASON IS OVER!! HE'S SOFT!" Insert massive eye roll Gif here. Absolute nonsense. So disrespectful.
  9. Sheard is a DE, so no.
  10. Ok guys, sorry this is a bit late, but I had a bunch of running around to do after practice. Colts.com and Kevin Bowen have great recaps of the major events from practice, so I'll try to add some things that I personally noticed. 1. There was hardly any rotation at all with the offensive starters today. -With Hilton and Doyle out, the 1st team skill positions were almost exclusively Funchess, Ebron, Chester, and Pascal. I saw Campbell take maybe 1 rep with 1's on an RPO with Hines as a lead blocker for Campbell, and I didn't see Cain take any at all. As a matter of fact, Cain was basically in the 3rd rotation of receivers today. After the 1's, the next unit was Marcus Johnson, Fountain, and Campbell. Rotation 3 was Cain, Fountain, and, Hogan. Ashton Dulin got some run with the 2's as well, in place of Fountain. 2. Depth players continue to shine. - Although Cain didn't get any reps with the 1's, he made the most of the targets he did get, whether that be in team drills or during 1 on 1's. He had 2 impressive catches and continues to stand out. Ashton Dulin and Marcus Johnson had some nice plays today as well. There were some good runs by Williams and Wilkins. But to me, the offensive stars today were the Tight Ends. Ebron just looks...better...I dont know how to describe it, but he seems more confident and somewhat more explosive. I think the coaching staff is going to pull their hair out trying to choose the other TE's to keep beyond Ebron and Doyle, though. Ross Travis, Hale Hentges, and Mo Allie-Cox all looked impressive today. This could be a group we see someone we dont initially expect on the 53. 3. Solid contributions from the rookies. - Campbell made some good plays on offense, even though he had his issues on special teams as reported. I wouldnt be surprised if they remove him from punt returns like they did with Hines last preseason, but it may be too soon to go that far. Rock allowed some catches but played tight all day, even had a good break up against Funchess. Later, he stopped an outside run play for no gain with a great read and pretty perfect body placement. EJ Speed snuffed out a run play that would have been a TFL by about 3 or 4 yards. Khari Willis had an INT during 1 on 1's that was very impressive, both athletically and instinctually. 4. Other random observations. - During 1 on 1's Autry got the better of Nelson twice today, once completely knocking him backwards with a big thud. These 2 playing against eachother every day is going to make them 10x better. - Quincy had a near INT, but ran into a teammate and lost control of the ball. - Le'Raven Clark looked pretty good at LT during 1 on 1's. He did get beat by Houston once, but held his own much of the day. - I thought Boehm stood out during 1 on 1's. He moved into the 2nd team offensive line today, after being 3rd string the last couple days, however, that was at RG, not center. He was still the 3rd string center as well. - Hairston had a pick he dropped, and got called on a pass interference penalty on a beautiful leaping catch from Ashton Dulin. - I saw Phillips be impactful a few times today. Would be sacks, pressures, stopping outside runs, he had a good day. 5. Lastly, I think Funchess could be the real deal. - I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't exactly thrilled when I heard about his signing initially. My optimism grew when I heard Frank glow about him, because I trust his judgment. But seeing him in person today really solidified him as a good signing in my eyes. Strong hands, fights for the ball, gets open.. there's a lot to like here. He definitely feels like he could be the #2 we've been dreaming of for years. Tomorrow, what I'll be looking at: I believe the maintenance guys will be back, but I want to see if Campbell or Cain can get any more 1st team reps. Same with Collims and Rock on defense. Curious to see what's happening at SS with Odum and Geathers. Hope this was helpful. Enjoy day 4 tomorrow.
  11. Hey friends. I am live at grand park today. Going to take some diligent notes and write up everything I see today and post it after practice.
  12. I'll be attending a session or 2 as well. My biggest areas of focus will be on the WRs, DL, CBs and LBs. Curious to see how those reps shake out.
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