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  1. ColtsFanMikeC

    Chris Ballard’s Message to Fans

    Yea, certainly need more than 1 good year to be considered elite. However, I expect at least a few of them to have strung together a few good seasons by the time Brees, Brady, Big Ben, Rogers, etc. all retire.
  2. ColtsFanMikeC

    Chris Ballard’s Message to Fans

    A lot of good young QBs in the league... in AFC South Mariotta and Watson have both shown flashes of brilliance early in their career. Carson Wentz was a legit MVP candidate before injury for the Eagles. Jimmy Garapalo looks like an absolute stud. Then there were 4 QBs taken in the top 10. I agree with you, if Luck is fully healthy, he should be an elite QB this year and it will be a great feeling when Brady retires. Hopefully Andrew has another 8-10 (or more) years left in him to perform as an elite guy, but there is a lot of young QB talent spread across the league.
  3. ColtsFanMikeC

    Malik Hooker

    He doesn't really look 'top-heavy,' but one of the worst things for the knees is to gain upper body weight without compensating for it with lower body strength.... hopefully he's been keeping his lower body as strong or stronger than his upper body.
  4. I will throw last season out, because we were awful... but if we go back to 2016, we had 1,628 rushing yards (1,438 in 2015). We had 355 total receptions in 2015 with TY and Moncrief having over 60, Fleener over 50, A. Johnson at 41 and Gore at 34... nobody else over 20. In 2016 we had 370 receptions, with TY at 91, Doyle at 59, Gore at 38, D. Allen at 35, Dorsett at 33, Moncrief at 30, and two back up RBs in the 20 catch range. In 2016, TY had 1448 yards, Doyle had 584 yards, and Dorsett had 528, Allen had 406, Moncrief had 307, and nobody else over 300. In 2015, TY had 1128 yards, Moncrief had 733 yards, A. Johnson had 503, Fleener had 491 and nobody else over 300. You are predicting our 2 rookie RBs to be at 1,080 yards. If we go by 2015 and 2016, that means you are suggesting Mack and Turbin will combine for between 350-550 yards. I tend to doubt we'll have 2 rookie RBs rushing for 500+ yards each, but maybe I'm wrong. You are predicting 3 of our rookies (Hines, Cain and Fountain) to have 300+ yards, with Cain and Fountain each having 30+ catches (I'm assuming you expect Hines to have 30+ catches, too, given he's 600+ yards receiving). The last two times we have had a decent offense we have had 5 and 6 guys over 30 receptions and 5 and 4 guys with over 300 yards receiving. You have 3 rookies meeting or exceeding both of those numbers. We also have TY, Doyle, Ebron on this team who are all (IMO) highly likely to exceed those numbers. If all 3 of the predicted rookies you have do it, we will have had a better year offensively than 2015 or 2016 in terms of receiving. These rookies are also competing with veterans aside from TY, Doyle and Ebron who include Grant, Rogers, Swoope, Mack, Turbin, Michael and Ferguson (while none of these guys are spectacular, they have all had productive seasons either bringing in passes or rushing the ball in this league). We also are not totally sure Luck will be 100% week 1. I hope you're right, but I tend to think you're greatly overreaching for what you expect out of the skill players on offense.
  5. ColtsFanMikeC

    Big Grover doin Work

    I think Tomasi Laulile may turn some heads in training camp as an undrafted FA from BYU if he can stay healthy, but imagine he makes practice squad at best. Otherwise, I think you are pretty spot on.... I don't know if Simon is very well suited as a DE although I like what he did for us at LB last year. Hunt also has value on ST's and played pretty well for us last year, so I think I'd give him the edge of Nunez-Rochez if it comes to keeping 9. I think Ridgeway is very well suited for a 4-3, especially if he's got a big guy like Stewart/Woods eating up blockers next to him.
  6. Sounds like he is a pretty tough kid... maybe he should have not played through all those injuries and took time to fully recover. Sounds like he's got some upside, and with Doyel and Ebron, he probably isn't being brought in with expectation to do much off the bat (if ever). Swoope seems to be developing nicely as a receiver, but also has had some durability issues. Either way, sounds like we got a high-character guy who can come in and compete for a spot on the roster.
  7. ColtsFanMikeC

    right tackle

    He may be our best athlete along the OL... more of a learning thing than an athletic thing, I think..
  8. ColtsFanMikeC

    right tackle

    Smith will likely be a day 1 starter, IMO. I also think Turay and Lewis will be part of a rotation on the DL... Turay, I think may get into a starter role, the guy has freakish talent if he can learn the game at the pro-level and keep healthy. While I don't expect them to start, I expect at least 1 of our 2 RBs to contribute significantly and among Zaire Franklin, Matthew Adams and Skai Moore I expect at least 1 of them to make significant contributions in certain packages (I would actually bet Zaire has a very good shot at winning the starting MIKE spot). Also, unless we sign Dez or someone at WR, I expect at least 1 of the 2 WRs to see significant time on the field. We have to wait and see, but I think we had a solid draft. Reich likes to exploit match-ups on offense. Nyheim Hines at 5'8" is the fastest RB from this years draft class, and he can catch out of the backfield... I imagine Reich will try to utilize him like Darren Sproles. Wilkins is also an interesting prospect -- over 10% of his runs last year went for >15 yards and he averaged over 7 ypc against SEC competition. In terms of LB, you are right in that we lack talent there. It seems like Sheard is definitely going to move to DE and verdict is out on Simon. Zaire Franklin I think has a very legit shot at winning the MIKE spot, he was 3 year captain at 'Cuse and although he's a little short he's very strong (30+ 225 lbs reps on bench) and fast (4.58 forty). If Luck is fully healthy, we have a very legitimate shot at the AFC South title. I think Watson is going to have a hard time getting back to full force (that is his second major injury to the same knee). Jax has a stout D, but I don't think Bortles is a franchise QB. The AFC South is much better now than it was in Luck's rookie year, but with Luck back on the field there is a good chance this is not a 'rebuilding' year -- there is no reason why we cannot be competitive to win the AFC South again.... that doesn't mean we will beat the Pats or some other powerhouses in the playoffs, but it's a clean slate if we make it there.
  9. ColtsFanMikeC

    right tackle

    Hah, maybe.. I don't know... When Clark came out of college a lot said it'd take 3 years from him to be a pro-bowl kind of guy.... I think he's got the highest ceiling of those who will battle for RT, but I think Haeg has shown to be most consisent. Regardless, Ballard addressed a major need in this draft and we at least have a solid position fight on that right side.
  10. ColtsFanMikeC

    right tackle

    Personally, I was shocked to see us go guard again with our #3 pick, but the more I think about it... the more I like this draft. In Nelson, I think we have a 10-12 year all-pro at one guard spot. I think Smith can also be a pro-bowl caliber guy. If Kelly can stay healthy, we have 3 pro-bowlers on the inside of our OL (and all are young!). Right now, our OL went from being our weak link to perhaps being one of our top 3 strong points. We are set for at least a few more years with an above-average and solid player in Castonzo at LT. If healthy, we have a stalwart at C in Kelly. I think we have 2 extremely talented Gs around him in Smith and Nelson. I like our interior depth with Mewhort, Slauson, Bond, Vujnovich and others (Haeg,Good can also potentially sub at G). Now, our remaining question on the OL is 'Who is going to step up at RT?' I imagine this will be a battle between Haeg, Good, Clark and Mewhort. If I had to guess right now, I think Haeg is going to be the one to step up and win the position. I am not sure though, Haeg, Good and Clark have all shown flashes but have also shown inconsistencies. I think Haeg's biggest knock was he needed to get used to NFL strength and bulk up a little. This should be interesting, at least we have 4 abled bodies at the RT side.... and who knows, maybe we'll be able to keep Luck upright and get some sort of running game going with the interior line Ballard just brought us during this draft! Haven't been excited about our OL really since the Tarik Glenn days.... this, to me, was a fantastic draft and gives optimism that what has been a long term weakness may actually turn into a strength of this young team!
  11. ColtsFanMikeC

    Projected Colts Starters

    I think the big thing is health and depth.... we only have a few glaring holes (ILB is the biggest one in my opinion) and we don't know how some young guys will develop (on the OL, Haeg, Goode, Clark have all showed flashes but have been inconsistent.... on DL, Ridgeway and Stewart have shown flashes as well... at WR, it'd be nice to have someone to be a true #2/1a to TY but Rogers and Grant may well be up for it, especially if we are running lots of 2 TE sets and Ebron and Doyel do well). Our secondary has potential to be very, very good (if healthy). A fully healthy Luck plus heath around the rest of the roster and this team is only a handful of additions away from contending for AFC South again.
  12. I think we have multiple players on this team who are a very good fit for a 4-3, cover 2 scheme and am fairly convinced Ballard was planning for this last year. These include: Q. Wilson... a big physical corner that should thrive an a zone scheme (especially if we have any pass rush). M. Hooker... should be excellent in this scheme as a center fielder (if he can stay healthy). P. Desir... like Wilson, a big physical guy who should thrive on the outside in this scheme. N. Hairston.. I think he'll just improve as a nickel. H. Ridgeway.. he's a gap-shooter, and I think ideally suited as an interior DL in a 4-3. J. Sheard... I think he'll see improvement from last year, and I thought he was our best LB last year (not saying much). T. Basham... still needs to develop, but he's much better off in a 4-3 as an edge-rusher than as an OLB in a 3-4. D. Autry... I see him being a key contributor on our DL, and if I had to guess now, would pencil him as a starter opposite Sheard. The ones I think may struggle some: A. Woods... I think he'll be OK, but he's a big fatty that I think is better suited in the middle of a 3-4. G. Stewart... I don't know if he's going to be athletic enough to excel in the middle of a 4-3, but I don't think this scheme kills him. J. Simon... I think he could do OK as a rush DE on passing downs and a SSLB otherwise. I don't think this move kills him, but I'm not sure it benefits him like some of the guys above. H. Anderson... I like that he's losing some weight.. I think he'll do better in the middle of this DL, especially on passing downs, but I imagine he can rotate across the whole line. A. Walker... I think this is a good move for him, I just don't know he's got the skills to be a 3 down LB in the NFL. The ones I think are the most screwed: A. Morrison... he was pretty much screwed anyway, but this is not a good fit for him. M. Hunt... maybe he'll shock me, as he did seem just like an overall better player last year than at earlier points in his career, but I don't see him being a very good fit in this scheme. K. Moore II... he improved as the year went on last year, but I just don't see him being a great fit in a cover 2. The ones I don't know what to think about... TJ Green... I could see this being a good move for him, especially if he can transition to CB -- he's big and fast and a zone scheme may be what saves his career. Pretty much everyone else. I think it's pretty clear we need some help at LB and potentially along the DL. However, if healthy, I think our secondary is the strength of the team this coming season.
  13. ColtsFanMikeC

    Projected Colts Starters

    Well, hopefully Chicago, Miami or Buffalo is ready to give us a lot to move up to #6. I feel like with a first rounder and 4-5 second rounders plus 3 third rounders we could bring in 3-4 guys to start off the bat... However, I think we're OK on the DL with Anderson and Woods in the middle and Basham/Sheard/Hunt/Autry at DE (obviously, we could use some improvement and we don't know that Anderson will keep himself healthy, but I don't think we're too bad there. I just really hope we give Luck the protection he needs to avoid being the most sacked QB in the league again... Then many positions we are OK/Good in if we can stay healthy but seem to lack depth (e.g., safety should be very good, but Geathers and Hooker both have an injury history). I think we should be OK at CB (though Desir and Wilson both had their share of injuries last year). Even on OL, with Mewhort, Slauson and Kelly all healthy we are pretty good in the interior and solid at LT... but Mewhort Slauson and Kelly all have recent injury worries.
  14. ColtsFanMikeC

    Most impactful Colts' rookie over the past 20 years

    Yes, 9 FFs and 1 fumble recovered... he was a complete monster and wound up changing the game (paving the way for undersized edge rushers like Mathis, etc.).