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  1. I am going to throw something out here....you all can tell me what you think...feel free to slam me if you want... :)


    I feel as if Grigson had an idea on Chapman last year, and got him when he could.  He watched the same film as this....Chapman made LSU look sick at times...Look at the leverage Colts fans....even on the Ridley runs....he has his man controlled.



    I had seen him, and was under the impression he was a 2nd/3rd  round choice last year other than the injury....falling to 5.


    I love the guy...my guess is Grigs and Pagano do as well  :coltslogo:  :coltslogo:  :coltslogo:



    Man, i watched hat film and Chapman looks like a 1st Rd Premier tackle. i cant wait to see him this year. Arians stated a few times, last year where he(Chapman) was trying to learn how to play on two legs again after playing on a torn ACL during Alabama's Championship year. If he plays like the Video in one leg then i cant wait to see him with the same drive on two legs in the NFL.

  2. Long will return to form wherever he goes. I mean, surely you all have seen the interviews and clips of him defending the franchise or scolding a player that doesnt have enough confidence. remember 3 years ago they were fighting NOT to go 0-16. Long has put in his years as the only recognizable face of a bottom-of-the-barrel franchise ( we've been there) that has a severe lack of motivation or respect(just ask Vontae). anywhere Long goes he will be a Rejuvinated player inside and out. His mean streak will return. I personally think the Colts should jump on him. Because, it wouldnt be a disservice to Costanzo, who played RT in College. Long will find a new sense of pride playing for a Blue Chip Organization that the colts are quickly returning to under Andrew Luck. We can thank Jim Irsay for that. Long and Vasquez. That will take care of the Offensive Line for years to come. Shipley the starter at C.

  3. Barrett Jones was the most impressive OL from 'Bama IMO. Fluker benched 21. thats stoopid for a 335 lb OL. and yes bench press does matter for Linemen. absolutely. Hes slow and got big slow feet. Warmack IMO is completely overrated. hes good in the first 5 yds. no one better, but in the NFL your gonna have to get to the second level no matter how strong you are. Warmack wont be able to. He will Dominate the LOS though.


    Might be right about Rhodes, but the draft always has surprises. I like Hunt, but there is no way I would spend a 1st rd. pick on a guy that will be 26 yrs. old before he ever steps foot on an NFL field. 

     I see whatcha mean but a guy 6'8, pressing 225lb 38 times and running a 4.6 40 is an athlete. IMO hes gonna be gone anyway. i say top 15. reason being is the huge dissapointments at LB that all the mock drafts had so far until the combine. Demontre moore, man what happened to him?! i was real dissapointed in Bjorne Werner and especially Chase Thomas. That zavier? guy was a beast though.

  4. I had the last two days off work.  So between that and the weekend, I saw a LOT of the NFL Combine.  It's almost as mesmerizing as a fishing show.  Just some thoughts.


    1.  I'm thrilled we sucked two years ago and not last year!  This draft might be deep, but there are zero franchise saviors in this bunch.


    2.  Oline is deep and there should be a guy available at the 24th pick.  Cooper, Fluker or Barrett Jones might all be available.


    3.  CB is deep and there should be a guy available at the 24th pick.  I came away liking Trufant as a first rounder and the Amerson kid as a second day pick.  A lot of people have the Colts getting Johnathan Banks.  I don't know.  He ran slow and looked too skinny to me.


    4.  I came away loving Shamarko Thomas!  He is Bob Sanders reincarnated.  He runs fast as hell.  He's only 5'8".  And he hits like a ton of bricks.  PLUS, he's from Syracuse!  The last two times we used first rounders on Syracuse guys, it worked out pretty damned well.


    5.  Honey Badger looked smooth!  IF he's done with the weed, he's worth a shot.  But his workout was too good.  I doubt he gets out of the 2nd round.


    6.  Manti Te'o.  Who cares if he made up a girlfriend?  What's worse was his 40 time.  He needs to run better during ND's pro day or he won't be a first rounder.


    But next up, free agency!  Let's go sign Paul Kruger and a couple of starters on the Oline then just worry about drafting DBs!  Pumped for next season to start!



     Like your post homey. Yeah Shamarko Thomas is Sanders Reincarnated. No No on Honey dude. he pressed 4. thats rediculous. i press 8 and i'm 40 yrs old. Theres no way hes gonna handle Jones Drew in the nickel. Maybe college yeah but hes way too little or the NFL. the days of the 5'8 165 lb CB's are over by a mile. Did you see that LB zavier ? forgot his last name but hes a freakin giant chiseled  LB that ran a sub 4.5 40. Dont need LBs though, I say we get Jake Long and move Costanzo back to his *. he played in College, RT. you know what they were saying about Davis in his last yr at Miami? theyre saying the same bout Long. He needs a change of scenery. Not too high on Kruger either. Maybe Mike Jenkins CB? Rhodes will be in the top 15.

  5. Ok y'all. I,too,Have a man crush on Rhodes. and honestly i was hoping he wouldnt run better than a 4.5,but he did. And that took him right out of our hands, if he was even in our reach at all. he WILL be the second CB taken. No doubt. That stride he showed at the combine was enough to keep up with anybody. Was it just me or did anyone see a bigger Bob Sanders in Sharmarko Thomas?! i mean, he has it all for a SS it seems. so...since we wont be getting Xavier Rhodes, then i say we get CB mike Jenkins in F/A and go for Margus Hunt.

  6.  Im just wondering why you would smear a cool post as this with a joke on the Colts pick. seriously. love the effort you put in to it. Rhodes is the Colts pick by a mile. the way Vontae played last year, we have NEVER had a corner with that much life in him and he leaves us fans thirsting for more , thats why we all want Rhodes. Fluker isnt going to go in the first rd either. ilove him, but he's too one sided, if ya know what im sayin. I agree with everyone else on Richardson, but i personally think Moala is Perfect for the position and we need a hard-hitting DB more than a DE. By the way, 3-4 DE's average 4 sacks a year, so Moala is not bad at all.

  7. Im gonna jumpin here and say that Butler was Killer last year. He was Definantly better than Powers. Butler is a nickel Grandslam, seriously. As a #2 im not sure but as a nickel, absolutely. Look y'all, you know that the NFL is a Passing league more than ever until a few years when Defense catches up, so the Nickel pot is Just as important, if not more , as the #1 or #2 position. because the way the passing records are falling every year, we cant count on MLB's to cover the Welkers and Collies, and Roberts, anymore. Putting it simply, the Slot reciever has evolved and the only way to counter that is the Nickel corner. so, you'll see, in two years, the nickel corner willbe the most important DB on the roster. And Butler is a Perfect Fit!!

  8. I wouldn't touch Mike Jenkins, I remember we wanted him last year but he is a average CB. But he has some attitude issues that I feel could harm the team chemistry.



    Remember Vontae's last year in Miami? he didnt do well at all. Some were saying he wasnt worth the 1st pick that Miami used on him, and i know he missed games with injury, but to come back and get 4 ints in 3 games, and dont forget the last game against Texans where he made Andre Johnson look STOOPID by running his route for him and catching Johnsons touchdown pass and turning it into an INT while Johnson was trying to catch up 5 YRD back (i love that play!!!), goes to show that its hard, even for millionaire players to put all effort when no one around you is. He came to indy and returned to form. And i believe this is Jake Long's problem, too. If we acquired Mike Jenkins, he would be cast among a Colts team of Playmakers and he will shine. IMO

  9. Vasquez would be the most important pickup this year. Man, he's huge and mean. Would love to have him protecting Luck. I like Vollmer.  He kept Brady real clean for a while. Cliff Avril IMO is a OLB we should definantly look at. As for WR, I bet they resign Avery, even though he was one of the most dropped recievers last year, playing on a one year contract and coming back from a down year, i think Avery will play alot better this year. Believe it or not, he DID prove himself last year. I cant wait to see what Grigs does with the draft. It will be a true test of his ability. There is just way tooooo much talent in this years draft in comparison to our needs to sit with what we have. Mike Jenkins will be an interesting story in the coming month. They were pretty hot on him last year, but lots of talent in the draft.

  10. For me 7th is way to far fetched in my opinion, He has size, press skills, good in Man, Also I think Rhodes has proven to be a solid Corner with shutdown potential. He had 5 picks this year coming off 13 last year, I know many are not real high on him but I like him and NFL Draft Scout.com has him rated the 10th best Corner which is a little to far fetched for me. but he is more of a Zone Corner I think and Rhodes is more man

    do you mean Amerson?

  11. I've been looking at a lot of mock drafts and compiled some names that different people have been predicting the Colts might take with their first round pick.


    Out of the below mentioned players, who do you feel the Colts have the best chance at picking up, and who do you want with the 24th pick?


    Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi St

    Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State                                               


    Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington


    Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State


    Johnathan Jenkins, DT, Georgia

    Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

    Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama


    Kawann Short, DT, Purdue


    Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri


    Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU


    Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

    Jonathan Cooper, G/C, North Carolina

     Its easy, man. Xavier Rhodes or Johnathon Cooper. Personally, and i know Cooper is projected  a rd1 pick but i think with the abundance of Tackles in the draft, teams will go for a tackle over a Guard , obviously excluding Warmack, Cooper will be avail if we somehow trade into the 2nd rd. Because if worse comes to worse you can almost always turn your Tackle into a Guard. But IMO Rhodes is the #1 pick in the draft for us. The way offenses have elvolved, the days of the 5'9 cornerback just doesnt fly anymore. And Xavier Rhodes is 6'2 and 217. Plus, and a BIG plus, is that the 3-4 uses alot of press coverage and Man, which Xavier Rhodes specializes in. can you imagine him teamed with Vontae? WOW. RhodeS is the most perfect fit and pick by a mile!!!

  12. I thought about this earlier, and theres no way i would trade Mathis. unlike Freeney, Mathis' body is perfect for the position. he can move east to west quickly. He had a GREAT year in seeing that it was his first ever played in a 3-4. Mathis is a Ware/Barwin kinda guy EASILY. Hes going to be a playmaker next year too. PLUS=hes a Colt through and through. Look, the only reason we get rid of BIG players is because we cant afford them or they would have a better carreer in someone elses system ie, Manning and Freeney, but Irsay is a Fans Owner and if he can keep a fan favorite without sacrificing the rest of the team or a winning record, hes going to do it. Mathis isnt going anywhere. i know your as worried as I am about maximizing our potential in a Taylor-fitted Draft, but i really have faith in Grigson. SUPERBOWL 2014!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ya know, actually it doesnt really matter which safety you are able to get. This is one draft where if any of the safeties waited a year they would be in the first round.  The safeties expected in the second round, this year especially. Phillip Thomas, shawn williams and Bacarri Rambo from Georgia, Ray Ray Armstrong, This class is so deep at safety that your going to be getting first round talent deep in the 3rd. Phillip Thomas and Shawn Williams will be a great combo for years to come.

  14. Hughes is NOT a Bust. He can't help that Polian took him in the 1st. Why? Idk but he did. I expected Hughes to go in the 4th or 5th as I am a TCU Fan. So when he got Drafted in the 1st by MY FAVORITE NFL Team, I couldn't believe it. But he's not a bust. He actually came into his own this year that he got his chance. Being behind the best DE Duo in the NFL, you don't get many chances. Not saying he should be a Starter next year, but he should still be on this Team

     I disagree homey. your a Colts fan so you watched both Freeney and Mathis play injured last year. they couldnt rest because without them, there was simply no pass rush. look, i liked Hughes too and i thought last year was going to be his coming out party, i thought the same about Donald Brown, but facts are facts, when hughes was in, he got close alot but never really provided the pressure to force the QB to throw sooner or even require double teams. seriously, hughes and fukou both couldnt generate any pressure whatsoever. so, Freeney played on one leg for like....six games. so NO, Hughes IS a BUST.

  15. Hmmm...I'm not surprised, I haven't expected big shopping. Grigs won't behave like a teenage girl at a Mall.

    like a teenage girl in  a shopping mall...thats funny. thats what Rex Ryan has been doing the last couple of years and every offseason New York gets excited and signs the highest priced F/A's out there and  goes all out bragging about super bowl predictions and three years later they are the laughing stock of the NFL and theres mutiny in the locker room and Rex Ryan....... once again...... looks sooooooo stoooooopid!!!!!!  oh i love it!!!!

  16. IMO i dont think we should pick up reed as hes been talking about  retirement anyway.  and personally i think we should trade Bethea. Hes a free agent next year and hes not going to get resigned. Hes just too average. good, but about average. Plus and a BIG plus is what the Draft gave in QB's last year, its giving in DB's this year. for alot of other teams this draft is so-so and 2014 is the big draft, but for the Colts, this Draft is taylor-fitted for our needs. I really,really hope Grigson proves his invaluable worth yet again as the Best Exacutive in the NFL and take complete advantage of a draft full of riches in talent. GO HIGH OR GO HOME, GRIGS!!!! this is such an exciting Off-season for Colts Football. And for us fans that pay attention and have an obsession for the details of such an awesome game as football, I just want to fast-forward to Training Camp 2013 and see what we got!! like a kid at freakin' christmas, man! I have an OCD for makng mock drafts. And i'm ALWAYS wrong. But its fun and its Football. Cant beat it.

  17. Definantly Bethea.Not because hes not as Reed, but because i think Bethea is alot tougher than Reed. I mean, think about, How many timeslastyear did we see a defensive play with Bethea streaking into a gap in the line? Quite a bit. and actually, i think Bethea would be a playmaker at SS. Besides, Bethea is more comparable to Polamalu rather than Reed. and even though Polamalu is a FS as well, they have an agressive streak. Reed is more mental.

  18.  Kenny  Phillips is NOT a good option. Hes  fought injuries his whole carreer and when hes in he's average.plus hes definantly not a strong safety. And i was high on Kruger too but seems hes only good when hes happy. reminds me of Hughes who we already have. Andy Levitre WILL be re-signed.  Johnathon Banks wont be available at #24 and Xavier Rhodes fits our system better and hes a much better CB for Press and Man. Angerer wont be injured so he wont share time with connor. Sorry to burst your bubble on Fleener, but even though he was injured, Allen showed why he was the Mackey award winner even when Fleener was in the game. hes just a much more complete TE. and whatever we doin F/A we HAVE to go big because Rules say that we have to spend 89%(?) of the 47 million, or we simply lose it. so we will pay for better talent. We have to.

  19. everyone should just calm down about the WC differences. Even though Hamiltons offense will have WC traits, Grigsons main offensive philosophy is speed, right? So it would only make sense no matter the Offenive Coordinator, we have a WR stable full of burners: Avery 4.27, Hilton 4.32, Palmer 4.30, Brazill 4.36, so obviously we would make adjustments to any given offense to compliment our speedsters. I think Hamiltons offense will have alot  of Arians in it. simply because our guys fit it well, we've already spent a year drafting for it, and our WR's already know how to run it. plus, Luck has a strong arm and can handle any throw. Grigson LOVES speed and he loves the Big Play, I dont think Grigson, Pagano, or Irsay will let Hamilton treat a Colts offense like a college team playing it safe. We have way too moch speed for that.

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