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  1. yeah or getting toasted like McDaniels's thing
  2. Is it just me, or are these coaching positions filling somewhat more quickly than last year?
  3. they never show his face... and voice editing does exist
  4. Mitchell's been playing limited for a while.
  5. I'm telling you... it's Luck himself...
  6. Safety i think just became a fore issue in the draft this year... I don't look for Ballard to keep Hooker long term being banged up constantly
  7. Braden just went against both Watt and Clowney, two of the absolute best in the league. And on occasion, Reader who is pretty dang good too. I’d say those 3 are near or at Houston’s level
  8. He said greatest COLTS coach but yeah I agree with hoodie but that’s league wide and hoodie had to cheat
  9. I’m not sure but I’m thinking more and more Ballard is going to continue to save that cap space simply to resign all these guys. Paying them each between 12-20 mil to keep them is gonna add up QUICK
  10. I was thinking spot of the foul plus 15 yards. Clock reset and it counts towards the two unsportsmanlike penalties one gets to be ejected
  11. i don’t think I wanna . besides that’s why we have super mods like you
  12. I agree. But I also don't like plays like that. I think the penalty on such should be more than a standard PI. Something like a flagrant foul
  13. exactly, who cares, LETS PLAY BALL!!
  14. Email the links to Reich, let him show our guys what’s being said. This game gonna be a fight, it’s Rocky vs Apollo, who wins will come down to the final buzzard
  15. Nope, none at all. I’m just saying I hope that continues
  16. Well for what it’s worth, he’s 4th or higher in every category since he came back in earlier this season. Assuming he averages the same states those 4 games, he’d be second only to Elliot...
  17. What I meant is he was drafted and intened to play as a guard. Now I think he’s proven he’s very good at RT and should be left there.
  18. I disagree. They have Kopkins, Miller, Fuller, Thomas and a very good Defensive front 7. Their weakness is their OL and Secondary but they lost in pet yesterday to Watson looking like a deer in headlights most of the game. His passes were all over the place
  19. While I don’t disagree, let’s not forget, he’s coming off an injury last year too. Plus he never was or has been a pocket passer. He’s a mobile QB who can throw on the run. We did exactly what we needed to do, force him to make plays with his legs but don’t give up the big plays. The Tampa 2 zone is actually a very good D for that type of QB. Worked very well last night.
  20. Agreed. And the best part is... he’s not even a true RT but a Guard! Ballard hit some home runs in the last draft, I hope he can do the same thing again. As long as he doesn’t get overly cute or a big head, he may again
  21. Highly Mobile QBs who run a lot don’t usually last long either. We kept him relatively in check and forced him to be a pocket passer and game manager. Something he’s not and something most highly mobile, running/wildcat QBs seem to struggle with. When i say highly mobile, I’m talking about QBs that run more than their RBs in games... the watsons, the young’s, the RG3s etc.
  22. Agreed. Win or lose this game is going to be valuable to a young defense facing what looks to be the next dominate team in the AFC for years to come. This likely won’t be the only post season game we play against them.
  23. Hmmm I’m hoping for the same. I just in awe at the season to be honest.
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