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  1. Look, I've been a supporter of Jacoby's and have given him the benefit of the doubt all season. But these are the games that you need your QB to step up and make a play. Yes, there were drops. Yes, TY was barely playing. Yes, we need more help at WR. But... to have only 4 completions to your receivers, against this banged up secondary is unacceptable. So the story is either: 1. Our receivers are so bad that they were literally covered all game and couldn't make a single play. 2. Jacoby wasnt willing or able to throw the ball. It's likely a mixture
  2. Thank you for the kind words, everyone. This isn't the path we wanted, but Ballard and Reich will get us through it. I have faith.
  3. This is my first time being on the forum since Andrew retired. It took me a long time to accept it and get past it, as I was basically heartbroken for a multitude of reasons. All the respect in the world to him, I'll miss him, and I wish him happiness and health in life above all. But, looking ahead to 2019, Jacoby's extension, etc... This may be kinda long because I haven't said much in a while. Before I get to my main topic of discussion, I'd like to reiterate some points that have been made by others here that I agree with. 1. The length and price of Jaco
  4. The disrespect was someone here calling him soft, not people worrying about him.
  5. Omg everyone scream Andrew is done for the sea....oh. CALLLLLM DOWNNNN people.
  6. This is incorrectly represented though. The way you're speaking is as if they mislead us. That was never the case. The problem simply was Andrew's shoulder never healed the way it was supposed to throughout the process. Lets not act like Ballard is a liar in any way, we all know hes not.
  7. You're probably smart for doing that in all honesty.
  8. Again, I'm not saying you have no reason to worry. But being behind on training camp reps is not a reason to bench one the best QBs in the game. Being behind on training camp reps isnt a reason to insult him and call him soft. Being behind on training camp reps isnt going to ruin this season. Take some advice from Aaron Rodgers and RELAX. Until we hear it's more severe, it doesn't seem like a major problem.
  9. Being concerned is fine. Calling this dude soft and suggesting we start someone else over him is COMPLETE LUNACY.
  10. Lol...some of you are hilarious. This dude missed over a year of football, strolled back in to a new offense with all new pieces and lit the league up and became an MVP candidate. Dude misses a couple training camp practices and now its "OMG WE NEED TO START JACOBY OTHERWISE THIS SEASON IS OVER!! HE'S SOFT!" Insert massive eye roll Gif here. Absolute nonsense. So disrespectful.
  11. Sheard is a DE, so no.
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