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  1. @indywilson40 Colts do have three Pro Bowlers in the secondary. No Vontae Davis though.

  2. Jim Irsay and Chuck Pagano have made it clear over the past month: a fast start for the Colts is a must in 2016 https://t.co/xV3MkdfpPx

    1. MIColtsFan


      0 points in 1st qtr .. have to get the fast start motoring regardless of injuries. 

  3. @indiana_chrenko Could be an injury settlement down the road. The Colts just aren’t in a situation to wait for guys to get healthy.

  4. The Colts 2016 draft picks and cheerleaders here in Kokomo helping relief victims at the American Red Cross shelter https://t.co/8U01kKSsVj

  5. T.J. Green is currently a rookie starting safety in the NFL. However, the Colts still need improvement from Green https://t.co/1gn2XTN1XO

  6. @Grady Wait, is this real? #GradyTokyo2020

  7. @ColtsLuck1292 Still on the normal media schedule. Players and Pagano starting at 10:50 in the morning

  8. @patten1962 If you include Okine in the DL group, I could see that. Depends on Anderson's health for those first four games w/ Jones out

  9. @EmperorDavis I don’t see it. He’s going to warrant big money. Have to look at T.J. Green. You don’t draft a 2nd rounder to be a backup.

  10. RT @ALBookClub: Just a fun #throwbackthursday from last week at the @childrensmuseum. I had a great time. #ALBookClub #indy #read https://t…

  11. @KnowWhatToKnow @HolderStephen Yep

  12. @bpfalvey Haha, I hear you. I’m thrilled not to be work consumed with the draft tonight and can watch it as a fan (granted, no Round 1 pick)

  13. RT @drm_12: First time running routes in a while little rusty but I'm so thankful and blessed to be back. I'm ready to help my brothers @Co…

  14. Small snippet from Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton on @SportsCenter this past Sunday at the #Indy500 https://t.co/3Cp7tDLiEi

  15. Pagano on London game: “We’d love to try to keep thing as normal as possible.” Still looking at when to leave. Mentions possibly Thur. night

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