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  1. @Champaign_Room Who's winning?

  2. @HawkeyeNation Does Jon Miller #FeelTheBern ?

  3. @hasselESPN UAB!!!

  4. RT @EEpenesa: Special day for my family! Our son Aj just committed to play football at the University of Iowa! #GoHawks https://t.co/QhEzGt…

  5. @Mitchking47 How good is Josey Jewell?

  6. @WhitlockJason Please stop this nonsense.

  7. @JoshWilsonSB @gmbremer @ColtsAuth_Kyle At this point, I'd almost rather lose out and get a good draft pic, high rated OL or D stud.

  8. @piersmorgan is a dick turd.

  9. @PAngererUSA Sorry bud

  10. @ColtsAuth_Kyle @JoshWilsonSB @gmbremer I wish we would use our tight ends and use Moncrief like the Steelers use Bryant

  11. RT @BracketBattles1: Greatest Athlete 25 and under

    • ELITE 8 •

    RT ~ Andrew Luck

    Fav ~ James Rodriguez http://t.co/rCGDDQVtWe

  12. No one is more happy about the #CharlestonShooting right now than @piersmorgan Just something to exploit to boost ratings for him.

    1. Synthetic


      What are you talking about that helps him boost ratings? Fox News can never get enough of talking about how bad Obama is to boost ratings.

    2. Synthetic


      This church shooting is an act of terrorism. People need to stop ignoring the obvious.

    3. southwest1


      All these acts of violence must stop immediately. I'm getting so sick & tired of human tragedies all the time. I know being a police officer isn't easy these days, but senseless homicides of african american citizens needs to be changed ASAP.

  13. RT @CNCNews_12: Let's try this again

    Who deserves a bigger contract?

    RT Luck

    Fav. Wilson http://t.co/bOI94jJdPw

  14. “@SportsCenter: Former Colts safety LaRon Landry's bicep is bigger than your torso. (via @_jswann) http://t.co/voA1CWMYjS” #AllNatural

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