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  1. Briggs32

    Still don't have a starting 2nd CB...

    Jackson would have been a steal at 37. He is perfect for our new system. O well. #TrustTheProcess
  2. Would have preferred St. Brown, Cobbs or even Cain.
  3. Oliver is about 20 pounds less than Wilson.
  4. We could get a good deal on him. 3/4 years and he’s only 26. He’d compliment Hooker well as our SS.
  5. So you think Hooker was a bad choice? Lattimore for the Saints last year? Ward as a top 10 pick as well? They were also only one year starters.
  6. Briggs32

    Denzelle ward

    Please no 5’10” corners. Is a great athlete that doesn’t play up to his ability. I partially agree. If we can’t get Nelson or Chubb, I’d be fine with Minkah or trying to fleece the Bills out of both their first rounders and second rounders.
  7. I’d take this off-season in a heart beat. But throw in a WR. We need more weapons regardless of who the QB is and even if Moncrief can get in track.
  8. I'd do it in a heartbeat. We could most likely get 3-5 starters with those first 5 picks plus our other picks.
  9. Briggs32

    NaVorro Bowman

    Sign him now. He's 29 and still had plenty in the tank. He's still a top 5 ILB and can be a steady veteran presence going forward.
  10. @Champaign_Room Who's winning?

  11. @HawkeyeNation Does Jon Miller #FeelTheBern ?

  12. @hasselESPN UAB!!!

  13. RT @EEpenesa: Special day for my family! Our son Aj just committed to play football at the University of Iowa! #GoHawks…

  14. @Mitchking47 How good is Josey Jewell?