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  1. Wouldnt it be crazy if this guy winds up being another calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson kinda guy. That would be a storyline coming from the Arena League for sure. and Grigson would become infamous for finding guys like freeman and this guy. He also picked up butler who was out of work and came in with two pick sixes and 4? interceptions? And the trade for Vontae davis who, by the way, made aandre Johnson look terrible in the final game. That last interception, Vontae was actually running Johnsons route with Andre 5 yds back. Way ta go, Grigson!!! Remember Polian started out wonderful too. Picking Manning and wayne and James among other Colts Greats. I Trust the office on this one. he looks good in the videos, seems to fight for the ball and YAC alot! Colts seem to be the Kings of Feel good stories. This would be a good one.

  2. Definantly Cromartie. He wants to be the best and likewise plays best when he's challenged, and he'll get plenty of challenge from Vontae. With Darius Butler in the nickel. Yeah i seen what Cromartie did to Wayne and Manning a few years ago. he's had highlights like that against everybody elses best reciever, too. I would definantly take Cromartie and thats even before the issueof Revis's knee injury.

  3. Robert Woods is another Reggie Wayne. Like and identical brother or something. seriously,  whoever drafts Woods is getting a Wayne. Solid hands and crisp routes. Remember two years after we drafted the "route runner out of Miami", that two years later he was spoken of as a bust! Heres a slap for those editors!!! Woods is more intruiging than anyone realizes.

  4. GOOD TOPIC! we have actually had some really good tandems over the years. 


    Ray Buchanon and Ashley Ambrose.

    Bob Sanders and Antoine Bethea

    Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden


    ...and tandems outside the secondary...

    Dwight freeney and Robert Mathis

    Tarik Glenn and Adam Meadows

    Edgerin James and Dominic Rhodes

    Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne

    Ken Dilger and Marcus Pollard


    ....can anyone think of any that im missing? Did anyone (worth mentioning) play alongside Jason "No Neck' Belser?

  5. Freeney played in and started 14 games last year, he was never the same after Webb took out his ankle (arguably on purpose the more I watch it). we wont likely get anything for Hughes, maybe a 7th or 6th round pick, why would we let him go anyway? we are likely already losing Freeney

     Freeney played in 14 games because he HAD to. he played injured because, unlike in the preseason, regular season games matter. and Hughes, although he gets close, doesnt ever finish the way freeney and mathis do, and if he did, then Freeney or Mathis wouldnt have to play injured. i mean, Hughes was a #1 draft pick for cryin' out loud. Heck i even remember one game where hughes was replaced by Fukou. who actually generated more pass rush than Hughes. besides, Hughes being a #1 pick means that we still have topay him #1 pick money even in his last year. rotational guys arent worth that.

  6. Okay..... with $47 mil in cap we have our choice of F/A LB's and Ends:

     Cliff Avril: is my top choice. Played LB some in college and can move east n west with a quickness.

     Paul Kruger: Played in baltimore and actually started to shine along a Beast defense. student of Pagano.

     Conner Barwin: no way texans are letting him go, knowing we are in the market.

     Michael Johnson: 6'7 270 lbs, 12.5 sacks in 2012....this guy would really be ideal it seems for Colts system.



    (who might still be avail at pick #25)

     Dion Jordan: 6'7 and FAST (probably wont be avail.)

    Ezekiel Ansah: Compared to Pierre paul

    Chase Thomas: i watched tape on Thomas and he should have ALOT more sacks. dissruptive as hell but seems scared to draw penalty so he gives up at QB's feet. Ex-Cardinal. My pick.

    Alex Akafor: awesome fight but more and more scouts saying hes way over-rated.



    whatever kind of trade we can get for Jerry Hughes we need to take it. He's not the answer and if he was then he wouldve been in the line-up alot more than he was with Freeney injured so much. Also.....does anyone think Freney could play DE in 3-4? He is real strong and has a killer bull rush, his production wont be as much but it wasnt this year either. he seriuosly could move inside. we know he cant go east n west for nothin anymore. He jus wasnt built that way.

  7. Give them this a 1st this year, next year's 2nd and 3rd. Maybe a player thrown in.Revis is the best defensive player in the league when healthy.

    Dude your Crazy!! a 1st then a 2nd and a 3rd next year? for a player coming off an anterior cruciate ligament injury?! And a "player" too?! geeez. this years draft is deeeeep in top flight CB's, man. Your list doesnt include all the players we cant resign because Revis' contract will surely be 80 mil plus! ....on ONE guy coming off a MAJOR injury?! so here it is....Theres a 1st round cornerback to draft, and a second round Safety to draft...and a third round Defensive back to draft....plus at least 80 mil to spend in F/A....all gone for one player. you dont follow football much, do you?

  8. ....so, ive heard that Pat Angerer doesnt fit the 3-4 sceme as he would a 4-3 MLB position. Remember last year, St louis was wanting to give us a second rd pick for Angerer. there are lots and lots of LB's coming in the draft and PLENTY will still be avail in the second. Angerers contract is up next yr too, so that also may fuel trade speculations. and Bethea? yeah, he never has been special, just a tic above average, so theres trade speculation there too...and Conner.....and Freeman(great year means an upgrade in trade worth).....and what about Chapman? i know he hasnt hit the field yet due to injury, but what im saying is next years draft is supposed to be a "GREAT" year....but thats for QB's and RB's ect... however, This year is a draft seemingly custom fit for the Colt's needs. we have a bunch of defensive players that will be F/A's next year...so do we trade them this year and "rebuild and replenish" this year since the draft is so strong for defensive players? I think so. Obviously we dont want to exit all of our LB's, but this draft has So many Quality defensive players that will be in the 2nd and 3rd rounds that would be first rounders next year. So why not? alot of our defense athletes are carried over from a decade of 4-3 cover two style. they dont fit. or so the rumors say... personally, i would trade up this year. the opportunity isnt going to get any better for the Colts specific needs. and SAFETY?! i mean this draft is deeeep in defensive talent!!

  9. ****Indianapolis trades it's 1st round pick for a 2nd, 3rd, and 5th****


    1st Round: N/A


    2nd Round: Menelik Watson (OT, FSU)--6'6, 320 Pounds. Say what you want about him, but he's got talent, work ethic, and outstanding                                                           quickness. May not have experience, but is a difference-maker when he plays.


    3rd Round: Philip Thomas (SS, Fresno St.)--6'1, 215 pounds. Ball-Hawk and a good run defender. Can't ask for more...


    3rd Round: Tharold Simon (CB, LSU)--6'3, 190 pounds. If we can get him in the 3rd, this could be a steal. Great size, good in coverage, and can come off the edge in nickel and dime coverage. Physical but uses his finesse. Room for improvement, but with Chuck Pagano as HC, he can become the next Richard Sherman (spare the attitude).


    4th Round: Gabe Jackson (OG, Mississippi St.)--6'4, 320 pounds. Great run blocker and pass blocker. Good feet, a bruiser in opening running lanes. Would be a steal in 4th round. If we have to trade a 6th rounder to move up, wouldn't be a bad trade at all...


    5th Round: Aaron Mellette (WR, Elon)--6'3, 216 pounds. Outstanding production albeit against weak competition. Great route runner, and has good speed and quickness. Fills the hole for a 2nd WR.


    6th Round: Terrence Stephens (DT, Stanford)--6'2, 305 pounds. Nothing more than a value pick.


    7th Round: Ray-Ray Armstrong (FS/SS, Faulkner University)--6'4, 220 pounds. 7th round is generally for talented yet bad character guys. That's who Armstrong really is. Has tons of talent, but doesn't translate a whole too well on the field and has off field issues. If, a big IF, Chuck Pagano can fix this guy, he's got the potential to become an outstanding Safety. Could go OL or DL here as well. 


    I dont think Phillip homas will be avail in the 3rd. i wish, hough. He's a great safety prop.  Xavier Rhoded in the first!!!!

  10. Lol i dont understand for the life of me why we are limited on positive votes lol.Is it a competition?

    Dude i dont know either. but, like you....ive wondered if i should maybe put some noodie photos of hot girls on here or something. lmao

  11. Okay, Arians went from Peyton Manning....to Ben Rothlisberger.....to Andrew Luck ....To ARIZONA?!  ....um Kevin Kolb....um Lindley? and I like Arians, but he better hope that his Great QB coaching had nothing to do with the fact that he's had nothing but future Hall-of-Famers so far because he's going to hit a DROUGHT in Arizona!

  12. Ok guys, i keep hearing pat Shurmurs name, so i did some searching.....and i dont think i want Shurmer. He went 9-23 in two years in cleveland. he runs a west coast offense which relies heavily on horizontal short passes, and we all know that doesnt match Grigsons love for speed or Andrew Luck's potential in the vertical passing game. BUT, Hue Jackson on the other hand, went 8-8 in his only year as HC in oakland(?), and they were ranked second in rushing, and 9th overall in offense. NNNOOTTT BAAAAAD. plus i read on here that jackson has ties with Pagano. anyway, now that Arians is gone, any future OC would be drooling at the mouth to coach Luck and Wayne and the likes. i would take Jackson over shurmur for sure. Hes more like Arians and i dont want Luck to be hindered with a conservative west coast offense.its just not his style.

  13. Its got to be CB Xavier Rhodes, Jonathon( a complete middle Brauler) Cooper, or trade down and get Chase Thomas and Shayne Skov LB duo. Xavier Rhodes is far and away the best prospect for us. The NFL is gushing over Big CB's. And they have reason to. Patrick Peterson, Vontae Davis, and....that guy from Seattle. Kids coming out of college now-a-days are athletic freaks and these big CB's are becoming perfect matches with the NFL's last big gush...Big WR's. Xavier Rhodes is a complete package thats great in  Man Coverage and loves to be seen tracking the best wide recievers on the field. Hes a fearless hitter like Vontae and plays with some swagger. he should be our pick. been checking on Cooper too, He's another solid-as-a-rock type players that plays with no fear, and with all the big bad DT's in the league now, we really need some solid, fearless Guards, getting F/A Vazques and drafting Cooper will go a long way for us.

  14. .......wow. alot of those guys will stay home. some wont but time will obviously tell. anyone would love to come to indy so that works in our favor on the F/A market. I think we should hit the draft more than anything. Your prices and guesstimations are so funny man. You really put alot of effort into this. There will be trades and soforth as well. ........do us a favor and dont e-mail this to the Indy front office. just dont. Im sure they know our finances more than you do. Theres just so much hype on big names and while its all good to pay for talent, their team didnt keep them either. .....and Brazill?! really? He just started his rookie contract, man, give him some time! we have a crowded WR room right now. A for Effort though. Way to focus:)

  15. What do you guys think the odds of us trading out of the first round for either two second rounders or a second and another third rounder? I mean, because we are in the high twenty's(GO COLTS!!!!!!) anyway. And it seems the people that we all like on here, e.g. Okafor, Barrett Jones,and possibly Xavier Rhodes might still be available in the early second. Also, the Stanford linebacker duo of OLB Chase Thomas and MLB Shayne Skov would be attainable in this 'Trade down' scenario. Either way, F/A is going to be full of good Offensive Lineman and Pash Rushers. Can't say the same for Corners and Safeties. So i would say, more than not, we'll go for Secondary through the Draft.

  16. I would take Barrett Jones before i take Warmack. Warmack specializes in the running game, and though we would like to have a Power Running Game we just dont draft for it. Luck is really to good to invest in a Power Running game. so what we need is someone that can either do it all or specialize in Pass Blocking.  enter Barrett Jones. its also wise to understand where we will draft on Draft Day and more likely than not, Warmack will be long gone. I'll tell ya though, ive been hearing alot of people talk about  this cornerback Xavier Rhodes and ive been looking at some game video on him and Wow, he's a mirror image of Vontae Davis. Taller too. He's big and hits hard and specializes in Man Coverage which is the basics for a 3-4 Cover Defense. he should be available with the 25 and upper picks. We could really use him and Pagano specializes in Secondary Defense. I think we will adress Pass Rush in Free Agency, theres just too many good proven options and while we have the money, i would rather buy someone with a proven record in such an important position as OLB Pass Rusher rather than hope on a rookie. Conner Barwin, Cliff Avril, Paul Kruger, ect... what d'ya think?

  17. Dudes, i wanted Davis on his draft day. i was so freakin out of control when i found out grigs got him. watching this guy tackle is the best part! you just dont see fearless cornerbacks like this anymore. thats why we should draft Xavier Rhodes to compliment Davis. ok, We here in indy are certainly not used to three cornerbacks each earning their own seperate Player-of-the-Week. good job manusky and soooooooooo glad to have you Davis!

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