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  1. Look, I've been a supporter of Jacoby's and have given him the benefit of the doubt all season. But these are the games that you need your QB to step up and make a play. Yes, there were drops. Yes, TY was barely playing. Yes, we need more help at WR. But... to have only 4 completions to your receivers, against this banged up secondary is unacceptable. So the story is either: 1. Our receivers are so bad that they were literally covered all game and couldn't make a single play. 2. Jacoby wasnt willing or able to throw the ball. It's likely a mixture of both. But still, to average 160ish passing yards in 2019 is unacceptable. With this offensive line, these TEs and RBs...all I know is Andrew dealt with trash at virtually every position and made it happen. Jacoby is a great a backup, but hes not a game-changing playmaker outside of his escapeability. When it comes to reading defenses or getting into the correct playcall or throwing a receiver open, that's not his strong suit. I love Jacoby the person. I'm thankful to have him as a Colt. But this game made my decision. It's clear to me now, we need to draft a new Quarterback.
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