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  1. I lke both Kruger and Avril and have "lobbied" for both of them on here in the past, but after the combine and seeing the linebackers and ends in there, i just dont see spending the money on Kruger or Avril. Theyre good IMO but there is just so much better talent in the later rds of the draft and with a coach like Pagano and Manusky, they can make a playmaker out of anybody it seems and we should  skip both Kruger and Avril and (reluctantly) stick with Hughes in his last year and load up on talent in the draft. because i wonder really, if these guys are any better than Hughes. We obviously know they are no Freeney in a 4-3,  but Kruger's motives for his (great) year is questionable, especially and obviously to his own team, the Ravens who are letting him go. I mean he had 9 sacks, right? Watt had 22 as a DT, and Von Miller had like 21 in the same position that kruger could only come up with 9, right?! I guess what im saying is this, Krugers big year wasnt even good enough to break into the better 50% of the league in his position. And people on here are talking about signing him to 9 and 11 million?! Really guys?!  I would be willing to bet the farm that, as deep as this draft is in defensive players, there is another Von Miller in there somewhere. But I would NOT spend Millions on Kruger.

  2. Love Collins....bidding war does not seem like a word Grigs would use......for Kruger or Avril....I am sure Grigs has Collins on his radar.  There are guys at each position of need there....which way do we go?  The next few days....may give us a good indicator!!!

     I Know !!! and i cant wait! we've never been this excited for free agency before because we've never had any money.Its crazy because when i watched the combine (religiously) ( i really have no idea how to spell that word), but IMO with the safeties  and linebackers, the 3rd and 4th rd rated players were every bit as good as the 1st rounders. i really want to use our #1 on Rhodes or Hunt, but i wouldnt be worried at all if they decide to trade down.

  3. Not to mention, i watched the 2006 AFC game the other day on NFL Classics and darn near cried.  Seeing Dungy pacing the sidelines and  Peyton commanding his NFL Premier offense, with Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne together and seeing Freeney and Mathis staying focused on the sidelines.....seeing Bob Sanders patrolling the backfield......man, Indianapolis Colts 2006 was a team for the record books.

  4. Hey i like your choices, and its so cool that we have so many great moments to choose from, but i would have to say the final interception of Tom Brady in AFC Championship 2007 by Marlin Jackson. It was the idea of slaying our Arch-Nemisis. And it was at home in the RCA Dome. Patriots were infamous in last second comeback drives and this was no different. The world was watching, winner goes to the Superbowl and New England has spoiled our hopes for years. And not only was it Peytons moment to shine in his dominance over Tom Brady, but it was the Colts Franchise moment to finally "Take The Hill!!" so to speak. And it was a personal memory for me because it was my first day working at a popular sports bar in downtown indy and it was standing room only in a HUGE establishment. I was a server and my tables were "Forcing" me to take shots with them, i had a table Full of beautiful women that were drinking and were all over me, which, by far was the best part, so by the time Marlin Jackson made history on New Englands comeback drive, I was as tipsy as my customers, I has some girls legs wrapped around me and her best friend was massaging and admiring my chest, (i pressed 310 back then), and when Brady snapped the ball on that last soon-to-be innevitable play, the ENTIRE Bar got stone quiet, and you could feel the hope of the Colts fans that have been hoping since 1983, just take the moment hostage,  and when everyone watched, seemingly  in a timeless moment of American Sports Bliss, as Dwight Freeney flew past and around his Tackle and came within a fingertip of sacking Brady in probably the most important play of his career, in which he delivered in Hall-of Fame Playmaker fashion, and that forced Brady to make a desperate throw straight to the clutches of Colts Corner Marlin Jackson, who caught it and dropped, man.......the whole place sportsbar, standing room only, just erupted, i mean, went crazy, i mean OFF THE HOOK kinda crazy!! It was unbelievable at that moment to be a Colts fan!!  And i guess for me, i became a Colts fan, Truly, when Jim Harbaugh launched the Hail Mary against Pittsburgh in THAT championship game, and i guess ive been "holding my Football Breath" eversince, and this time we took the hill. And it was great because we didnt get there by a lucky or a Miraculous year, our team got there by years of taking the worst blows from the best teams and overcoming them and making it to the top by 'Rights'.  Yeah, far and away, beating the Patriots in the AFC Championship game to move forward and bring home the Lombardi was the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! .....I miss Peyton. Go Colts!!

  5. I didn't say he could bring anything that Fleener couldn't. He has good size, speed, and seems like an all-around great athlete. I think he makes the team. It's not like I said he was going to jump all the other receivers on the depth chart.  I just don't see what guys like Whalen, Brazill, and Palmer brings to the offense that Avery and Hilton don't.

     Man, we have a great WR core! Palmer brings toughness, and with his speed and quickness i would love to see him in the slot. Brazill was the big name on his college team, so he brings alot of mental focus and leadership and he knows what its like to be a teams #1 wideout in desperate situations, he's a bigger asset than he appears. and whalen, was playing injured most of his last year as Lucks #1 reciever. And none of this even mentions what Avery and Hilton bring to the table, let alone, future Hall-of-Famer Reggie Wayne. I mean, Luck couldnt be in a better position to start a brilliant career. Plus our #1 and #2 TE's that we got from last year's draft. It just makes sense that the O-line is by far Grigsons biggest priority. And he's an ex o-linemen himself...i cant wait March 12!! Im not saying Grigson and Irsay is going to spend, spend, spend... im saying it feels wierd to be looking forward to F/A so much because as Colts fans, we're just not used to having Cap moolah. Peyton was REAL expensive, worth every penny, definantly, just as Andrew will be in his next contract, I guess it was a Polian thang not to invest in F/A. that or both, no money.

  6. And keep this in mind too, guys, we have Luck, AND his O.C from stanford, and if i remember right, Stanford kicked butt and took names with one of the WORST recieving cores in College Football. Put it this way, and props to Whalen, Griff Whalen was their top wide reciever...playing injured most of the year. Now, that QB, that WR, that O.C. is on the Colts offense.....AND their top TE!!!! so....how much do you really want to spend on a big name WR in F/A?!!!! Because whatever we spend on that WR, just means less money (or talent) on a glaring need that we REALLY should've focused on.... instead of WR.

  7. Since no one has answered this question, I'll ask again; Which one of are many Slot Receivers do you want to take Reggie's place if he gets hurt and is IRed.  If you get an answer, then explain what makes you think the Offense will be as good or better than last season's.


    IMO, the only wild card is Whalen.  He is an unknown at the pro level.  The rest are known and will not be able to step-up and be the #1 receiver.


    This the best reason for picking up a big receiver and letting Avery walk.



    T.Y. will take over for Reggie. hes not as fast as Avery and a burner is always needed on the field.  So Avery will stay where he's at and T.Y willtake over for Wayne and Whalen or Palmer willmove into the slot. I would trust Palmer alot more than Whalen though because Palmer is alot bigger, alot more physical, more experience, and definantly faster and quicker. Brazill works with Avery as downfield options.

  8. Since no one has answered this question, I'll ask again; Which one of are many Slot Receivers do you want to take Reggie's place if he gets hurt and is IRed.  If you get an answer, then explain what makes you think the Offense will be as good or better than last season's.


    IMO, the only wild card is Whalen.  He is an unknown at the pro level.  The rest are known and will not be able to step-up and be the #1 receiver.


    This the best reason for picking up a big receiver and letting Avery walk.



    Ok. lets invite a little common sense here. We have glaring needs on our offensive line, defensive line, linebacking core, and secondary. Now, we have 47 mil in Cap, right? So, seeing how much talent costs in the NFL.....was our WR core so bad last year( 11-5!!!) that we need to spend on an expensive throw-away from another team when we dont REALLY need it, and hope a cheap "need" falls into place where we REALLY need it? i mean, whats the logic in going for someone and paying someone who is no better than the best we have(Wayne), when we already have plenty of talent that we can re-sign and move around. Because im telling you, Avery might have made his 12 drops as a second reciever, but he is DEFINANTLY to good to be someones 3rd reciever, and he wont be 3rd if he goes anywhere else. We went 11-5 last year and Avery was a big part of that. Look at it this way, "if" Wayne goes down, we have T.Y. as our #1 WR. Because whoever we bring in is going to be on his first year in our system, Brazill will probably move to second WR and 3rd?  and lets be fair here, the same way we can afford to keep Avery, is the same way that the Steelers can keep wallace, the same way K.C. kept Bowe, the same way Green Bay couldve kept Jennings..........get what im sayin? We should be smart about it and if we have to, let Avery walk and find out what his top number is from someone else and top it. But if we do that....then we'll probably lose him because we saw a guy drop 12 PASSES OUT OF 70, and everyone else saw a guy who can definantly hold his own and make plays like he did for the Colts last year.

  9. Yep. It may well be that we've decided to let him walk and T.Y. is the next man up. But I'd hate to lose him. I remember when we REALLY did not have any WR depth. Now that was a time to complain. But now, we're looking good. ;)

     Lol remember the days of AJ Green and Jerome Paython and Aaron Bailey? Its good to remember, but thank God they're gone.

  10. Look, Fellas, to say that Luck will be better next year is the same as saying Avery will, too. Last year was Avery's rookie year all over again. Brand new team, new playbook for everybody including the Quarterback, new team mates, Rookie QB, sharing playing-time with a young phenom like T.Y., a one year contract, and a whole lot to prove all over again. He did great. Imagine what he will be like next year after a year like this one? Now that every one knows each other, and is more in-tune with each other? I hope they re-sign him and i cant wait to see him play next year.

  11. I like him as the #2. His speed stretches the field very well. As far as reliability, ehhhh. Luck missed him just as many times as he dropped the ball. I'm not excusing drops but let's get the Oline settled so Andrew can stand tall...then we'll see how well he and the WRs get along.




    Right. The fact that he wasn't tendered seems to mean that we're willing to let him play the field. Hopefully, there will not be anyone willing to give him more than we will be.










    Imagine being Miami. they look at Avery different than we do. and the st.louis rams. They see a guy that played a solid year as a #2. because, really, how much does a #2 really account for each year? 700+ yds on 60+ catches and multiple TD's and game winning catches is a darn good addition to your resume. Seriously, there are several teams waiting for Avery to hit F/A.  He would be a #1 in St louis. And Miami. And for us? well, no one catches like Reggie, but reggie cant run like Avery either. luck and Wayne just clicked from the beginning. Thats the power of a good veteran. And if you remember, it wasnt always Avery. i mean how many supposable catches was Avery diving through the air fully stretched and just fingertips away from the catch but didnt get it? Luck always overthrew Brazill too. And how many times did Luck throw to Fleener, who at 6'6 was just inches short of reaching a ball thrown too high? Best rookie ive ever seen though. Next year Luck will be dead-on.

  12. Colts Starting Lineup:


    QB Luck

    RB Ballard, Brown,

    WR Wayne, Avery, Hilton

    TE Allen, Fleener

    OL Long, Reitz, Shipley, Vasquez, Costanzo


    ILB Angerer, Freeman

    OLB Mathis, Hughes, Collins, Lemonier

    DE Redding, Moala, Hunt

    NT Chapman, Williams

    SS Cyprien, Thomas

    FS  Bethea, Armstrong

    CB Davis, Jenkins, Butler, Vaughn



    1st DE Margus Hunt

    2nd(from i dont know where) SS Johnathon Cyprien

    3rd OLB Jamie Collins

    3rd OLB Corey Lemonier

    4th SS Shawn Williams

    5th FS Ray Ray Armstrong

    5th DT Brandon Williams


    F/A: Jake Long, Mike Jenkins, Vasquez,

  13. Theres no way i would let Avery walk. He dropped 12 catchable passes last year out of 78? This was his first real contribution role hes played in since a major injury got him booted from Rams. Played sparingly in Tenessee but overall i thought he did great considering the circumstances. Man, proving yourself on a one year contract with a team the caliber as the Colts had to be nerve wracking, every game, especially coming off the huge dissapointments from his injury that cost him, really, 2 years of his carreer. His Catching ability will become solid with time and Andrew Luck. His route running IMO was great. and though he dropped some, go back to the highlight reel and he caught some pretty incredible passes at times. His speed was the most obvious. His breaks are quick. And i might be rediculed for saying, but Avery and wallace are alot alike, with Avery being the faster player. Wallace has problems catching too. Heck no, i think we should stick with Avery. Give him the comfort of a contract because hes already proud of his time here.He proved his injury is behind him. In his first year in our Brand new system, he caught 70? passes and made some crucial plays in deciding games for a great year. Keep him. Anyone would be proud to be a Colt.

  14. No to Carry Williams. NOPE. and NO to Krueger too. seroiusly, its like our guy Hughes, playing mediocre then on his contract year, becoming a phenom. its not him, its his desire to sit on a bigger contract. I like Avril but he will be asking for too much money. WAY to much! I think we should focus on OL in F/A. This years draft is great on three positions. OL, OLB, and DB. IMO we should take care of our OL issues in F/A (Long and Vasquez) and concentrate on draft picks and get some good picks at DB (Rhodes, Shamarko?, shawn williams, Baccari Rambo, Cyprien, Ray Ray Armstrong, Amerson) and OLB ( Corey Lemonier, Chase Thomas, sio Moore,Zavier Gooden) and DE/DT (Margus Hunt and Brandon Williams).   ....IMO.

  15. If we use our 1st round draft pick on a CB I will be very disappointed in Grigson/Pagano.

     WHY?! i mean, really?! look, friend, remember the last great cornerback that we had........yeah, thats what im saying. now can you think of the last cornerback that we drafted in the first round? It seems with cornerbacks, you get what you pay for. Look at Vontae. man is he worth it. Remember Marlin Jackson, before injuries sidelined his carreer? I would not be dissapointed at all if we got Rhodes. Banks isnt near as Physical as Rhodes. If we dont get Rhodes, i would go for Hunt...the Eastern Block.

  16. Antoine Cason would be about the same as picking up Mike Jenkins. I'd be extremely happy with either of them to pair with Vontae. I've been saying the benefits of Avril a long time now. I read somewhere that he played some LB in college. Dont know how much but hes definantly real quick east and west. Avril and Mathis would be an awesome tandem to have.

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