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  1. I don't think people hate us any more than the usual weekly "fan blames" for losing to us. we actually have a lot of Hollywood that stands by the Colts. we are respected on all the Sports shows. and Andrew Luck is heralded by anyone who doesn't have a bias of hope for their fan favorite to be a stellar quarterback for the next 10 years. you wanna talk about a hated team then you should talk about the Patriots. no one likes them but new England (meaning the surrounding area). Tom Brady is always the butt of every joke. and the coach is the best player on the team. sheeeesh. that would suck to b
  2. Not so, ruksak, not for much longer anyways, NFL channel always raves about his future. ESPN always does too. barring a bad injury, he's headed for NFL stardom. which is great. I really thought Heyward -Bey would've been doing more, but he seems so overwhelmed all the time. Poor guy, hes got the opportunity of a lifetime and I think hes scared of it. I hope for a breakout game from him soon. dudes, this kid, as good as he is, is no marvin. a twenty yr old first round burner named Marvin Harrison would burn TY by ten yard to 100. remember, not only was Marvin superfast but he caught absolutely
  3. Go Colts! and hears a laugh in the face of ALL the people, news casters, tv personalities and absolutely everybody else who didn't believe the colts could "compare" to the 49ers. and especially to the woman on the Colts pre-game show who admitted she likes the colts but that she "had the 49ers in this one"..........BY TWO TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!! IN YO FACE!
  4. SERIOUSLY?! YES WE WOULD. sorry my caps lock was on. . yes we would. when does anyone, absolutely anyone get away with drinking and driving, wrecking a car, alone thank God, and smoking weed and going to jail,......and still get to play the game?! that's utterly ridiculous!! and it should not be allowed! these days more than ever, NFL stars are role models.
  5. dudes, I love having the ability to rewind tv. so, at the 1:35 mark in the 4th QT, I don't know how the refs didn't see Ellerbe molesting Whalen. whatch it frame for frame and its ridiculous. at one point Ellerbe is damn near bear hugging whalen across the field. not to mention pulling his left shoulder and locking his left arm at the route break. Whalen could've got the first down. And then Brown missed his block. Freaking wow that was the most pathetic block i've ever ever ever ever ever seen in my life. Irsay tweets about making a trade for a running back, I would put my money that brown is
  6. Man, Dirty 30 is a freak of nature!!! love having that guy back there!!!
  7. Did Heyward-Bey get benched? it looked like it when Griff came in. He had a horrible 1st half.
  8. I was completely impressed with Werner. Constant pressure. He ran well into the backfield for a big man, he hit his lineman with power more than speed when it came to rush. Chased Eli out of the pocket repeatedly. Walden. Im so glad he got to show off Grigsons intelligence and I hope he does it all season:) Also Rayford was a force as was Nevis......building a LSU dominance with Nevis, RJF, and Landry., not to mention the Boston College offensive line we now have. Lol not important but still cool that we have multiple players from schools known for certain dominance. Marshay Green was impre
  9. Offense: Tavon Austin. IMO no other rookie, offense or defense has a better opportunity. Sam Bradford will make him a star. Jeff Fisher is their coach, remember. They lost last year's best reciever. If he doesnt get R.O.Y. then thats his fault. Defense: Manti Teo. No one in football history has more to prove. He knows the only way to put the catfish scandal behind him is to rock the house. and the coaches will make sure he uses his full potential.
  10. Pagano is a DB coach. Hes defense minded. I think defense coaches turned Head Coaches give faith to the Offense Coordinators and they take that into account when they sign them, right?
  11. I read before the draft that next year is supposed to be an awesome year for wide recievers. the strongest in years but thats said a year early. it would seem to be perfect timing for a #1 rd WR.
  12. I honestly think Luck is the next big thing. he's so Football theres nothing more obvious. I remember reading a draft magazine quote about the number 1 pick that year Cam Newton, it praised Newton up and down and in the middle of that politely stated that the only reason Cam Newton is the #1 pick is because the Phenom Andrew Luck decided to stay at Stanford for one more year. And i'd never heard his name until then but it just felt like, at the time, that this guy is the next big thing. If theres anybody who has the potential of topping the all-time great Manning, its his understudy, Andrew L
  13. every vet has a rookie record. compare them and see where luck will be by the time he has the years as other QB's in comparison. seriously, if our beloved Peyton Manning had the rookie year Andrew Luck had, then Peytons carreer as a whole, wouldve been all that much better. Luck simply started out better than Peyton and Peyton had the better team. It would take an injury to keep Luck behind Peyton as it stands now......comparing them as two rookies. .......man, remember the days of Jeff George? We never thought then that we'd be so blessed to have the Franchise-carrying quarterbacks that we'v
  14. Yeah i get what your saying. i also said on here in july 2012 that the Colts were going to go 11-5. That drew rave reviews. Look, do you know how many records Luck broke last year? not just rookie records but actual NFL records too. and we all have always known that Peyton Manning is the best ever, (Brady is a product of Billichek? while Manning's Offense and play changed the NFL forever) and if you want to compare luck to the other quarterbacks cited that have those stats years and years into their respective carreers then you should compare rookie year stats and nothing more. Because thats a
  15. Luck- 4,777 yds, 38 TD's 9 int's 70% comp. Ballard- 1,344 rushing yds 12 TD's Wayne- 1,210 Recieving yds 10 TD's mathis- 14 sacks Landry- 6 FF Davis- 4 FR Butler-7 int's
  16. Yes, we are set....providing health. I dont know which aspect of the game to be more excited about, offense or defense. and i dont know which group im more anxious to watch, the O-line or the Secondary. I was watching NFL AM thismorning and they were talking about how Charles Woodson is still homeless, NFL wise, i mean, and i was thinking what if the Colts picked him up, he's not a need at all but it would definantly make our secondary one of the brightest and most promising features of the 2013 Colts, i mean we already have Vontae Davis, Landry, Bethea,Toler and Butler and That makes for an
  17. I cant get over this Montori Hughes guy. I mean talk about mean. This guy is Huge. I watched his combine video and was surprised at how quick he was for his size. He's difinantly got a mean streak and i think he fits Pagano's idea of a mean streak defense. and if anybody can keep him honest its Pagano. plus we got Laron Landry. Geeez, with Angerer and freeman in the middle and Werner and Mathis on the outside we are gpoing to have one absolutely mean and nasty defense. I mean....half of our defense already has a reputation. I freaking love it. Bring the POWER to Indy!!!!!
  18. Sheppard is a linebacker. Have you ever seen a 247 lb cornerback?
  19. Yeah. the Colts werent supposed to win but three games in 2012 also. Get a job that your better at and stop embarrassing yourself Evan.
  20. I just watched a highlight video on Boyett and Wow! i know it was a highlight video but its kinda wierd seeing someone so thin-looking making such big hits. He knows how to play the ball, thats for sure. I think his surgery was more preporatory than anything. at least they werent acl tears and take care of them both so theyre healthy to start a NFL career. LOVE the kerwynn williams pick!!! He should team up well with TY Hilton on Punt returns and kick returns. exciting special teams is something we sure arent used to. AWESOME DRAFT! Bjorne Werner was never in the conversation because he was a
  21. Yesssss....yesss..yesss.....like you, my Friend....I love Football too!!!!
  22. How many more needs do we really have that we cant fill it without trading down? Grigson did a phenomenal job with our F/A money, and all the football sites are giving him his due, i mean we got serious starters and nothing less. then we got top rated backups too. so what im saying is, the only starter i see coming from this draft, speaking from a Depth Chart point-of-view, is the RG. Every other draft pick is going to get stuck behind a solid starter. So basically, this draft is for forming a solid competitive depth chart. Hopefully a starter comes from the draft, but really, we dont need a s
  23. Dude this is kinda funny. Explain how the Needs arent going to get filled with the 1/3/4/6/7/7. Right? But can "easily" be filled with trading down? im sorry man but im trying to get the logic here. If we dont trade down and keep a first round guy ( and there are plenty of firsrt round guys that can fill a need better, maybe by assumption, than a second round pick, then we still have 6 more picks to keep filling needs. How can our needs not be filled with 7 draft picks including a first rounder?
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