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  1. This idea floating around about Larry Fitzgerald is making it embarrassing to be on here. Seriously People?!!! Larry Fitzgerald?!!! Really?! C'mon guys, think with a lil bit of common sense. You take one tweet from Irsay and you go to the Biggest name in WR?!!  I mean, its like your the Detroit Lions said they wanted Marvin Harrison in 2004, .......yeah, get what im sayin? Its like your ten years old and bragging in school that Santa Claus is gonna put a Ferrari under your tree this year. Your just so sure of it.  Youve been good all year, and darn it, a  Ferrari is what you deserve.  Its like a father, so proud to finally buy his son a Red Ryder BB gun and the whole time the kid thought he was getting a M-16. Common sense people. and please, lets just be happy with what we get.

  2. His 40 time was 4.47. Nothing special, especially for a smaller receiver. I know he's not tiny but he's not big either. Like I said before, average. IMO, he's not worth losing our 1st rder. and having to pay him a huge contract. We could probably get somebody of equal talent with our pick we would have to give up, but pay them much less.

    A 40 time doesnt include Press exchanges with the Cornerback or route cuts. His Game speed is Crazy!!!

  3. We dont need another slot WR. We have Hilton! This would be a mistake in my opinion giving up a 1st rounder when that could be used on a pass rusher to replace Mathis or a big WR like Keenan Allen round 1.



    Solt Reciever?! Have you seen this guy play? dude, all of last year, every week i would see victor Cruz highlights and i thought that he is a new crop of Greats in the NFL. With Megatron and A.J. Green. Seriously, Hes the #1 wide reciever whichever team he's on. I would rather it be Cruz than anyone else, thats or sure.

  4. Toler is a bigger cb than Powers. Powers seemed more suited to zone and Toler can play both zone and man coverage. Toler was a starting cb at Az before his acl tear and seemed on tract to be a top 5 cb. Most people take at least a year to get healthy from an acl tear and Toler has stated that he now feels 100 %. He also said he thought he hamstring problems last year were partially due to the acl tear. Toler fits as the #2 corner starting at RCB on our team. It is expected that Toler, Davis and Butler will gives us a tandem that we have not had since Hayden and Jackson played together in the SB. This might be the most athletic group we have ever had.

    better than Colts Secondary 2006? I dont know about that, man. Jackson, Hayden, Bethea and Sanders helped play us into the superbowl. jackson got the game winning interception in the AFC Championship, Hayden got a Pick-six in the Superbowl and Sanders got Defensive Player of the Year. I dont see it being any better than that! Now, Butler and Davis have already proved themselves, we know Landry is a beast ( i still cant believe we got him!!) and Toler is a playmaker, so ife they can all play in synche and on time then Davis, Butler, Toler, Bethea and Landry is going to be exciting to watch!!  Toler will play outside because no one is better than Butler in the nickel.

  5. I think we did great. It was absolutely no one i wanted when it began. I mean i dont go sit at Grigsons desk everyday and run a Football team. My drafts are always way off, too. Sometimes i think teams pick other players just to prove us wrong on our mock drafts. But now that its done, once again we see the Colts from a General Manager and Head Coaches point of view. I wanted Vasquez, didnt even know who Donald Thomas was, now that i do some reading on him, yeah good pick-up. Hes real wide. one source says "Offensive Linemen usually dont have the kind of muscle that he has." And he protected Brady with ease last year.  Im really happy with it. And Toler? there were 10 teams chasing him. For a reason more than what his stats imply. His videos show that hes really in-tune on every play. Hes a playmaker. I can see what they think of Walden, too. I see the Colts drafting Jamie Collins in the 1st. Him or Margus Hunt. I thought about CB but we are so good in our backfield now. wow. at least good enough that we can focus our need elsewhere with a 1st rd pick. Collins is an insane athlete. And Hunt would be a superb rotation with Moala and Redding and now Francois. wow. Im SOOOOOOOO glad they resigned Butler. I mean seriously, theyve done a REALLY good job in F/A so far. Thumbs up, Irsay:)

  6. I agree with Valpo.  I think Vasquez chose Denver to play for the best team.  I definitely think he could have gotten more money.  Plus take into account that he signed a 4 year contract and, if I'm not mistaken, there are 4 years remaining on Peyton's contract.  Could be coincidence...or not.




    Peyton signed a 3 yr deal. so he has 2 years left.    :)

  7. mods the music is vulgar so if you want to change it go ahead.




    Geez. This is just his plays from last year. doesnt show his plays for three years in Washington where he was a HUGE playmaker. Or LSU for that matter. What a signing. Crazy cuz you really never know whos going to fall once F/A begins. Total shock to see Landry AND Pollard cut. we wouldve been good either way.The Football gods are smiling upon us and shining our helmets!

  8. Outside linebacker. I would be surprised if they went with anything other than a defensive player with the first pick. None the less, if an offensive player that is too good to pass up falls you have to take a shot.

    Can football season please start a little sooner this year?!? Pretty please.

    man i feel ya. I freakin love football!!!!!!!!!!!!! we trade down and get two #2 picks. st. louiis has two 2nd rounders and i think miami does too. Man, suddenly our secondary is solid! Im going crazy with this Landry and Toler Pick-ups! and re-signing Butler! WOW! Plus Vontae?! Oh God I cant wait for september. I think we should, since our secondary is so taken care of now, go after OLB Jamie Collins and 3-4 DE Margus Hunt.

  9. We sign Jennings to a 3 yr deal.  Man, im so extatic right now, ive been waiting for this LaRon Landry news every three minutes. Dudes, what a secondary. Ive been researching Toler too and what a great pick-up. There were SEVERAL teams wanting Toler. He was one of the first CB's signed. I looked up pics on Landry and man hes got little boulders for biceps. man hes built like a much bigger bob Sanders with the same speed to go with it! And good deal getting Thomas!! That is one absolutely solid guard! And our new RT Cherilus...ive heard on here all kinds of bad things about him but i research him and everyone praises him and says what a solid Right Tackle he has been for Detroit. And, for being a backup. Walden had some really decent stats last year, Give him a full-time job and see what we get! WOW GRIGS! Great Job Pagano, Grigson and Irsay!

  10. And what are we supposed to do with Bethea if we were to ever grab both of them? Lol


    Betheas contract is up next year.  He wont be worth another one. Hes good, yes, but not better than average. Technically, they are both strong safeties, but Williams played SS while Rambo played FS beside him. so, Williams is more prone to aggressive tackling and Rambo really is a ballhawk. Georgia is a blue chip college team and these two were very important pieces.

  11. Hmm......... if we don't sign a SS. I'm thinking Matt Elam, Shaun Williams, Rambo, or Cyprus in the Draft

    cyprien. I like shawn williams alot. Bacarri rambo and shawn williams would be a great tandem, especially since they played side by side at Georgia.

  12. I wonder if Indy wants Pollard now that he's been released and that's why Laundry isn't a Colt. Did the Colts purposesly low ball him so they could move on to Pollard?


    I think so. they scheduled that interview with Landry lastnight. he was the best option for us at the time, well, then Pollard gets cut thismorning, so yeah, i think Pagano is waiting for Pollard. I was wanting landry but i was checking into Pollard and I would take Pollard over Landry anyday.

  13. Stats last year: Pollard:98 tackles, 2 sacks, 0 FF, 2int


                             Landry: 100 tackles, o sck, 4 FF, 2int

      thats pretty much even. 4 forced fumbles is a big number though. Landry is HUGE for a SS. 220lbs. he ran a 4.35 40 in his combine.

  14. Well, if we DID get Avril we sh\ure wouldnt play him at DE in a 3-4. Hes too small for that. Hes based on speed whereas 3-4 DE's are based on power, right? We would obviously put him at OLB. I mean does this writer really know what hes talking about? We re-signed Moala and both Pagano and Grigson LOVE him.  Moala and Redding are an outstanding 3-4 DE duo. Put Avril and Mathis on the outside....wow!

  15. is pass blocking more important? was it more important when we couldnt even get 1 yard on the patriots in 4 tries? dont kid yourself. Pass blocking is where its at but without a run game your pass game will not be at its full potential. Im not trying to argue with you, i could give 2 %s about joe thomas. hes with the browns. Jake Long is a FA and the best LT available. there ya go sound better? dont get all butthurt n look up stats on me, chill.


    Since Edge left, our running game has sucked. Yet, we somwhow went to two superbowls since then, too.  Passin game has evolved. Running backs are running more screens than ever these days. Everyones talking about it, man, where ya been? Running backs arent saught after anymore like they used to be. There is no #1 back anymore. Peyton Manning changed all of that.

    Notice wht Fullbacks are a rarity anymore? because Brady, Manning, Brees, Stafford, all them guys have no-name running backs because they really dont need them. Most QBs coming into the league are either runners themselves or Pure pocket passers that run an offense with heavy emphasis on passing. The running game is just NOT a priority anymore.

  16. I would much prefer we grab an OLB in the Draft, even if it's Jamie Collins who is still a great player.

    I agree, Jamie Collins is the next big name in NFL Defense. If Xavier Rhodes isnt avail then i would go for either Collins or Margus Hunt. Theyre both expected to be 2nd or 3rd rounders but they had such good combines, i would take one early Just in case i wouldnt miss out on both of them. Collins Broad jump was sick. 4.6 40. I didnt expect Margus Hunt to press 225lbs 37 times either! to be that big and that quick AND that strong is a beast. Either of them has a big chance of going late in the 1st.

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