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  1. Dudes, we gotta keep Avery. He played with so much pressure on his career this year and a contract will calm him down and let him focus on his playmaking abilities, he showed flashes and hes only going to get better with some rythme in his life instead of moving around the country on one year contracts. he's paid his dues and he deserves some love from us. We HAVE to re-sign MOALA!! and it would be a feel good story if we give Butler a home. seriously, he deserves it. like Avery, he's paid his dues to be here. In the nickle and dime, he has a cunning knack for figuring out the Quarterback and hes only going to get better knowing he can call Lucas Oil his home. Seriously,most of the keys to our success came from guys on one year contracts and they played with so much pressure all year and as a fan, im DAMN happy to be 11-5 and charging full speed into the playoffs! Give these boys a home and they will give us the best years of their careers and be proud of it too.

  2. If we could draft barrett Jones and somehow find a way to get DeCastro from Pittsburgh(they werent too high on him before his injury) and then get Vollmer in F/A then WOW what a Line!! Keep shipley at C and give him something to be proud of for once, he will do great for years to come. Draft: 1st pick= S Reid or G Jones

                                                     3rd Pick= S shawn Williams or OLB Chase Thomas

                                                     4th pick= DE Margus Hunt

  3. Dudes, obviously, Te'o is out of reach. so i would go offensive line or safety. O-lines are deep in free agency and 'in Grigs we trust' and boy does he deserve it! so that leaves secondary= Eric Reid. he might be available by the upper twentys draft (four months ago i wouldve been wishful thinking to pick that low in the draft! AHAA!!) Reid is a ballhawk and he was a Team oriented player and his team (LSU) loved him and looked upto him. Character is always important. If we go O-line with the first pick then i would say Barrett Jones, definantly. we should later look at S Shawn williams and DE Margus Hunt. i pray we resign Fili Moala. The F/A is too deep and we are too rich in cap to ignore a playmaking outside linebacker. I vote for Cliff Avril. he can move in any direction with a quickness and he would spell Mathis.

  4. I dont think B.A. will leave. But if he does, I trust Pagano and Grigs to figure it out. i sure wouldnt blame any team for selling the farm to get B.A. though. he did a damn fine job with a freshly put together offense with half rookies. He'll be successful anywhere he goes.

  5. B.A..........please dont leave.....after all we've been through together?!....i mean....we have history, man......it's ok, we'll find somebody else.....there are plenty of other fish in the sea.....you're not the only one......(quick!! Someone grab the keys to his car and lock the doors to the building!)

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